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Teacher Sees Scared Kids in Zoom Class, Calls 911

Man had broken into their home

(Newser) - A teacher in California says she never logs out of online classes until all her students have logged off—a policy that meant she was able to call for help when a man broke into a home while two students were still logged on. "I was just watching their... More »

Men Hired for Sexual Fantasy Broke Into Wrong House

'Sorry, mate'

(Newser) - Two men hired to fulfill a sexual fantasy that involved breaking into an Australian man's home, tying him up, and rubbing a broom handle over his underwear showed up at the wrong home—and one of those men has now been acquitted of breaking and entering while armed with... More »

She Thought a Ghost Was Taking Her Clothes. Not Quite

Andrew Swofford allegedly found Saturday in student's NC apartment

(Newser) - A student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro debunked her theory that a ghost was stealing her clothes, though the truth was no less terrifying. After spotting handprints in the bathroom of her apartment on the edge of campus and noticing several of her pants and shirts had... More »

TV Crew Plans 1 Car Break-In, Gets 2 Instead

'Problem has reached epidemic proportions' in San Francisco

(Newser) - They anticipated the first burglary, just not the second. While reporting on the epidemic of car break-ins in SanFrancisco, Inside Edition crew members watched as a man broke into a bait car fitted with hidden cameras. Reporter Lisa Guerrero began Wednesday's report by parking a car near San Francisco'... More »

Burglars Knew He Wasn't Home. He Was Playing in Super Bowl

Police investigate break-in at home of Patriots player Rob Gronkowski

(Newser) - Celebrities have been warned not to give out their locations in real time for fear of opportunistic intruders entering their vacant homes. Unfortunately for Rob Gronkowski, just about everyone knew the New England Patriots tight end would be at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis on Sunday. Upon returning home from... More »

Woman Caused $350K in Damage at Ex's House: Cops

Ana Rockman charged in very expensive break-in at former husband's NY home

(Newser) - There are bitter breakups, and then there's the case of Ana Rockman: State police have charged the 61-year-old New York woman with causing more than $350,000 in damage to artwork, antiques, and other personal property at her ex-husband's home. Troopers say Rockman, of Long Island's Elmont,... More »

Someone Really Wants to Get to Kim Jong Nam's Body: Cops

Malaysian police say there was break-in attempt at hospital morgue

(Newser) - As Malaysian cops seek out a North Korean diplomat for questioning in the poisoning death of Kim Jong Un's half brother, the morgue where Kim Jong Nam's body is being held is having its own issues. Khalid Abu Bakar, head of the country's police force, told the... More »

After Owners Get Pulse Nightclub Back, a Break-In

It happened hours after law enforcement turned control back over to owners

(Newser) - Orlando police said Thursday that someone broke into the Pulse nightclub Wednesday night, hours after law enforcement had turned control of the club back over to its owners, the AP reports. The club had been under police custody as part of the investigation into the June 12 shooting that left... More »

Accused White House Intruder Had Lots of Ammo

Omar Gonzalez was also armed in previous arrest: prosecutors

(Newser) - A former Army soldier accused of sprinting across the White House lawn and into the executive mansion on Friday had over 800 rounds of ammunition, a machete, and two hatchets in his car, prosecutors said today. They made their allegations during a 20-minute federal hearing where the suspect, Omar Gonzalez,... More »

Alaskan Bears Behind Rash of Break-Ins

They even seem to be smashing cabin windows for the heck of it

(Newser) - An environmental expert traveled 50 miles of Alaskan coastline last week, and every single cabin he encountered had suffered a break-in—by bears, reports Alaska Dispatch News . Though periodic bear break-ins aren't unusual, this season the creatures have bashed their way into "dozens and dozens" of cabins, a... More »

Tip for Burglars: Get Away Before Opening the Tequila

Intruder found 'passed out' in Sacramento-area home

(Newser) - A couple near Sacramento returned home to discover that their home had been burglarized and—cue the suspense music—that an intruder was still inside. But that's where the movie-like drama fizzles a bit: "He was passed out," Lori Hensley tells Fox40 Sacramento . "That’s when... More »

US Serviceman Breaks Into Home, Punches Teen: Japan

Pentagon has another Okinawa controversy

(Newser) - In yet another incident unlikely to endear the people of Okinawa to the US presence there, a drunken US serviceman broke into an apartment building on the island and punched a 13-year-old boy in the face in the wee hours this morning, Japanese authorities alleged today. Police say the man... More »

GOP Rep Slams Office Break-In as 'Attack on Democracy'

But police say no sign of forced entry

(Newser) - The campaign office of Michael Grimm, a Republican congressman from Staten Island, has suffered a break-in, with the windows smashed by cinderblocks and computer hard drives erased, Politico reports. Grimm claims the attack was "politically motivated. This is an attack against a federal campaign office, which is an attack... More »

Armed Intruder Arrested at Miley's LA Home

Singer wasn't around when man allegedly jumped the fence

(Newser) - Maybe it's her new 'do? Whatever, a man allegedly leaped into Miley Cyrus' yard early yesterday morning wielding a pair of scissors, TMZ reports. Police received a 911 call from inside her LA house—not from Miley—and arrested a man named Jason Luis Rivera for trespassing. The... More »

Party Animals: Bears Chug 100 Beers, Trash Cabin

But American bear much tidier when robbing chocolate store

(Newser) - They weren't so much cat burglars as "bear burglars." A mamma bear and her three cubs are believed to have broken into a cabin in Norway, sucked down about 100 cans of beer, and trashed the place, reports the Local . The bears broke in by tearing down... More »

Drunk Thief Falls Asleep in the Middle of Burglary

Cops find Russian man passed out in apartment owner's bed

(Newser) - Note to would-be thieves: You may not want to get drunk while breaking and entering. A man in Russia did just that, authorities say, and he was ultimately brought down by the bottle of vodka he found and drank while attempting to burglarize an apartment in Moscow. He ended up... More »

Guy Used Stolen Bobcat to Steal 2 Deodorant Cans

Chicago man also accused of stealing gift cards

(Newser) - A Chicago man allegedly took quite a few pains to break into a dollar store and steal deodorant: Police say the suspect first stole a Bobcat loader from a construction site a block away, then used it to break the windows at West Side Family Dollar. In addition to the... More »

Pit Bull Survives Shot in Head After Saving Owner

Staten Island pooch helps scare off home invader

(Newser) - A courageous dog saved the day in Staten Island when he helped scare off a home invader and survived a bullet to the head, reports the New York Post . The drama began when a burglar disguised as a FedEx deliveryman tried to break into Justin Becker's apartment. Becker threw... More »

Roomies Foil Beer-Seeking Burglar

Fight breaks out in Chicago apartment

(Newser) - A burglar broke into a Chicago apartment looking for some beer; instead, he got a kick in the groin and criminal charges for his trouble. Early Saturday, Timothy Snyder, 36, allegedly banged on an apartment door, burst in, and went straight for the refrigerator, the Chicago Tribune reports. He hadn’... More »

Cops: Google Maps Helped Burglar Case Homes

Samuel A. Watson confessed his process to police

(Newser) - So you want to rob some houses, but you’re not sure where to start? Well, Samuel A. Watson came up with the idea to use Google Maps, he admits to Chicago police. Watson, suspected of breaking into as many as nine homes since March, “said he Googled ‘... More »

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