Gone With the Wind

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Award for First Black Actor to Win Oscar Is Heading 'Home'

Academy gifts replacement for Hattie McDaniel's plaque for 'Gone With the Wind' to Howard U

(Newser) - Hattie McDaniel's best supporting actress Oscar for 1939's Gone With the Wind is one of the most important moments in Academy Award history. McDaniel was the first African American to win an Oscar, and it would be a half-century before another Black woman again won an acting award....

Last Gone With the Wind Cast Member Is Dead
Last Gone With the Wind
Cast Member Is Dead

Last Gone With the Wind Cast Member Is Dead

Mickey Kuhn, 90, was the sole surviving credited member of the cast

(Newser) - More than eight decades ago, Mickey Kuhn played a small role in what would become one of the most famous Hollywood movies of all time. Over the weekend, the 90-year-old Kuhn died in Florida, and Deadline takes note of the somber distinction: He was the last surviving cast member from...

TCM Is 'Reframing' These 18 'Troubling' Classic Films

Network to reexamine films like 'Psycho,' 'Gunga Din' with new historical, cultural context

(Newser) - As cries of "cancel culture" swirl around changes within the Dr. Seuss and Potato Head spheres, Turner Classic Movies is now reexamining a portfolio of timeless films that it says contain "troubling and problematic" aspects. The Los Angeles Times reports that throughout March, the network will screen 18...

Gone With the Wind Star Is Dead at 104
Gone With the Wind 
Star Is Dead at 104

Gone With the Wind Star Is Dead at 104

The Oscar-winning actress enjoyed a career well beyond the famous film

(Newser) - Olivia de Havilland, the doe-eyed actress beloved to millions as the sainted Melanie Wilkes of Gone With the Wind, but also a two-time Oscar winner and an off-screen fighter who challenged and unchained Hollywood's contract system, died Sunday at her home in Paris. She was 104, the AP reports....

Gone With the Wind Is Back, With a New Explainer

Movie returns to HBO Max with introduction by Turner Classic Movies host Jacqueline Stewart

(Newser) - Gone With the Wind is back on HBO Max, but it's now got a nearly five-minute intro for context. "Eighty years after its initial release, Gone With the Wind is a film of undeniable cultural significance," Jacqueline Stewart, an African American host for Turner Classic Movies, notes...

Queen Latifah: Hattie McDaniel's Oscar Win Not What You Think

'Gone With the Wind' actress only let into theater 'right before she got that award'

(Newser) - While some have criticized HBO Max's removal of Gone With the Wind from its streaming service—including those who wonder if it hurts the legacy of Hattie McDaniel, the first African American woman to win an Academy Award—Oscar nominee Queen Latifah says good riddance. "Let Gone with ...

Gone With the Wind Returning to HBO, With a Change

Scholarly introduction will be added

(Newser) - Gone With the Wind is returning to HBO Max—with a small addition. The 1939 film was yanked from the streaming service Wednesday (leading to controversy ), but will be back with a scholarly introduction. USA Today reports it's not yet clear when exactly it will be back, but...

Megyn Kelly on Gone With the Wind: 'Where Does This End?'

'Are we going to pull all of the movies in which women are treated as sex objects too?'

(Newser) - HBO Max says it has temporarily removed Gone With the Wind, which will return with an "explanation and denouncement" of the 1939 film's racist stereotypes—but Megyn Kelly seems to believe a form of Cultural Revolution is taking place. The former Fox and NBC host slammed the network...

Gone With the Wind Gets Yanked by HBO Max

Oscar-winner will ultimately return

(Newser) - A new footnote in this history of Gone With the Wind: The film won eight Oscars, including best picture, in 1940. Eighty years later, it's been yanked from HBO Max over its racial content—the Wall Street Journal flags its "portrayal of happy slaves" and "romanticism of...

Film Series Pulls Gone With the Wind for 'Insensitive' Portrayals

After 34 years, Memphis theater will cease summer viewing

(Newser) - A Memphis theater is being both cheered and jeered for its decision to pull its annual summer viewing series of the 1939 Academy Award winning-film Gone With the Wind. Per Deadline , the Orpheum Theatre has been increasingly called out on social media for showing the antebellum classic, with critics concerned...

10 Highest Grossing Films Ever
10 Highest Grossing Films Ever

10 Highest Grossing Films Ever

'Gone With the Wind' is the king

(Newser) - With Oscars week upon us, 24/7 Wall St. has dug into Hollywood numbers to figure out the highest grossing films of all time. The site used data from Box Office Mojo, and the results reveal that 14 of the 25 films on the list came out prior to 1980. The...

Michael Jackson's Gone With the Wind Oscar Is Gone

King of Pop dropped $1.54M on the statuette

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's Gone With the Wind Oscar is gone. Jackson paid a record $1.54 million for the statuette awarded to producer David O. Selznick in 1940, and now executors of his estate can't find it, the Hollywood Reporter reports. "We would like to have that Oscar...

$20 Gone With the Wind Dress Sells for $137K

James Tumblin found it on costume company's floor in the 1960s

(Newser) - James Tumblin's 300,000-piece collection of Gone With the Wind memorabilia started with a single gray dress with black appliques that lay crumpled on the floor of the Western Costume Company in Los Angeles in the 1960s. "A docent told me not to bother to pick it up,...

Making of Gone With the Wind Was an Absolute Mess

But it's still the top-grossing film domestically

(Newser) - It's been 75 years since Gone With the Wind was released—and given the many hurdles to its production, it's kind of amazing that it ever was. In Entertainment Weekly , Chris Nashawaty tells the story of the film's making, which centered on producer David Selznick. He was...

Conservatives Have a Great American Novel, Too

'Gone With the Wind' is really right-wing, Noah Berlatsky observes

(Newser) - Pretty much everyone likes to believe that art in this country is made by and for liberals. Conservatives like to believe they're the "few, proud freethinkers" fighting the mainstream narrative, and liberals like to think they're "naturally more artistic, funny, daring, and generally aesthetically awesome,"...

Gone With the Wind Dresses Fight Against Time

Nearly 75 years old, one ballgown is faded forever

(Newser) - Efforts to preserve and restore several iconic dresses from the Oscar-winning Civil War movie Gone With the Wind have uncovered what might be painful for die-hard fans: Some of them simply can't be made to look like they did on screen. Stitching and holes can be repaired and extra...

Vivien Leigh: Bisexual Adulterer
 Vivien Leigh: Bisexual Adulterer 
tell-all revelations

Vivien Leigh: Bisexual Adulterer

'Gone With the Wind' star also liked male prostitutes

(Newser) - Vivien Leigh: “The essence of English womanhood,” as a poet laureate once said, or a bisexual adulterer with a taste for male prostitutes? The latter, according to an upcoming biography of the Gone With the Wind actress. Throughout Leigh’s marriage to Laurence Olivier, she cheated on him...

Thank Inflation for Avatar 's Box Office Record
 Thank Inflation for 
 Avatar's Box Office Record 
burning questions

Thank Inflation for Avatar's Box Office Record

Gone with the Wind may trump Cameron's epic

(Newser) - Avatar will soon gross $1.85 billion worldwide, but becoming the box office champ doesn't mean it's the most successful movie of all time. Remember, a ticket to Gone with the Wind cost an average of only 23¢—45 times less than an Avatar ticket. This list ranks films...

Avatar Flies to Blockbuster Record

International sales have already blown Titanic out of water

(Newser) - Avatar is on course to sink the Titanic as the biggest global movie blockbuster in history. The world-wide $1.8 billion take for the 3-D saga is just $2 million shy of the total grabbed in 1997 by Titanic, which was also directed by James Cameron. International sales have already...

Hollywood's Last Golden Girl Reminisces

De Havilland on her career, legendary chemistry with Flynn

(Newser) - Seventy years after Gone with the Wind, Olivia de Havilland talks to the Independent about her similarities to Melanie Hamilton, what it was really like to work during the golden age of Hollywood, and her relationship with Errol Flynn. Though nothing ever happened between the frequent costars, “What I...

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