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Improving Blood Sugar Levels 'Could Be a Walk in the Park'

Researchers say even a 2-minute walk after a meal has benefits

(Newser) - Taking a two-minute walk after lunch, rather than continuing to sit at your desk, is all you need to better manage blood sugar levels, according to new research. Researchers at Ireland's University of Limerick and England's Manchester Metropolitan University teamed up for a meta-analysis of seven studies that...

Boy Thrown From Tate Modern Goes in the Pool Again

9-year-old continues to improve

(Newser) - Update: The boy who was hurled from a viewing platform at London's Tate Modern museum in 2019 is doing better than doctors had predicted, his family says in a new update posted to a GoFundMe campaign set up to help with his recovery. "We were able to celebrate...

Counting Steps? A Lower Total Still Pays Off
Counting Steps? A Lower
Total Still Pays Off
new study

Counting Steps? A Lower Total Still Pays Off

Study finds that 7K per day is associated with better health

(Newser) - A new study might please those who routinely come up short for their goal of hitting 10,000 steps a day. Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst say that 7,000 steps appears to be enough to make a difference in health, reports the Boston Herald . In the study...

Maybe Getting to 10K Steps Really Is a Good Idea
There's a Benefit to
Hitting 12K Steps a Day
study says

There's a Benefit to Hitting 12K Steps a Day

Ditto 8K, per new study

(Newser) - Ten thousand steps a day: essential or overblown and unnecessary ? The ubiquitous goal of fitness tracker users everywhere been called both, but a new study finds one thing is certain: Getting in more steps per day could lower your risk of an early death, even if you don't...

Want to Walk Without Stopping? You Could Go 14K Miles
The World's Longest Walk
Is Not for the Faint of Heart

The World's Longest Walk Is Not for the Faint of Heart

It's 14K miles, with elevation changes that are like going up and down Everest 13 times

(Newser) - Feel in need of a good long walk to work off those Christmas cookies? Popular Mechanics flags a post by Interesting Engineering on what's thought to be the longest non-stop walk you can take on the planet. It's a more than 14,000-mile journey from L'Agulhas, South...

Get Your 10K Steps? You May Not Have to
Get Your 10K Steps?
You May Not Have to
new study

Get Your 10K Steps? You May Not Have to

Study suggests benefits level out at 7.5K, at least among older women

(Newser) - Lots of people keep an eye on their fitness trackers as they go about the common mission of getting 10,000 steps daily. A new study, however, suggests that specific goal isn't as important as you might think. Researchers found that benefits in regard to longevity began in earnest...

Twins' First Steps Make International Headlines

Once-conjoined sisters Nima and Dawa return to Bhutan after separation surgery in Australia

(Newser) - Two formerly conjoined twin girls arrived home in Bhutan Thursday after being separated in an operation in Australia, sparking joy when their family saw them walking independently. Twenty-month-old Nima and Dawa returned to Bhutan after a 22-hour flight from Melbourne with their mother, four months after their operation, per the...

Man Who Walked 11.5K Miles to Help Homeless Comes Home

Leroy Bailey says he raised enough money over 29 months to start building shelter in Va. Beach

(Newser) - For more than two years, Leroy Bailey has been hoofing it around the US to raise money for hope—and on Saturday, he finally made it home. The 54-year-old contractor has been on the road for the past 29 months—he took leave of his Virginia Beach home in June...

Scientists Have Made Paralyzed Monkeys Walk
Scientists Have Made
Paralyzed Monkeys Walk

Scientists Have Made Paralyzed Monkeys Walk

'The whole team was screaming as we watched'

(Newser) - In what could someday prove to be a major step forward for people with spinal cord injuries, scientists out of Switzerland are reporting in the journal Nature that they've gotten paralyzed monkeys to walk again. NPR describes the surgery on the rhesus macaques thusly: A neurosurgeon "placed electrodes...

Aggressive? Your Walk Gives It Away
Aggressive? Your
Walk Gives It Away
study says

Aggressive? Your Walk Gives It Away

'Personality is indeed manifest in the way we walk'

(Newser) - The word swagger doesn't just describe the biomechanics of a person's gait. Its very definition is often linked to confidence and aggression, suggesting that one's mood or even personality can be revealed in how they walk. Now, research in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior suggests that certain...

This Guy's Job Is to Walk People, Not Dogs

Meet Chuck McCarthy, the 'People Walker'

(Newser) - For aspiring LA-based actor Chuck McCarthy, poop was the hurdle. He was considering becoming a dog walker to help make ends meet, but decided he just couldn't stomach the idea of dealing with all the doo-doo, reports KABC . So he began to joke about walking people instead, with no...

For the Obese, Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

The obese see distances as at least 10% greater than those of average weight

(Newser) - The very weight we carry can change our perception of the space around us, reports the Guardian , with obese people seeing distances as being at least 10% greater than those of average weight do, report researchers from Colorado State University Fort Collins. In the journal Acta Psychologica they report that...

Why Putin Walks That Weird Walk

It may be because of his KGB weapons training: scientists

(Newser) - The peculiar walk of one Vladimir Putin (left arm swinging naturally, right arm stiff at his side) has been the subject of speculation, with guesses ranging from childhood illness to an in-utero stroke, Live Science reports. But a group of Dutch neuroscientists—or "movement disorder enthusiasts," as they...

Finally, a Lane for Those Irked by Slow Walkers

It's coming to Liverpool, folks

(Newser) - If you don't enjoy getting stuck behind slow walkers while shopping, you're not alone—and you might consider a trip to the UK to try out the country's first ever fast lane for pedestrians being tested this week in the Liverpool One shopping complex, reports the Telegraph...

Family's 4 Kids Mysteriously Losing Ability to Walk
 Family's 4 Kids 
 Mysteriously Losing 
 Ability to Walk 
in case you missed it

Family's 4 Kids Mysteriously Losing Ability to Walk

Doctors still can't pinpoint exactly what their condition is

(Newser) - Having one child with a rare muscular disease would buck the odds; having four kids affected by it is downright astonishing. That's the plight of 23-year-old Rivka, 22-year-old Tziporah, 18-year-old Tzvi, and 15-year-old Racheli Herzfeld, four siblings from Teaneck, NJ, who are fighting what Fox News calls a "...

10K Steps a Day Might Not Get You Fit

The number has its roots in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics

(Newser) - Ten thousand steps. It's easy to remember, and a goal lauded by several wearable fitness trackers, but is it actually a good daily target for fitness? The number is too simplistic and not for everyone, reports the Huffington Post . For instance, for the extremely sedentary, taking 10,000 steps—...

Exoskeleton Boots Put a Literal Spring in Your Step

They make it feel like you've just dropped your backpack, researcher says

(Newser) - Tired of the agony of placing one foot in front of the other all on your own? A new boot is coming to the rescue: It improves the efficiency of the human stride by 7%, as the BBC reports, "showing that there is room for improvement in our already...

Solution to Work Woes: a Lunchtime Walk

 Solution to Work Woes: 
 a Lunchtime Walk 
study says

Solution to Work Woes: a Lunchtime Walk

Sedentary subjects find they feel better

(Newser) - There's an easy way to beat the workday blues, researchers find, and it doesn't take long: Go for a walk a few times a week during your lunch break. In a study of 75 "physically inactive" people—that is, those who engage in less than 150 weekly...

Homeless Woman Walks Miles for Rape Hearings

Perpetrator Paul Hubert, 54, attacked her under a bridge

(Newser) - First she endured the horror of being raped under a bridge. Then the 47-year-old homeless woman took walks as long as 8 miles in Columbus, Ohio, to attend several court hearings for her attacker—who pleaded guilty and got 3 years in prison, the Columbus Dispatch reports. "He didn’...

Guy Walks 46 Miles in Minus-35 Cold

'He had been drinking,' says Alaska police officer

(Newser) - An Alaska man who attempted to walk 50 miles between two villages at 35 below zero was found in good shape 4 miles from his goal by searchers called by his family. Lawrence James, 52, wore heavy winter gear and carried water and a .22-caliber rifle. He walked nonstop for...

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