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Nearly 800 People Went Skinny-Dipping on This Beach

769 showed up to break the Treasure Coast record at Blind Creek Beach in Lucie County, Fla.

(Newser) - There's a big "thank you" on the Treasure Coast Naturists website at the moment, expressing gratitude for all the naked people who came out to help break a Florida state record over the weekend. WTSP reports that 769 people in the buff on Sunday converged on Blind Creek...

Cops: Woman Skinny Dipping in Stranger's Pool Wouldn't Leave

Florida woman was charged with trespassing

(Newser) - A Florida man returning home from a doctor's appointment found a stranger skinny dipping in his backyard swimming pool, sheriff’s officials said. At first, the man only noticed clothes scattered across his lawn, Charlotte County Sheriff’s officials said in a social media post . Then, he saw the...

Italy Searching for 2 'Idiots' Who Jumped Into Fountain

It happened to also be a war memorial

(Newser) - Tourists love to break Italy's law against jumping into its many fountains, but two men who stripped down to their underwear for a photo-worthy dip have particularly irked locals with their fountain of choice. After all, the fountain sits at Rome's Altar of the Fatherland, which holds the...

Unclear if Skinny-Dippers or Wedding Guests More Shocked

Beachfront wedding gets crashed by nude couple

(Newser) - You know the old saying: "Something borrowed, something nude." WHDH reports a beachfront wedding was interrupted by a pair of skinny-dippers Saturday afternoon in Massachusetts. Wedding guests at a venue on Salisbury Beach were shocked, we're sure, to see a couple swimming nude in the middle of...

Guy Gawks at Skinny-Dipper as Hubby Burglarizes House

He says he watched her while her husband cleaned out his house

(Newser) - A 54-year-old guy in eastern Tennessee is sure two of his neighbors stole more than $1,000 worth of stuff from his home. But it's the way they did it that's making headlines. As Stephen Amaral tells it, the husband and wife came to his house, and the...

FBI Probed GOP Skinny-Dipping in Galilee Sea

Congressmen's 'fact-finding mission' took a boozy turn

(Newser) - At least one GOP congressman who couldn't walk on water decided to go skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee instead. A group of Republican congressmen, aides, and family members boozed it up and cooled off in the water—one of them nude—during an official fact-finding trip to the...

Skinny Dippers Set Record
 Skinny Dippers Set Record 

Skinny Dippers Set Record

400 join in nude swim to raise money for cancer research

(Newser) - Four hundred naked bathers took to the water in Wales yesterday, attempting to set the record for world's largest skinny dip, reports the Guardian . Organized to raise money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity, each swimmer had to get into the water at least up to the waist...

Utah Politician Admits Nude Hot Tub Romp With Minor

Paid her $150K to hush in 25-year-old incident

(Newser) - Utah's House GOP majority leader said late yesterday that he paid a woman $150,000 to keep silent about going nude "hot-tubbing" with her when she was a minor a quarter-century ago. In a shocking statement on the House floor, Kevin Garn, 55, said he paid her to keep...

Need a Vacation? World's Top 5 Nude Events

Nude Recreation Week is celebrated this month

(Newser) - To mark the 32nd year of Nude Recreation Week, TripAdvisor has put together a list of the top five nude events worldwide, Reuters reports:
  1. World Naked Bike Ride, worldwide, June and July: Riders, advocating cycling over driving, often paint messages on their bodies.
  2. World Record Skinny Dip, across North America,

Naked Lunch? Maine Town Strips Diner of Booze

Locals unamused by skinny dip sandwich

(Newser) - A Maine restaurant has been denied a liquor license over a promotion that encourages skinny dipping in a nearby lake, the Bangor Daily News reports. The offer promised a free sandwich to any diner intrepid enough to strip and take the plunge behind the Black Frog Restaurant. After numerous complaints...

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