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How an Australian Pro Bowler Completely Altered the Sport
Jason Belmonte Has Changed
Pro Bowling for Good

Jason Belmonte Has Changed Pro Bowling for Good

As an intriguing portrait for 'GQ' makes clear, two hands can make a huge difference

(Newser) - In his portrait of top-tier pro bowler Jason Belmonte for GQ , Eric Wills paints a compelling picture of one of bowling's most intriguing and groundbreaking figures. Known for his unorthodox two-handed method that made waves when he first appeared on the scene in 2008, Belmonte was dismissed as...

New 'String Pin' Technology May Change Bowling

Serious bowlers see a difference in how the pins fall

(Newser) - Back in 2020, the 11thframe blog suggested that "string pinsetters" might be "the next big thing in bowling." The prediction appears to be spot-on—and plenty of bowlers aren't happy about it, writes Ben Kesling at the Wall Street Journal . So what is a string pinsetter?...

Homeowner Finds 160 Buried Bowling Balls

'I felt like a paleontologist,' Michigan man says

(Newser) - "I felt like a paleontologist," says a Michigan man who discovered what appeared to be a bowling ball graveyard during a home renovation project. David Olson says he spotted a black sphere while demolishing the back steps of his Norton Shores home and ended up pulling out 160...

He Changed Bowling by Looking Inside the Ball
He Changed Bowling
by Looking Inside the Ball

He Changed Bowling by Looking Inside the Ball

'Wired' profiles designer Mo Pinel

(Newser) - Just-for-fun bowlers may not give too much thought to the ball itself, beyond making sure their fingers fit inside the holes. Serious bowlers know the ball matters big time, and that the 60 feet it travels down the lane toward the pins is nothing short of a "physics puzzle,...

Suspect in 'Abhorrent' Bowling Alley Shooting a Green Beret

Army Sgt. 1st Class Duke Webb was in Ill. on leave from Fla.'s Eglin Air Force Base, authorities say

(Newser) - An Army Green Beret has been arrested and charged with murder after a weekend shooting at an Illinois bowling alley that left three senior citizens dead and three injured, including two teens. Police say that Sgt. 1st Class Duke Webb, an active service member who's been with the US...

3 Dead, 4 Injured in Bowling Alley Shooting

It began as a fight between two groups

(Newser) - Three men are dead and another four people injured after a shooting at a bowling alley near Los Angeles Friday night. Police responded to the Gable House Bowl in Torrance just before midnight. Witnesses say the shooting stemmed from a disagreement between two groups that spiraled into violence. One witness...

Bowling Alley Owner Killed in Freak Work Accident

Ector Rodriguez described as beloved Florence, Colo., business owner

(Newser) - Florence, Colorado's police chief describes the local bowling alley as "almost like a barbershop"—a place outside of which owner Ector Rodriguez was widely known for sitting on a bench and chatting with locals who passed by. The community is now mourning the 65-year-old, who lost his...

Hostage Situation at UK Bowling Alley Apparently Not Terror-Related

There are currently no known casualties

(Newser) - A police department in central England says a reported hostage-taking incident at a bowling alley is "unconnected to any terrorist activity," AP reports. British media cited eyewitnesses at Bermuda Park, a shopping center in Nuneaton, as saying the area was locked down because a man with a shotgun...

7-Year-Old Bowler Wins, Gets Disqualified Over His Pants

They weren't black enough, but there's kind of a happy ending

(Newser) - A 7-year-old bowler in Canada just learned a tough lesson about rules, or pants, or ... something. After Grayson Powell bowled a terrific game and prepared to collect a gold medal with two teammates, he was told he was disqualified for wearing pants that weren't black enough. So reports the...

Worker Killed in Bowling Alley Accident

Maintenance employee's clothing gets caught in machine

(Newser) - A maintenance worker trying to repair a pin-setting machine at a bowling alley was killed when his clothes got caught in the equipment, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer . The freak accident claimed the life of 53-year-old David Geiger at an alley in Fairfield, Ohio. No customers saw it take place, and...

Bowling's US Open Canceled—Due to Disinterest

No one will sponsor the big tournament

(Newser) - Just how bad have things gotten for professional bowling? So bad that the sport's governing body just canceled one of its biggest tournaments for the second year in a row because they couldn't find anyone willing to sponsor it. The 2014 US Open had already been canceled, but...

How Smoking Ban Increases Bowling Shoes Lawsuits

Bowlers go outside to smoke, then fall; but New York state is on the case

(Newser) - It has to be the granddaddy of unintended effects of New York state's 10-year-old ban on indoor smoking: more lawsuits from clumsy bowlers. As the Albany Times-Union explains, bowling centers have seen a spike in lawsuits in recent years from bowlers who step outside for a smoke while wearing...

Santorum Warns Guy Not to Use Pink Bowling Ball

Rick challenges Mitt to Wisconsin bowl-off

(Newser) - Rick Santorum bowls a good game, but gay rights groups say he talks an offensive one. "You’re not gonna' use the pink ball. We’re not gonna' let you do that, not on camera," he told a young man while bowling with college Republicans in Wisconsin yesterday,...

Judge Orders Man to Take Wife on Date
 Judge Orders Man 
 to Take Wife on Date 

Judge Orders Man to Take Wife on Date

Joseph Bray ordered to take his wife bowling, to Red Lobster

(Newser) - Let the punishment fit the crime? A Florida man who appeared in court this week on a domestic violence charge was ordered by the judge to ... take his wife on a date. The charge apparently grew out of an argument Joseph Bray had with his wife—whose birthday he failed...

Blind Bowler Rolls Perfect 300

It's not a fluke, either—Ron Gooch averages about 200

(Newser) - A perfect 300 bowling score may not seem newsworthy, until you realize the person achieving it is legally blind. Ron Gooch accomplished his lifelong dream last month, bowling 12 perfect strikes to join the 10 other legally blind bowlers known to have bowled a perfect game. He's been bowling 46...

Obama Redeems Himself, Bowls 144

(Newser) - Maybe he’s been practicing, or maybe becoming president has boosted his confidence, but Barack Obama has apparently become a much better bowler. The president spent Saturday night relaxing at Camp David to celebrate his upcoming birthday today, Robert Gibbs revealed yesterday. Gibbs says Obama was with friends “playing...

Wii Bowling a Strike With Seniors

(Newser) - Seniors are wholeheartedly embracing Wii Bowling as a fun social activity mercifully devoid of the weight of an actual ball, the Chicago Tribune reports. “Can you think of anything better to do?” says the president of a league at a Chicago-area retirement community. “It's the piece de resistance ...

Palin Rips Obama for Special Olympics Comment

Governor shocked by president's 'degrading' quip

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has waded into the fray over President Obama's Special Olympics clunker, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The Alaska governor, whose youngest son has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, said she was shocked to hear Obama say his bad bowling "was like the Special Olympics." She called...

Special Olympics Champ Challenges First Bowler

He's confident he can outroll the President

(Newser) - Kolan McConiughey says he’s confident he can beat Barack Obama in a bowling matchup, despite the president’s recent improvement to a score of 129. The Special Olympics champion, who has three perfect games on his record and averages 266, tells TMZ that "he’s cool, but he...

Aussie Grabs Bowling World With Both Hands

But will his back hold up?

(Newser) - Jason Belmonte could single-handedly change bowling forever—or is that double-handedly? The 25-year-old Australian has the charm and talent to be a star in a sport that badly needs one, but what’s made him a YouTube sensation is his novel delivery style, the Wall Street Journal reports: a two-handed...

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