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Humans Have a Right to Air Conditioning
AC Is a Human Right,
and Big Opportunity 

AC Is a Human Right, and Big Opportunity

Authors see an opportunity to promote climate justice and renewable energy

(Newser) - Currently, there are 2 billion air-conditioning units in use around the world, and the International Energy Agency expects 4 billion more by 2050. There’s a big problem baked into those numbers, but it’s also a big opportunity, according to Rose Mutiso and coauthors, who argue in Scientific American...

Experts Warn of Possible 'Taste' of Crossing Climate Threshold

There's a 48% chance temps will reach 1.5 degrees C above preindustrial levels before 2026

(Newser) - The 2015 Paris Agreement lays out the goal to try to limit global warming to a long-term average of 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above preindustrial levels. But there's already a 48% chance that we'll temporarily breach that limit in one of the next five...

Jamestown's Trouble: 'We Can't Get Rid of the Water'

Climate change is threatening the historic site

(Newser) - Future visitors to historic Jamestown might need to bring scuba gear. The Virginia site of the first successful English settlement in America is being threatened by climate change, and preservation groups warn that it could be doomed if action isn't taken soon, the BBC reports. The 400-year-old site on...

Pakistan Suffers Through a 'Spring-Less Year'
Pakistan Suffers Through
a 'Spring-Less Year'
the rundown

Pakistan Suffers Through a 'Spring-Less Year'

India is grappling with extreme heat months ahead of usual as well

(Newser) - "Last week was insanely hot in Turbat. It did not feel like April," a Pakistani man tells the Guardian . If you think "insanely hot" must mean around 100, guess again. The temps in the region were closer to 120 degrees, and it's not even May—the...

Stress-Loving Plants May Hold Benefits for Us
Hardy Plant's Lesson: 
It Thrives Under Stress
new study

Hardy Plant's Lesson: It Thrives Under Stress

Researchers tap into its secrets, which could hold value amid climate change

(Newser) - No matter where they grow, most plants have a built-in mechanism that shuts down growth during periods of drought or other harsh conditions. Likewise, most plants will wither and die if those harsh conditions persist. This survival mechanism is controlled by abscisic acid, or ABA, a stress hormone. All land...

The Heat in India Is Becoming Unbearable

Relief from record-breaking heat wave could still be weeks away

(Newser) - A record-breaking heat wave in India and Pakistan is affecting more than a billion people— and the worst is still to come. Reuters reports that the extreme heat making life almost unbearable across a wide swath of the subcontinent this week follows the hottest March since the India Meteorological Department...

Another Day, Another Dire Report on the Planet

Up to 40% of planet's land is now degraded and we need to address it to alleviate climate change

(Newser) - A new report from the United Nations says land degradation is already affecting half of the Earth's population, because there's a whole lot of land involved. According to the UN's second edition of its "Global Land Outlook" analysis, between 20% and 40% of the planet's...

Twitter Changes Ad Policy Over Climate Change

It will no longer accept ads from groups that deny scientific consensus

(Newser) - Twitter says it will no longer allow advertisers on its site who deny the scientific consensus on climate change, echoing a policy already in place at Google, per the AP . "Ads shouldn’t detract from important conversations about the climate crisis,” the company said in a statement outlining...

Steep Rise in Methane Is 'Extremely Disturbing'

Emissions jumped by record amount last year

(Newser) - Methane doesn't linger in the air for anywhere near as long as the more notorious greenhouse gas carbon dioxide—but it traps heat 25 times more efficiently, and scientists say the recent steep rise in methane emissions is very disturbing. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the concentration...

Birds Are Nesting, Laying Eggs Much Earlier Than in the Past

Study of museum's egg collection finds major shift in bird behavior

(Newser) - Many species of birds are now building nests and laying eggs at a time of year their counterparts from a century ago would have considered outrageously early. Around a third of birds in the Upper Midwest region are now laying their eggs an average of 25 days earlier than they...

UN Panel Finds a Few Signs of Hope in Climate Fight

We're at a 'crossroads,' but it's not too late to prevent warming above 1.5C

(Newser) - The fight against climate change is not going well, to put it mildly, but it's important not to lose hope, experts convened by the United Nations say in a landmark new report. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says the report shows the world is "at a crossroads....

In the Antarctic, It Was 70 Degrees Above Normal

'Antarctic climatology has been rewritten'

(Newser) - Based on their public reactions, it doesn't seem too much of a stretch to say that weather scientists' minds are blown by how warm things got over the weekend at the north and south poles. In the north, temperatures at some Arctic stations were about 50 degrees above normal,...

Study Predicts Longer, Stronger Pollen Season, Forever
Research Is Bad News
for Allergy Sufferers
new study

Research Is Bad News for Allergy Sufferers

Study in 'Nature' predicts the allergy season will continue to get longer

(Newser) - By century’s end, if worse-case models prove accurate, pollen season could start 40 days earlier and last 19 days longer than it does now. For many people, that means two extra months of sneezes, runny noses, hives, and itchy eyes. For people with asthma, it means more shortness of...

Romania's Trees Are Coveted, Sometimes Dangerously So

Loggers in Romania wage bloody campaign to secure the last of Europe's old-growth forests

(Newser) - Alexander Sammon's gripping piece on threats to one of the biggest remaining old-growth forests in the world—it's in Romania—for the New Republic begins with a disturbing story about logging thugs who smash a documentary film crew’s equipment and nearly kill an activist. It's even...

Sinkhole on Arctic Seafloor Could Hold a City Block
Huge Sinkholes
Are Forming on
Arctic Seafloor

Huge Sinkholes Are Forming on Arctic Seafloor

Permafrost is melting beneath the ocean, as on land: researchers

(Newser) - Melting permafrost has been wreaking havoc on the Arctic landscape, triggering ground collapses that leave deep holes in the earth. Now we have evidence that the same thing is happening under the ocean. Large sections of permafrost, or permanently frozen ground, were submerged as glaciers melted around the end of...

For US Gulf Coast, a Dire Warning
For US Gulf Coast,
a Dire Warning

For US Gulf Coast, a Dire Warning

UN report forecasts severe climate trouble in the coming years

(Newser) - Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 50 inches of rain on parts of the Texas coast in 2017. Then in 2020, ferocious winds from Hurricane Laura destroyed homes across coastal Louisiana. Hurricane Ida hit in 2021, leaving the entire city of New Orleans without power for days. Such extreme weather is...

SCOTUS Hears Case That Could Doom Biden Climate Plan

Case against EPA could severely restrict power of federal agencies

(Newser) - The Supreme Court heard a case Monday that could end up limiting the power of the Environmental Protection Agency—and every other government agency. The court heard two hours of arguments on whether the EPA should have the authority to regulate power plants, and some members of the court's...

World Has a 'Brief and Rapidly Closing Window' to Save Itself
UN Issues a Grim Warning
for Today's Children

UN Issues a Grim Warning for Today's Children

Climate catastrophes on track to multiply in the next 20 years

(Newser) - Deadly with extreme weather now, climate change is about to get so much worse. It is likely going to make the world sicker, hungrier, poorer, gloomier, and way more dangerous in the next 18 years with an “unavoidable” increase in risks, a new United Nations science report says, per...

Ominous UN Report: We Must 'Learn to Live With Fire'

Number of catastrophic fires could increase by 50% by century's end

(Newser) - A warming planet and changes to land use patterns mean more wildfires will scorch large parts of the globe in coming decades, causing spikes in unhealthy smoke pollution and other problems that governments are ill prepared to confront, according to a UN report being released Wednesday. The western US, northern...

US Megadrought Is Worst We've Seen in 12 Centuries
On Parched American West,
a Dire 'Wake-Up Call'

On Parched American West, a Dire 'Wake-Up Call'

Study says megadrought is worst in 1.2K years, a 'worst-case scenario' due to climate change

(Newser) - The American West's megadrought deepened so much last year that it's now the driest in at least 1,200 years and is a worst-case climate change scenario playing out live, a new study finds. A dramatic drying in 2021—about as dry as 2002 and one of the...

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