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A Big Demographic Shift Is Underway in the US

As cities fill up, suburbs are once again the fastest-growing areas

(Newser) - The broad strokes of American demographics: People left big cities in droves for the suburbs after World War II, but then the 'burbs grew out of fashion as people, especially young ones, flocked back to urban areas in more recent years. Now, as the Wall Street Journal points out,... More »

White Students Now a Minority in Public Schools

Demographic shift raises big issues for school systems

(Newser) - American public schools will pass a watershed this fall: For the first time, there will be more minority students than non-Hispanic whites, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. The shift comes even as schools become more racially segregated, and leaves school systems facing issues such as integration and... More »

Nobody Home: Tiny Island Emptying Fast

Fewer than 1.6K left on Niue as many leave for New Zealand

(Newser) - While much of the world worries about how it will accommodate rapidly growing populations, some islands in the Pacific face the opposite dilemma: how to stop everybody from leaving. The population decline on Niue, a lush coral atoll about the size of Baltimore, has been steady and relentless. In the... More »

More US Moms Waiting Until Late 30s to Have Kids

Birth rates for those 35 and older rising sharply

(Newser) - More and more Americans are waiting to have kids until they're in their late 30s or even 40s, according to a recent Pew study and CDC figures released today. In 2012, 15% of first-time moms were over age 35, up from just 1% in 1970, the Wall Street Journal... More »

New York Losing Spot as 3rd Most Populous State

Florida on verge of usurping it due to immigration, economic trends

(Newser) - Look out, America: The one state with its own Fark tag is about to be the third most populous in the nation, knocking New York down a peg. Official population figures won't come out until Monday, but the New York Times has a story today predicting that the two... More »

The New Normal: Cohabitation

Living together increasingly popular in US: study

(Newser) - A new study finds that cohabitation is becoming increasingly popular in the US, with more unmarried couples living together longer and having children together. USA Today breaks out some of the big findings from the federal study:
  • For 48% of women ages 15 to 44, their "first union" was
... More »

California About to Have More Latinos Than Whites

They should reach parity by the middle of this year

(Newser) - By this time next year, white people will be a minority in California. According to new demographic information released yesterday by the state's Department of Finance, Latinos will catch up to whites by the middle of this year, with each representing roughly 39% of the population. By next year,... More »

GOP's Diversity Solution: The Tea Party

It's bringing in new, and not necessarily white, blood: Josh Kraushaar

(Newser) - If you listen to some Republican strategists, the Tea Party is driving minorities away from the GOP. But tell that to Nikki Haley, the nation's second Indian-American governor, who yesterday appointed Tim Scott to be the only African-American senator in next year's Congress. Both are Tea Partiers. "... More »

Asian Immigration Overtakes Hispanic

Illegal immigration down as trends shift

(Newser) - With Hispanic immigration—both legal and illegal—to the United States on the decline , Hispanic immigration last year was topped by immigrants from Asia for the first time since 1910, reports the AP in a look at new census data released today. The data also showed that the number of... More »

US Births Down for 4th Year

Birth rate plummets among teens, Hispanics

(Newser) - The American birth rate dropped for the fourth year in a row in 2011 in a trend demographers blame on the continued weakness of the economy, reports the AP . But the drop was 1% instead of the 2% or 3% seen in previous years, a sign that the economy may... More »

Minority Babies the New Majority

Census reveals demographic watershed moment

(Newser) - For the first time in US history, a majority of babies are members of minority ethnic groups, according to new census figures. Of the roughly 4 million born between July 2010 and July 2011, 50.4% belonged to minority groups. The data show that the huge demographic shift under way... More »

Mountain Dew Now Courting More Than Just White Suburbia

Pepsi hopes Lil Wayne can inject 'urban cool'

(Newser) - Mountain Dew doesn't just want to be the soda of choice for young white suburbanites anymore. PepsiCo has launched a new marketing campaign that it hopes can bring what Bloomberg hilariously terms "urban cool" to the brand, starring more diverse endorsers such as Lil Wayne and Mexican-American skateboarder... More »

More Kids Born to Parents Livin' in Sin

Experts think it's because many are skipping the wedding in a crappy economy

(Newser) - It's a demographic trend to wreck an elementary school chant: First comes love, then comes ... mama and the baby carriage? The number of unmarried new moms living with a male shot up from 9% in 1985 to a whopping 27% from 2003 to 2010, according to a new study.... More »

Minorities Now Majority in 8 Metro Areas

One demographer calls the change 'pivotal'

(Newser) - In eight metropolitan areas including Washington, DC, New York, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Memphis, minorities now make up the majority of the population, according to census data. Over the past decade, non-Hispanic whites have become the minority in 22 of the 100 largest urban areas in the US, the... More »

Rural Share of US Population Hits Record Low

84% of Americans now live in cities or suburbs

(Newser) - Small-town and rural America is fading away as the US becomes a nation of suburbanites and city dwellers, according to the latest census figures. The share of Americans who live in rural areas—including towns with fewer than 50,000 people that are out of commuting range of metropolitan areas—... More »

Number of Black Kids Plunges in US' Biggest Cities

And mostly because families are heading to the suburbs

(Newser) - Call it "black flight:" The number of black children living in the US' biggest cities has plummeted over the last decade, reports the AP . New York City lost 22.4% of its black, non-Hispanic kids, while Los Angeles lost 31.8%, Detroit 37.6%, and a whopping 42.... More »

White Babies Now a Minority in US

Minority infants now the majority: preliminary census data

(Newser) - Minority babies now outnumber white infants in the US, preliminary Census estimates show, a finding that indicates racial and ethnic minorities will become the nation's majority by the middle of the century. Just under half of all children under 3 are non-Hispanic whites, down from more than 60% in... More »

Americans Having Fewer Kids

Households with dogs outnumber those with kids

(Newser) - Maybe we should call this the Baby Bust. Census data indicates that America’s love affair with children is waning, with the percentage of the population that’s under age 18 falling in 95% of counties between 2000 and 2010, USA Today reports. There are now more households with dogs... More »

Obama Only Marked Black on Census—Unfortunately

It could have been 'historic teaching moment,' writes Gregory Rodriguez

(Newser) - When Barack Obama sat down to fill out his census form, he checked off one race: black. And as one of the most famous mixed-race people in the world, "he missed an opportunity," writes Gregory Rodriguez for the Los Angeles Times . In the 20th century, the idea of... More »

'Marrying Out' Thins Native Americans' Ranks

Population loss could lead to loss of federal benefits

(Newser) - More often than not, white people in the US marry other white people and black people marry other black people—but Census data show that more than half of all Native Americans marry non-Native Americans, and that could create problems for tribes down the line. The Eastern Shoshone of Wyoming,... More »

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