Yosemite National Park

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30 Years After First Visit, She Is Saddened by Yosemite
In 30 Years, a 'Devastating'
Decline at Yosemite
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In 30 Years, a 'Devastating' Decline at Yosemite

Susannah Meadows returns for the first time since her youth

(Newser) - When Susannah Meadows interned as a park ranger at Yosemite National Park in 1993, the rushing Merced River was so loud she had to close her window before making a phone call. On a return trip this year, her first since that internship, she found the same river to be...

Tragic End to Search for Distance Runner

Fred Zalokar found dead in Yosemite National Park

(Newser) - After decades as an endurance athlete, Fred Zalokar's final journey was in Yosemite National Park. The 61-year-old, who was well known in the world of endurance sports, was found dead Tuesday, two days after he was reported missing, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The Reno resident had planned an...

Ranger Shares Heartbreaking Image of Grieving Mama Bear

Hours after crash, it was still calling to dead cub

(Newser) - A ranger at Yosemite National Park has shared a heartbreaking story of a bear encounter—and a plea for motorists to slow down. In a Facebook post, the ranger says they received an all too common report of "Bear hit by vehicle, dead on the side of the road,...

Heat to Reach Yosemite This Weekend

Hikers will be facing temperatures of 100 degrees or so

(Newser) - As a heat wave settles in on the West Coast this weekend, Yosemite National Park might sound like an attractive escape. But temperatures at Yosemite are expected to hit 100 or 111 degrees over the weekend, SFGate reports. "Because there's a lot of exposed granite in the park...

Yosemite Climber Survived a Huge Fall, With Consequences

Josh Ourada dug in his heels so hard one 'disintegrated in parts'

(Newser) - Climber Josh Ourada fell almost 200 feet in Yosemite without dying. But that's not to say there weren't serious consequences. The 31-year-old talks to Outside Online about the April 10, 2021, fall—what preceded it, what he was thinking of as he plummeted, and what he's dealing...

They Walked 2.8K Feet—While 1.6K Feet in the Air

Brothers lead group that sets California highline record in Yosemite

(Newser) - Earlier this month, a group of 20 adventurers set a record for the longest highline ever to be walked in California. What that means: They walked 2,800 feet—while 1,600 feet in the air, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Bay Area brothers Moises and Daniel Monterrubio led the...

Brothers Set Yosemite Record, Get Gorgeous Views

Moises and Daniel Monterrubio walk a 2,800-foot highline

(Newser) - Two brothers from San Francisco say they have set a record for the longest highline ever walked in both Yosemite National Park and California, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Earlier this month, they and a group of friends spent nearly a week stringing a single, 2,800-foot-long line from Taft...

This Is How to Right the Wrongs Done to Native Americans

David Treuer makes the case that our National Parks should be given to them

(Newser) - David Treuer's piece for the Atlantic is peppered with so many bold lines it's hard to whittle down which to share. But this is a strong one: "The American West began with war but concluded with parks." In his lengthy piece, Treuer, himself a Native American...

They Skied, Rappeled Down 'Death Slabs' for a Half Dome First

Jason Torlano, Zach Milligan seem to be first ones to ski entire 4.8K feet from peak to Yosemite Valley

(Newser) - Two skiers navigated a thin layer of snow with no margin for error down the precipitous shoulder of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park and alternately skied and rappelled back to the valley floor in an unusually daring feat, per the AP . Jason Torlano, 45, and Zach Milligan, 40, completed...

Hiker Was 'All Smiles' Before Tragic Yosemite Death

Alice Yu Xie was found dead at base of waterfall

(Newser) - California woman Anna Horn may have been the last person to see Alice Yu Xie before her death in Yosemite National Park earlier this month, and she believes her death was a tragic accident. The 41-year-old's body was found at the base of Upper Yosemite Fall on Jan. 16....

Missing Yosemite Hiker Is Found Dead

'Alice' Yu Xie, 41, found dead on Jan. 16 in Yosemite National Park after ill-fated hike

(Newser) - A hiker who went missing at Yosemite National Park earlier this month has been found dead. National Park Service officials say the body of "Alice" Yu Xie, 41, was found Jan. 16 at the base of Upper Yosemite Fall, per KCRA . KTLA reports that Xie had traveled to the...

She Was Badly Hurt in Her Last Shot at El Capitan. Now, Success

Emily Harrington becomes first woman to free-climb Yosemite rock formation in less than 24 hours

(Newser) - Last November, Emily Harrington got banged up pretty badly after she fell from El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, in an attempt to become the first woman to free-climb the rock formation in less than 24 hours following the tough "Golden Gate" route. Better news this time around: The...

Smoke Forces Yosemite's Closure
Smoke Forces
Yosemite's Closure

Smoke Forces Yosemite's Closure

Hazardous air expected for several days

(Newser) - Yosemite National Park has been closed indefinitely as smoke from wildfires turns the air into a polluted mess. An air quality monitor run by the federal government showed a pollution score of 681 in the park on Thursday, per the Los Angeles Times . Hazardous air is anything scoring above 300....

Yosemite Can't Catch a Break
Yosemite Can't Catch a Break

Yosemite Can't Catch a Break

COVID-19, hazardous air quality, and rattlesnakes

(Newser) - Bad things come in threes, at least as far as one national park is concerned. In addition to COVID's impact and hazardous air quality due to the approach of wildfires on its southern edge, Yosemite is dealing with a "noticeable uptick" in rattlesnake bites, per park officials . Two...

Suspected Norovirus Outbreak Hits Yosemite
170 People Fall Ill at Yosemite

170 People Fall Ill at Yosemite

Norovirus outbreak is suspected

(Newser) - Yosemite National Park is battling a suspected norovirus outbreak that has caused nearly 200 people to fall ill. Some 170 visitors and employees have experienced a gastrointestinal illness, with the "overwhelming majority" of cases consistent with norovirus—a highly contagious virus marked by stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea. It'...

Free Solo Star Helps Save El Capitan Climber
She Was Climbing
El Capitan When She Fell
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She Was Climbing El Capitan When She Fell

Emily Harrington is 'banged up but gonna be OK'

(Newser) - A top rock climber is thankful to be alive after falling from El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. "I took a bad fall and pin balled a bit then somehow hit the rope [with] my neck," Emily Harrington wrote Monday on Instagram, sharing a photo of her resting...

Girl, 9, Climbs El Capitan
Girl, 9, Climbs
El Capitan

Girl, 9, Climbs El Capitan

Pearl Johnson is the youngest person to ascend the 3,000-foot rock face

(Newser) - Pearl Johnson is just 9 years old, but she's already set a major record: She's the youngest person to climb El Capitan in California's Yosemite National Park. Her parents are "longtime Yosemite locals," per Outside Online —her dad is a law enforcement officer at...

Woman Falls to Her Death From Half Dome

Danielle Burnett, 29, fell more than 500 feet while using mountain's cables, Yosemite officials say

(Newser) - A 29-year-old Arizona woman tumbled to her death this week while ascending Yosemite National Park's Half Dome using the mountain's famous metal cables. Per CBS5 , park officials say Danielle Burnett was climbing the steepest part of the granite mound just before noon on Thursday when she fell down...

Fall Kills Tourist as Yosemite Warns Visitors to Stay on Trails

People are hiking to viewing platform, then moving closer

(Newser) - A tourist from Romania was killed when he slipped and fell at a waterfall in Yosemite National Park—one of three such accidents in a week. Lucian Miu, 21, lost his footing on wet rocks and fell about 20 feet at Bridalveil Fall, NBC reports. The park said in a...

Girl, 10, Makes History on El Capitan
10-Year-Old: 1;
El Capitan: 0

10-Year-Old: 1; El Capitan: 0

Selah Schneiter becomes youngest documented person to climb El Capitan's 'Nose route'

(Newser) - A 10-year-old has conquered the massive rock wall that is El Capitan, a dangerous challenge even for rock-climbing legends. Selah Schneiter, whose climbing-guide father had her in harnesses soon after she could walk, had dreamed of scaling the 3,000-foot granite rock face in Yosemite National Park since she was...

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