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Everyone Is Talking About Pamela Anderson's Face
Everyone Is Talking About
Pamela Anderson's Face

Everyone Is Talking About Pamela Anderson's Face

The natural beauty was extra natural in Paris

(Newser) - Viv Groskop dubs it "the week it became cool for women to look their age," at the Guardian , and she's not alone in that thinking. Much of the conversation has centered around three women of a certain age and their appearances at Paris fashion week. Not that...

Oscars Kick Off With #MeToo, Politics, and ... a Jet Ski

Watercraft up for grabs for shortest acceptance speech, per Jimmy Kimmel

(Newser) - Jimmy Kimmel kicked off the 90th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre, his second turn hosting, by first riffing on last year's Academy Awards—specifically, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway messing up the best picture announcement . "This year when you hear your name called, don't get up...

Paid to Promote L'Oreal, Helen Mirren Does the Opposite

She quips that moisturizer is probably useless, but uses it anyway

(Newser) - Helen Mirren is known for her candor and sass, and she brought all of it—maybe slightly unfortunately—to a L'Oreal panel she recently sat on while in Cannes, France. The 72-year-old actress is a brand ambassador for the skincare company, and had this to say, per the Telegraph ...

Helen Mirren Berates Nation's Drunk Drivers

'Shortsighted, utterly useless, oxygen-wasting human form of pollution'

(Newser) - Helen Mirren, Oscar winner and part-time twerker , has a seriously stern message for anyone thinking about getting behind the wheel after downing a few Bud Light Limes during the big game this weekend, Time reports. “If you drive drunk, you, simply put, are a shortsighted, utterly useless, oxygen-wasting human...

11 Celebrities Who've Tried Rainbow-Colored Hair

From Kylie Jenner to Pete Wentz

(Newser) - Rapper Chris Brown and his "Fruit Loop" colored hair may be the latest example of a celebrity sporting rainbow-colored locks, but he's far from being the first in Hollywood to try this beauty trend:
  • Kylie Jenner: The youngest Kardashian sister debuted long, turquoise locks (which may or may

Helen Mirren Twerks at Harvard

As she wins its annual Hasty Pudding award

(Newser) - Helen Mirren has been honored as woman of the year by Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Theatricals, twerking as part of the traditional spoof roast yesterday. Mirren at first tried to sign the word "twerk," then let slip a curse word and danced. She said she's tried...

8 Celeb Couples You Forgot All About

Or maybe didn't even know about in the first place

(Newser) - Ahh, the 1980s. Big hair, New Wave, lots of neon, and these 16 celebrity couples you probably forgot all about, as rounded up by MSN . A sampling:
  • Oprah Winfrey and Roger Ebert went out twice in the 1980s, and it was Ebert who encouraged Winfrey to syndicate her talk show.

Shocking Celeb Hookups
 Shocking Celeb Hookups 

Shocking Celeb Hookups

'Really? They dated?'

(Newser) - Chances are you were not shocked when Rihanna and Chris Brown got back together . But you may be surprised to hear that Marlee Matlin dated John Stamos back in the '80s. Such is the nature of the 161 (yes, really) surprising celebrity hookups rounded up by ET Online :
  • Before

Movie Reviews: 'The Debt,' Starring Helen Mirren and Tom Wilkinson, Disappoints Critics
 The Debt
 Up Short 
review roundup

The Debt Comes Up Short

Helen Mirren stars in John Madden thriller

(Newser) - The Debt, starring Helen Mirren, tells the story of a trio of Mossad agents whose adventure in Cold War-era Berlin has consequences far into the future. It could have been a thought-provoking thriller, but it doesn’t quite live up to its promise:
  • What begins as a “finely observed

Natalie Portman, Cristoph Waltz, and Other Actors Who Tainted Their Oscars This Year
 Actors Who Shamed 
 Their Oscars This Year 
top five

Actors Who Shamed Their Oscars This Year

Or, Natalie Portman: From Black Swan to Thor

(Newser) - This year has seen many an Oscar winner in less-than-deserving films, from Tom Hanks in Larry Crowne to Frances McDormand in Transformers. Over at Grantland , Lane Brown averaged the Rotten Tomatoes scores of all an actor’s films since the Oscar victory—first through 2010, then through this year. The...

SNL's Obama: Nobody Got What They Wanted

Even the congressional interns are peeved over budget deal

(Newser) - Fred Armisen's Barack Obama opened Saturday Night Live last night with a summary of the budget deal: "No one got everything he wanted, and everyone walked away unhappy." The unhappiness trickled down to Congress, Congressional cleaning staff and interns, Tea Partiers, Mitt Romney, the New York Times, and...

'When Harry Met Sally 2:' Billy Crystal, Rob Reiner, Helen Mirren in 'Grampires: When Sharon Bit Harry' on Funny or Die
 Crystal Unleashes 
 Harry Met Sally 2

Crystal Unleashes Harry Met Sally 2

Funny Or Die 'sequel' channels its inner 'Twilight'

(Newser) - It's an unconventional way to make a sequel, but Billy Crystal and Rob Reiner have brought When Harry Met Sally into the current century with a 4 1/2-minute video that debuted today on FunnyOrDie.com. Crystal and Reiner pitch the sequel to "studio execs," who agree—with one...

Helen Mirren Slams UK's 'Savage' Americanization

Britain's becoming too cruel, expat Oscar-winner says

(Newser) - Britain is becoming far too much like the US, complains Oscar-winning British actress—and Los Angeles resident—Helen Mirren. The 65-year-old told a French magazine that she feels her native culture is changing for the worse, and becoming too Americanized, the Telegraph reports. "England is constantly threatened by a...

Aging A-Listers Have a Blast in Red

 Aging A-Listers 
 Have a Blast in Red  

Aging A-Listers Have a Blast in Red

Mirren, Freeman, Willis, Malkovich fire away in graphic novel adaptation

(Newser) - A bunch of aging Hollywood icons team up for a graphic novel adaptation—Red sounds fun, right? Some critics thought this movie about retired CIA operatives forced to get back in the game was a blast, others thought it was trying too hard. Perhaps it depends on how much you...

10 'Mature' Ladies Who Went Nude

 10 'Mature' Ladies 
 Who Went Nude 
the helen mirren club

10 'Mature' Ladies Who Went Nude

In Hollywood, you're never too old to go naked

(Newser) - Helen Mirren’s naked photo shoot inspired Olivia Allin to find other “foxy ladies who took it off in their golden years.” From The Frisky :
  • Sharon Stone: Posed topless on the cover of French magazine Paris Match at 51.
  • Cloris Leachman: Went nude on the cover of Alternative

Helen Mirren Poses Topless
 Helen Mirren Poses Topless 

Helen Mirren Poses Topless

At 65, she's still talking sexy

(Newser) - Helen Mirren is 65, but that isn’t stopping her from playing a madam in the upcoming Love Ranch…or posing topless for New York . The sexiest quotes from her interview:
  • “I am a little notorious,” she says, later adding, “I’m still the good girl who

Mirren, Plumber Dazzle as Tolstoy and the Mrs.
 Mirren, Plumber Dazzle 
 as Tolstoy and the Mrs. 
Movie Review: the last station

Mirren, Plumber Dazzle as Tolstoy and the Mrs.

Biopic The Last Station is 'lusty, roaring' tour-de-force

(Newser) - Critics are hopping aboard at The Last Station, a lively drama about Leo Tolstoy's final days starring Christopher Plummer and Helen Mirren. Here’s what they’re saying:
  • “The arrival of a movie with as much intelligence and artistry as The Last Station should also be accompanied by the

Inkheart Better on the Page
 Inkheart Better on the Page 

Inkheart Better on the Page

Kids' movie about bringing books to life struggles to bring book to life

(Newser) - When it comes to the kids-lit adaptation Inkheart, fans are probably better off sticking to the book, say critics. Brendan Fraser stars as a father with the power to bring characters off the page to life, but the special-effects-driven movie fails to capture the "dark whimsy" of the...

Women Side Against Rape Victims: Mirren

'Jealous' female jurors would 'say she was asking for it'

(Newser) - Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren caused a stir in London today by saying female jurors are unlikely to side with rape victims. “Women on a rape case would say she was asking for it,” Mirren told the London Times. “The only reason I can think of is that...

Cocaine's Nazi Ties Moved Mirren to Quit

Actress 'loved' drug, but link to war criminal opened her eyes

(Newser) - Helen Mirren stopped using cocaine because of a Nazi war criminal. “I loved coke," says the Academy Award-winning actress. "I never did a lot, just a little bit at parties.” And she gave it up after learning that Klaus Barbie was living off cocaine proceeds while...

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