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Every McDonald's in This Nation Shuttered for 2 Days

After 2 teen employees were electrocuted in Lima, Peru

(Newser) - Every McDonald's in Peru shut down for two days this week to mourn two teen workers who died while working a night shift over the weekend. The bodies of 18-year-old Gabriel Campos Zapata and Alexandra Porras Inga, 19, were found by emergency workers in the Lima restaurant Sunday morning.... More »

More Ancient Nazca Lines Were Just Spotted

Including the first one ever discovered with artificial intelligence

(Newser) - Large ancient drawings etched into the desert in southern Peru have fascinated researchers for years. Now they've got 143 more of the figures—known as Nazca lines—to ponder. Researchers from Japan's Yamagata University announced the discovery of the geoglyphs in a news release . As with the previously... More »

Peru Has Been Thrown Into a Constitutional Crisis

President dissolves congress, congress votes to suspend him from office

(Newser) - A bitter struggle between Peru's president and congress over who will govern the South American country threatened to become a lengthy and destabilizing legal battle as each side dug in Tuesday amid the deepest constitutional crisis in nearly three decades, the AP reports. President Martín Vizcarra dissolved the... More »

As Far as Child Sacrifices Go, This Could Be the Biggest

227 bodies found in Peru

(Newser) - It's a grim and possibly record-setting find in Peru: what archaeologists say could be the biggest single mass child sacrifice ever found. The current body count is 227, and that number could grow as archaeologists continue to work the site, which is near the seaside town of Huanchaco in... More »

Florida Teens Killed in Accident Hours After Arriving in Peru

They were visiting country to celebrate graduation

(Newser) - A high school in Bradenton, Florida, is mourning two students who were killed in an accident while visiting Peru to celebrate their recent graduation. Albert Ales and Zachary Morris, both 18, were killed just hours after arriving in the country when a bus hit their motorcycle as they were exploring... More »

Magnitude 8 Earthquake Shakes Amazon Jungle

One death, collapsed buildings reported

(Newser) - A powerful magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck a remote part of the Amazon jungle in Peru early Sunday, collapsing buildings and knocking out power to some areas but causing only one reported death. The quake struck at 2:41 a.m. and was centered in a vast nature preserve 57... More »

Suicide Expressed Contempt for Leader's Enemies: Family

Former president of Peru killed himself as arrest neared

(Newser) - "I will not be humiliated," Alan Garcia, a former president of Peru, wrote in what his family says was a suicide note. Garcia shot himself in the head as police arrived at his home to arrest him in a corruption investigation. "I have seen others paraded around... More »

With Cops Closing In, Former Peru President Kills Himself

Alan Garcia was facing arrest on corruption charges

(Newser) - Former Peruvian President Alan García is dead after shooting himself in the head as police came to detain him amid allegations he received illegal payment from Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht, reports the AP . García is said to have retreated to his bedroom and shot himself in the head... More »

Theory Pushed in Largest Mass Sacrifice of Children

The slaughter may have been to appease the gods after a deluge

(Newser) - Archaeologists last year described it as the largest known mass child sacrifice anywhere in the world: 140 children and 200 llamas slaughtered around AD 1450 on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the Chimu state—what is now northern Peru. At the time, archaeologists had a theory about why... More »

Hotel Wall Collapses During Wedding, Kills 15

People dancing at Peru wedding were caught underneath

(Newser) - A hotel wall collapsed during a wedding celebration in Peru, killing at least 15 people on Sunday, authorities said. National civil defense chief Jorge Chavez said dozens of people who had been dancing were caught under the collapsing wall and a roof early Sunday at the Alhambra hotel in the... More »

Blind Michigan Woman Is Missing in Peru

Carla Valpeoz hasn't been seen for a week

(Newser) - A legally blind Michigan woman who wanted to see the world before completely losing her vision has been missing in Peru for a week, and family members are extremely concerned. Carla Valpeoz, a 35-year-old social worker from Detroit, visited the country with a friend for a wedding and was supposed... More »

Meal After Man's Wake Kills at Least 8

More are sickened in Peru

(Newser) - At least eight people who attended a man's wake have died after eating contaminated food at the service in Peru, reports the BBC . Dozens more remain sick, and Reuters actually has the death toll at 10. The culprit is a meat stew served at the wake in the San... More »

This Might've Been the Largest Child Sacrifice Ever

Remains of 140 children, 200 young llamas found in Peru

(Newser) - Decades before it was felled by the larger Inca civilization around 1475 AD, the Chimu people in what is now northern Peru gathered more than 140 children on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and slaughtered them all. Archaeologists who've uncovered the remains of boys, girls, and 200 young... More »

In Peru's Amazon, a Shaman Is Killed, Then a Tourist Lynched

Police investigating the death of Sebastian Woodroffe, 41

(Newser) - The death of a Canadian man is making headlines for its location, manner, and the murkiness around it. The body of Sebastian Woodroffe was found in a shallow grave Saturday in the Ucayali region of Peru's Amazon by police who began searching for the 41-year-old after a video was... More »

Inmate Reportedly Drugged His Twin to Escape Prison

Alexander Delgado Herrera was found more than a year after his escape

(Newser) - A prisoner is back in custody in Peru more than a year after an unconventional escape involving his twin brother, a move seemingly taken "straight from Arrested Development," per the Daily Beast . Alexander Delgado Herrera had been serving 16 years for child sex abuse and robbery when his... More »

Truck Driver Leaves Road, Scars Ancient Nazca Lines

Prosecutors hope he'll be punished

(Newser) - Following in the footsteps of tomb raiders, illegal miners , and Greenpeace , a truck driver is the latest to be accused of damaging Peru's ancient Nazca Lines. The country's Culture Ministry says Jainer Jesús Flores Vigo, 40, left "deep scars" across "three straight lined geoglyphs" and... More »

'It's Very Sad for Us to Suffer an Accident of This Magnitude'

Bus crash is one of deadliest traffic accidents on record in Peru

(Newser) - At least 48 people died when a bus tumbled down a cliff onto a rocky beach Tuesday along a narrow, curvy, and frequently mist-shrouded stretch of highway known as the "Devil's Curve," Peruvian police and fire officials said. The bus carrying 57 people was headed to Peru'... More »

A Queen Died 1.2K Years Ago. Now, See Her Face

Archaeologist spent 220 hours reconstructing Wari queen's appearance

(Newser) - The gold ornaments in her ears stand out among the dark hair, sprinkled with gray. Like the lined face, the corners of the mouth drooping slightly; it's a sign of her age—the roughly 60 years she spent on Earth, as opposed to the 1,200 years that have... More »

22-Year-Old May Have Been Abducted on Backpacking Trip

Peru authorities are searching for Jesse Galganov

(Newser) - A 22-year-old with dreams of traveling the world has disappeared in the middle of an eight-month backpacking trip through South America and Southeast Asia. Jesse Galganov, who is from Montreal and plans to start medical school in Philadelphia next fall, was last heard from around Sept. 28, when he texted... More »

At 12K Feet, Humans Did the Unimaginable

Researchers find evidence of permanent residency some 7K years ago

(Newser) - Researchers call it one of the "last frontiers of human colonization": very high elevations where the oxygen is sparse and the temperatures are icy. Now research out of the Andean highlands of South America suggests the humans who braved such conditions more than 7,000 years ago did so... More »

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