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Iran Calls It an 'Act of Piracy.' The US Just Stirred the Pot

US calls to extend detention of Iranian supertanker seized in Gibraltar

(Newser) - The United States moved on Thursday to halt the release of an Iranian supertanker detained in Gibraltar for breaching European Union sanctions on oil shipments to Syria, thwarting efforts by authorities in London and the British overseas territory to defuse tensions with Tehran. The Gibraltar government confirmed that the US... More »

Dozens Killed, 70 Injured in Fuel Tanker Blast

Blast occurred in Morogoro, Tanzania, while people were siphoning fuel from damaged truck

(Newser) - A damaged tanker truck exploded in eastern Tanzania Saturday as people were trying to siphon fuel out of it, killing at least 57, police say. A regional police commissioner tells local media that many other people suffered burns in the explosion in the town of Morogoro. The BBC reports as... More »

73 Dead in Mozambique Fuel Tanker Explosion

Fuel somehow caught fire

(Newser) - Mozambican media say 73 people were killed and more than 100 others were wounded in a fuel tanker explosion in the north of the country, the AP reports. Radio Mozambique reported Thursday that medical teams were at the scene of the accident in the town of Caphiridzange in Tete province.... More »

2 Trucks Plummet Off Georgia Bridge Onto Highway

A Publix truck and a tanker with 8K gallons of fuel ended up on road below

(Newser) - Lunch hour got messy in Georgia today when two tractor-trailers drove right off an I-285 bridge and onto busy state highway 400, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Three people were sent to area hospitals, and the Sandy Springs Police Department warned that lane closures—which include all northbound lanes of 400... More »

13 Die in Fiery Mexico Crash

Gas tanker driver lost control while speeding: reports

(Newser) - A gas tanker crashed in Mexico today, resulting in a giant fireball and killing at least 13 people; another 13 were injured. Two of those killed were children, says an official. The crash occurred on a highway in Mexico state near Mexico City, CNN reports. The tanker had been speeding... More »

Alaskan Towns Low on Fuel as Ice Delays Delivery

Villages face shortage of heating oil

(Newser) - A harsh winter is taking a heavy toll on fuel supplies in Alaska. Two villages in the midst of 45-below temperatures have almost run out of heating oil, forcing a Noatak town store to ration borrowed supplies, the Anchorage Daily News reports. The village of Kobuk has turned to a... More »

German Officer May Have Misled US Fighters in Civilian Disaster

Gave false info to pilots in Afghan tanker strike

(Newser) - Just before 2am on Sept. 4, German Col. Georg Klein gave a two-word command—"Weapons release!"—and US fighter jets bombed a pair of tanker trucks in Kunduz, Afghanistan, killing 100 Afghans clustered around them, many of them civilians. Although his tour has ended, the officer is... More »

Dozens of Afghan Civilians Killed In NATO Tanker Strike

Blast hit Taliban-hijacked fuel tankers, triggering explosion

(Newser) - At least 90 people were killed in northern Afghanistan today when a NATO air strike hit two fuel tankers hijacked by the Taliban, setting off a massive explosion. At least 40 of the dead were civilians, said officials. Many more people are injured, and the local hospital in Kunduz province... More »

Boeing Looks to Old 777 Model in Airbus Battle

Will re-tool tanker to compete for Pentagon refueling contract

(Newser) - With its 787 Dreamliner delayed, Boeing is turning to its 14-year-old 777 to compete with Airbus’ next plane, Bloomberg reports. At the Paris Air Show today, Boeing said it may make a new wing for the 777 in an effort to boost fuel efficiency, and will also showcase a 777-based... More »

Pirates Free Saudi Tanker, Get $3M Ransom

Ship headed to safety after November capture

(Newser) - A Saudi tanker taken by Somali pirates in November has been freed after a $3 million ransom was paid, a pirate negotiator said. Pirates have left the ship, which is now headed to safety. The Sirius Star, which carried 2 million oil barrels and 25 crew members, was the largest... More »

Pirates Hijack Saudi Oil Tanker

Ship loaded with oil is taken to Somalian port

(Newser) - Pirates flying the Liberian flag hijacked a Saudi Arabian oil tanker today, the BBC reports. The Sirius Star is now bound for the port of Eyl, Somalia, a common destination for pirates to unload their booty. Currently holding its full load of 2 million barrels, the Sirius Star contains one-quarter... More »

Pentagon's New Bid Rules Favor Northrop: Boeing

Bidding changes seen to justify previous decision

(Newser) - The Pentagon issued new criteria yesterday for the second round of bidding on its lucrative fuel-tanker contract, Bloomberg reports, and Boeing backers immediately cried foul. The new terms give bonus points to a plane that carries more fuel than the earlier guidelines, which Boeing officials and congressional allies claim favors... More »

For Boeing, Warplanes Are Becoming History

After losing another big military contract, giant's defense role shrinking to bit parts

(Newser) - As Boeing makes fewer military aircraft and more hardware systems, its commercial and defense arms look increasingly like separate companies, the Seattle Times reports. "These are two legs walking in opposite directions," one analyst says. While airplanes continue to dominate its commercial side, the company, once a military-aircraft... More »

Stunned Boeing Presses USAF to Explain Choice

Scheduled debriefing not soon enough for jilted company

(Newser) - Boeing is calling for an “immediate debriefing” on the Air Force's choice of a foreign company to build its fuel tankers, Bloomberg reports. The selection of Airbus and Northrop Grumman is to be the subject of a scheduled March 12 meeting, but Boeing says that isn’t protocol. “... More »

Tanker Explodes After Fall From Detroit Freeway

Blaze destroys nearby house, snarls rush-hour traffic

(Newser) - A tanker carrying propane exploded after falling 20 feet off a Detroit freeway during rush hour this morning and slamming to the ground below, the Detroit Free Press reports. The 75-foot fireball engulfed a nearby house, though its occupants escaped unscathed. The truck's cab, still on Interstate 75, burned too,... More »

Russia Reportedly Strikes Fighter-Jet Deal With Iran

(Newser) - Israel is investigating reports that Russia will supply Iran with $1 billion in long-range fighter jets and aerial fuel tankers, the Jerusalem Post says. Israeli officials say the pact could be a partial response to a billion-dollar US arms deal with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. More »

Boeing, Airbus Firefight at Paris Air Show

Rivals for $40 billion Air Force deal bring out big guns

(Newser) - The battle between Boeing and Airbus soared to new levels of rancor this week at the Paris Air Show, where the companies are competing to supply the US Air Force with fuel tankers in a contract worth up to $40 billion. The open crossfire was unusual, the Wall Street  Journal... More »

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