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Company Institutes Menopause Policy

British broadcaster aims to help women

(Newser) - Companies are increasingly working to provide support for women's and family issues, from maternity leave to lactation rooms to free menstrual products to childcare—but what about when the end of the childbearing years arrive? Not quite as many companies have yet offered support for menopausal women, but a... More »

UK Doctor Offers Women 'Life-Changing' Surgery

Simon Fishel pioneers new treatment to delay menopause

(Newser) - A fertility expert in Britain is offering a procedure that purports to fend off menopause and let women have children later in life, the Guardian reports. A company formed by Simon Fishel, who developed IVF, offers the procedure to women until they're around 40. It sounds simple: Doctors fool... More »

3 Species Were Known to Go Through Menopause. Now It's 5

Aside from humans, they're all similar in one way

(Newser) - Menopause isn't a distinctly human condition—and now scientists have discovered two more species that experience it and then live well beyond it, bringing the total number to five. The four non-human species that go through menopause are similar in that they're all toothed whales. The new study,... More »

Scientists Unveil Man-Made Ovary

Artificial ovary implanted in mouse could help women who've gone through chemo

(Newser) - News on the fertility front may offer hope in the future for women who have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation during cancer treatment. Per the Guardian , scientists have created an artificial ovary out of human tissue and eggs, and that ovary's performance on tests is encouraging. Susanne Pors, a... More »

What Women Eat May Play Role in Age of Menopause

Study suggests those who eat more pasta may see earlier onset

(Newser) - A new study suggests that a woman's diet plays a role in when menopause begins. UK researchers emphasize that their research doesn't show cause and effect—meaning they're not advocating that anyone change their diet—but the bottom-line findings are drawing attention. The average age of menopause... More »

Woman Allegedly Fired for Period Leaks Fights Back

Alisha Coleman's former employer says there is more to the story

(Newser) - After working at a 911 call center for nearly 10 years, Alisha Coleman was fired. She says it's because of her period, and the American Civil Liberties Union is arguing gender discrimination is at play. In the brief , Coleman alleges that the Bobby Dodd Institute in Fort Benning, Georgia,... More »

Scientists Pinpoint When a Woman's Sex Drive Declines

It seems to start 20 months before her final menstrual period

(Newser) - Sex is important to most middle-aged women, a fact established by a new study in the journal Menopause, which found that 75% of 1,390 middle-aged women reported sexual functioning to be moderately to extremely important. But roughly 20 months before menopause hit, these women reported a "notable decline... More »

With Menopause Reversal, Women May Be Forever Fertile

Scientists have rejuvenated post-menopausal ovaries to release fertile eggs

(Newser) - The hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness characteristic of menopause may no longer also signal the end of a woman's fertility thanks to a blood treatment used to heal wounds. Presenting their findings at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology annual meeting in Helsinki, Finland, this... More »

Why Killer Whales Live So Long After Menopause

Study: These matriarchs become essential group leaders

(Newser) - Female orcas typically stop breeding around the age of 40, which is roughly the time when their male counterparts tend to, well, die off. But once the females hit menopause, they can rather unusually live another 50 or so years—and now scientists think they know why. Because they've... More »

Ladies, Your Hot Flash Phase Could Last 14 Years

And researchers find the earlier they start, the longer they tend to last

(Newser) - No woman looks forward to menopause, especially the accompanying hot flashes. Which is why a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine may not bring relief to those hoping for a quick demise to the excessively warm, sweaty stage: A 17-year review of 1,449 women from a variety of... More »

Study: Menopause All Men's Fault

Male tendency to choose younger mates gave rise to menopause: biologists

(Newser) - If you weren't already blaming the man in your life for those pesky hot flashes, now's the time to start—and you can thank McMaster University researchers for the pleasure. A study by evolutionary geneticists at the Canadian school concludes men's partiality for younger mates made fertility... More »

To Fight Bone Loss, Drink ... Wine

Study finds two glasses a night can help stave off osteoporosis

(Newser) - Move over, milk, there's a more fun drink that helps keep women's bones healthy as they get older: wine. Drinking the equivalent of two small glasses of wine each day helps post-menopausal women retain old bone, making their bones stronger overall and helping to fend off osteoporosis, according... More »

Pregnant Women in 50s Do Just Fine

In-vitro pregnancies of older women show no rise in complications

(Newser) - Women in their 50s who receive donated eggs have just as healthy pregnancies as their younger counterparts who do the same, a new study shows. In the largest analysis to date, researchers found that 101 women age 50 and older who used in-vitro fertilization had no more complications than women... More »

Hormone Pills Boost Breast Cancer Risks

Post-menopausal treatments make cancer more deadly

(Newser) - Women who take hormone treatments after menopause are not only more likely to get cancer, but more likely to die from it, according to a new study. Doctors already knew that certain hormone pills increased the risk of cancer, but the study, which followed 12,788 women, found that the... More »

New Test May Predict Timing of Menopause

Breakthrough could help women schedule childbearing

(Newser) - Doctors could one day use a blood test to predict decades in advance when women will go into menopause, scientists say. The preliminary study could be a first step toward developing a tool to help women decide when they want to have children, Iranian experts say. "This is not... More »

Women Getting Shorter, Heavier

They'll lose 1 inch and gain 2 pounds by 2409

(Newser) - Humans are still changing, and the female winners of the evolutionary crapshoot will be shorter and heavier down the line. A new study that tracked the motherly productivity of the slim-and-tall set alongside their squatter peers concludes that a lower center of gravity will win out in the end, and... More »

Osteoporosis Drug Shows Promise, No Side Effects

(Newser) - An experimental drug could drastically decrease the risk of bone breakage in osteoporosis sufferers, Time reports. Two trials of the drug denosumab in groups at high risk for the disease—men receiving testosterone-depleting treatment for prostate cancer and post-menopausal women—reduced the risk of fracture by more than 50%, with... More »

Rosie's Menopause Guru? Madonna

'Big sis' tells O'Donnell to 'get the cream' for 'hormone things'

(Newser) - The Material Girl can add another talent to her resume: menopause counselor. At least according to Rosie O'Donnell, who happily overshared in an interview on The Tyra Banks Show. Between investigating the source of all the sweat in her bed and cutting out booze, O'Donnell still has time to check... More »

Survey: Women's Sex Lives Best in Their 40s

(Newser) - Whether it’s hormones, increased self-esteem or stepping out on their spouses, 40-something women are experiencing the best sex of their lives, reports the Guardian. "It's one of the best-kept secrets of women's lives," noted one expert. Of 2,000 women polled in a recent survey, 77% said... More »

Long-Living Whales Shed Light on Menopause

Females see offspring through to maturity

(Newser) - Stumped scientists finally have a clue about the evolutionary purpose of post-menopausal women. Female killer whales—who outlive males by decades—stick around to nurture their kin through maturity, the Los Angeles Times reports. Similarly, human mamas may stick around to ensure their kids really, truly, don't need them anymore.... More »

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