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Man Fined for 'Shocking, Stupid' Behaviour Around Orcas

'This really could have ended horribly'

(Newser) - A New Zealand man is lucky his "stupid and shocking" behavior around two orcas didn't result in an immediate lesson in why they are also known as killer whales, authorities say. The 50-year-old was fined 600 New Zealand dollars (roughly $367) over a video posted on Instagram video...

Orcas Sink Another Yacht
Killer Whales
Sink Another Yacht

Killer Whales Sink Another Yacht

Vessel went down in the Strait of Gibraltar after occupants were rescued

(Newser) - In what is apparently now a trend , orcas sank another yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar on Sunday. One particular pod of Iberian killer whales in the region off the coasts of Spain and Portugal has been ramming vessels since 2020 , and the most recent attack took place in Moroccan...

Clock Is Ticking on Rescue of This Stranded Young Orca

Killer whale calf is stuck in lagoon off Vancouver Island, Canada, with its food supply dwindling

(Newser) - Plans are underway to rescue a stranded killer whale calf out of a remote tidal lagoon off northern Vancouver Island in an effort to reunite the young female orca with its extended family, Canadian authorities said Wednesday, per the AP .
  • Stranded: Rescuers have been unable to coax the young whale,

Sperm Whales Employ a Stinky Defense Against Orcas

Witnesses saw the whales use an enormous cloud of poop to fend off attack

(Newser) - Orcas have been known to pick fights with everything from sharks to yachts , but a pod in Western Australia recently learned the hard way that they should really leave sperm whales alone. Off the state's southern coast, viewers on a whale-watching tour following the orcas realized the creatures were...

Killer Whales Trapped Under Sea Ice Make a Break for It

Orcas off coast of Japan, spotted huddled together and bobbing in the waters, appear to have escaped

(Newser) - As a nation held its breath, so, too, did a pod of killer whales trapped beneath the ice off of the northern shores of Japan, bobbing their heads up and down from a small gap in the ice to breathe. Now, officials say the dozen or so orcas appear to...

Orcas Sink Yacht in Halloween Attack

They 'hit the steering fin for 45 minutes, causing major damage and leakage'

(Newser) - It could be the plot of a horror movie. A group of orcas attacked and sank a yacht in an attack that lasted for almost an hour on Halloween, a tour company says. In a post on Facebook , a Polish tour company said the orcas "hit the steering fin...

When Seattle Phones Ping, It's a Sign Whales Are Near

The AP looks at a popular WhatsApp chat group that alerts members to sightings

(Newser) - Peter Bates was dropping his car at the mechanic this month when a notification pinged on his phone: Killer whales were approaching his Seattle neighborhood. He hopped on a bus toward the water, then an electric bike. He was pedaling along a shoreline trail when orcas' black fins and white...

Orca Dies at Miami Seaquarium After Half-Century in Captivity
Orca, 57, Died From
Old Age, Chronic Illnesses

Orca, 57, Died From Old Age, Chronic Illnesses

Plans had been underway to return Lolita to her native waters from the Miami Seaquarium

(Newser) - Lolita, an orca whale held captive for more than a half-century, died from old age and multiple chronic illnesses, according to a report released Tuesday by the Miami Seaquarium. Lolita—also known as Tokitae, or Toki—died Aug. 18 at age 57. The veterinarian who conducted the necropsy found that...

Orcas Killed Its Mother. Rescuers Were on Hand

Newborn otter rescued from the waters off Homer, Alaska

(Newser) - An otter pup may have some well-placed wildlife response members to thank for its survival. CBS News reports Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC) lab tech Natalie Hunter was fishing with friends who also have wildlife response backgrounds on Sept. 9 when they saw a "commotion" in the water near Homer:...

Orca Moms Fight for Sons Even Into Old Age
Older Orca Moms
Defend Sons in Fights
New Study

Older Orca Moms Defend Sons in Fights

Males have less injuries in the presence of mothers, even after moms' menopause

(Newser) - Orca moms look after their sons for a surprisingly long time, a new study suggests. Researchers from the UK's University of Exeter found that killer whales who have passed through menopause will defend their adult male offspring in fights, though they don't appear to provide the same protection...

These Sea Mammals Can Never Live on Land Again
These Sea Mammals
Can Never Live on Land Again
New Study

These Sea Mammals Can Never Live on Land Again

New study is good news for anyone fearing the orcas are coming for their cars, too

(Newser) - Anyone surprised by recent news of orcas attacking boats might be relieved to know that scientists have determined these massive mammals have evolved to the point where they can never migrate back to land. The same applies to all whales and dolphins, and, in fact, all "fully aquatic" mammals,...

Aggressive Orcas Set Their Sights on Elite Yacht Race

Pod of killer whales goes after boats taking part in around-the-world Ocean Race near Spain

(Newser) - A pod of killer whales bumped one of the boats in an endurance sailing race as it approached the Strait of Gibraltar, the latest encounter in what researchers say is a growing trend of sometimes-aggressive interactions with Iberian orcas. The 15-minute run-in with at least three of the giant mammals...

Orcas Disable Boat, Stalk It as It's Towed to Shore
In a First, Orcas
Stalk Boat to Port
in case you missed it

In a First, Orcas Stalk Boat to Port

Killer whales disabled, followed vessel as it was towed back to shore

(Newser) - It's still unclear why a group of orcas is attacking the rudders of sailboats off the Iberian Peninsula. What is clear is that they're not letting up. There were 20 incidents in the Strait of Gibraltar in the month of May, per the Independent . And in one case,...

Endangered Orcas May Have Learned to Target Boats

Is it for fun? Or is it 'based on trauma'?

(Newser) - Scientists say a small group of killer whales could be putting humans and themselves in danger by repeatedly ramming, and occasionally sinking, sailboats. Orcas interacting with boats is nothing new. But scientists say there is something different about the behavior of this group of about 15 orcas off the coast...

Captured 53 Years Ago, This Orca Is Going Home

Miami Seaquarium working on arrangements to return 'Lolita' to Puget Sound

(Newser) - She was captured in the waters of Puget Sound in 1970 at age 4. More than a half-century later, plans are underway to return the orca known as Lolita to those same waters, reports the Miami Herald . The killer whale has been held all this time at the Miami Seaquarium,...

Orca Who Swam Alone in Her Tank for a Decade Has Died

Kiska was captured alongside Keiko of 'Free Willy' fame

(Newser) - Kiska, Canada’s last captive orca who swam alone in her tank at Marineland theme park for more than a decade, has died. Brent Ross, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Solicitor General in Ontario that oversees animal welfare in the province, said Monday that the theme park in...

Dead Sharks on a Beach Were Missing Their Livers

The orcas Port and Starboard are the suspected killers

(Newser) - First Cocaine Bear, now Disemboweling Orcas? The former may be fiction, but marine biologists say the second are all too real and recently attacked a group of sharks off South Africa.
  • The gory details. Twenty dead sharks—19 broad nosed seven-gill and one spotted gully, all females measuring up to

Scientists Surprised to Learn Whales Use 'Vocal Fry'

The marine mammals use it to help them find prey deep underwater

(Newser) - That low, rattling vocal register known as vocal fry—the Washington Post points to Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry as two examples of celebrities who have such gravelly voices—has proven a polarizing topic, with some insisting it's sexy, while others call it grating. But while the appeal of...

Mama Orca Adopted Baby Pilot Whale, a First
Mama Orca Adopted Baby
Pilot Whale, a First
new study

Mama Orca Adopted Baby Pilot Whale, a First

But the story may not be as cuddly as it appears on the surface

(Newser) - Researchers studying killer whales near Iceland spotted an unusual thing: An adult female orca was acting like a mother to a baby pilot whale. In fact, "unusual" is an understatement—it's the first such case on record, reports Insider . The young pilot whale was swimming right along side...

Male Orcas Need Their Moms Well Into Adulthood
Orca Moms Pay Steep
Price for Their Adult Sons
new study

Orca Moms Pay Steep Price for Their Adult Sons

They continue to provide food all through life, and the behavior takes a toll on the mothers

(Newser) - Researchers studying orcas have made a remarkable discovery about the relationship between females and their male offspring. It seems that mother orcas continue to feed their sons well into adulthood to help them survive, and the mothers do this at great sacrifice to themselves, reports the BBC . The study in...

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