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Man Can Keep 'Objectionable' License Plate Referring to Biden

Alabama won't recall Nathan Kirk's 'LGBFJB' tag—standing for 'Let's go, Brandon,' apparent vulgarity

(Newser) - "Let's go, Brandon," the catchphrase that's code among Trump supporters for "F--- Joe Biden," has made its way, in a way, onto an Alabama man's license plate, and he's going to be allowed to keep it there. reports that the...

Wright Brothers Would've Noticed Goof on License Plate

First design shows Wright Flyer pushing, instead of pulling, a banner

(Newser) - Ohio's debut of its new license plate failed to take off—because a banner depicted on the plate was attached to the wrong end of the Wright brothers' historic first plane, the Wright Flyer. The new license plate illustrates rays of sunlight beaming into the sky, with a banner...

Foul Language on Maine Plates Finally Hitting the Road

'If you want an offensive slogan on your car, then you can use a bumper sticker'

(Newser) - Removing the flipping obscenities from license plates on Maine's roads and highways isn't going to happen overnight, even though a law banning such profanities in a state where such regulation has been unusually lax goes into effect Monday. Currently, there are license plates with salty language including f-bombs,...

Maine Is Reconsidering License Plate 'Wild West'

F-bombs, references to sex acts are currently allowed

(Newser) - Based on crude license plate messages, one may be forgiven for assuming Maine doesn’t give two flips about obscenities. Secretary of State Shenna Bellows wants to change that. Bellows, a former director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine, testified Tuesday in support of several bills to rein...

North Carolina Says No More Confederate License Plates

DMV says decision adheres to ruling in 1998 case involving Sons of Confederate Veterans

(Newser) - The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles is no longer issuing specialty license plates featuring the Confederate battle flag, according to a statement. The agency said the removal of the license plate, issued to members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization, took effect Jan. 1, the StarNews of Wilmington ...

Alaska DMV Investigating Case of '3REICH' License Plate

'FUHRER' was also recently spotted in Anchorage

(Newser) - You're stopped at a traffic light and see a vanity plate that catches your eye. That's what happened to Matt Tunseth in Anchorage, Alaska on Friday, though it may have seemed more like he was in 1940s Berlin. The plate in front of him read "3REICH,"...

Driver Will Renew 1997 Tags 'As Soon as I Get Home'

Louisiana police post photo of plates that expired decades ago

(Newser) - Many of us have tasks we've been meaning to get to for a couple of decades. For one man in Louisiana, it's "renew auto registration." Slidell police posted a photo of a license plate with tags that expired in 1997 on Facebook. "We can't...

Man Who Was Denied 'IMGOD' License Plate Awarded $151K

Kentucky ordered to pay man after violating his first amendment rights

(Newser) - For more than a dozen years, Bennie Hart drove around Ohio with his personalized license plate reading "IMGOD." Then, in 2016, he moved to Kentucky. The state denied him the plate, saying it broke rules barring "obscene, vulgar, or in bad taste" messages, WAVE reports. A legal...

Governor Gets Involved in 'PB4WEGO' Fight

Gov. Chris Sununu says a mom's license plate won't be recalled after all in New Hampshire

(Newser) - New Hampshire's governor has stepped in to help a woman keep a 15-year-old vanity license plate showing a common phrase parents say, the AP reports. The state DMV asked Wendy Auger to surrender the plate , which reads "PB4WEGO." The division said phrases related to excretory acts aren'...

DMV Wants Mom to Turn In Her 'PB4WEGO' License Plate

NH mom says vanity plate she's had for 15 years is funny, not offensive

(Newser) - A mother in New Hampshire is battling to keep her vanity license plate referencing an "excretory function"—though she says there's nothing offensive about "PB4WEGO." "I'm not the type to sit here with a picket, but come on," Wendy Auger of Gonic...

He Got a Vanity Plate Reading 'NULL.' Bad Idea
He Got a Joke Vanity Plate.
The Joke Was on Him
in case you missed it

He Got a Joke Vanity Plate. The Joke Was on Him

'NULL' turned out to be a painful choice for Joseph Tartaro

(Newser) - A California man's 2016 decision to get a vanity license plate set him on a path into a "Kafkaesque loop," reports Wired in a look at Joseph Tartaro's predicament. The computer security researcher began brainstorming possibilities that related to his industry, including "null pointer."...

Somehow, This Phony Plate Didn't Fool Cops

Where is 'Califas' anyway?

(Newser) - A big-rig truck driver has been arrested after authorities spotted a phony license plate on his rig. How could they tell? Well, the Ventura County Sheriff's Department says the 1960s-style yellow-on-black plate had wobbly letters and numbers. Also, instead of "CALIFORNIA," it read "CALIFAS." The...

Man Sues After California Rejects 'COY-W' License Plate

DMV says it could be considered racially degrading

(Newser) - A soccer fan claims in a lawsuit that the California Department of Motor Vehicles violated his First Amendment rights by rejecting a personalized license plate he said would celebrate his favorite team, but which the DMV said might be deemed offensive. The federal suit filed Tuesday says Jon Kotler—who...

License Plate Spotted in Calif. Gets Hundreds Recalled in Kansas

Complaints came in about lettering offensive to Japanese-Americans

(Newser) - Kansas is recalling hundreds of vehicle license plates on the streets containing "JAP" lettering in the wake of complaints that it's an ethnic slur offensive to Japanese-Americans. The Kansas Department of Revenue said there are 731 active registrations containing that random letter combination on standard license plates, per...

Trump Would Approve of Woman's New License Plate

It reads 'covfefe'

(Newser) - Ohio officials have granted a woman's request to have President Trump's mysterious tweeted typo , "covfefe," on her license plate, reports the AP . Brittany Scott tells the Columbus Dispatch that she saw the Twitter post in May by Trump that read: "Despite the constant negative press...

Canada Says Man's Surname Too Offensive for License Plate

It offers its sincerest apologies to Mr. Grabher

(Newser) - A Canadian provincial government has withdrawn a man's eponymous personalized vehicle license plate, saying Lorne Grabher's surname is offensive to women when viewed on his car bumper. Grabher said Friday that he put his last name on the license plate decades ago as a gift for his late...

Atheist Suing Over Denial of 'IM GOD' License Plate

He wants to show it's impossible to disprove that statement

(Newser) - Bennie L. Hart wants to drive around with a license plate declaring "IM GOD" not because he truly believes he's God—he's actually an atheist—but because he wants to show "that it's impossible to disprove anyone's claim to being 'God,'"...

'Simple Man' Buys License Plate for $9M

In UAE, single-digit plates are all the rage—and so Balwinder Sahni had to have a couple

(Newser) - Simple man: a Lynyrd Skynyrd song or how Balwinder Sahni describes himself to CNNMoney ? Both, though based on what's being reported about the Indian property developer based in the UAE, it's hard to believe the latter. Sahni owns six Rolls-Royces, and two of his existing luxury cars...

Pentagon Official in Trouble for Stealing License Plates

He left threatening note on nanny's car

(Newser) - A top Pentagon official known as a "stickler for the rules" almost ended up in prison for harassing a nanny who parked in his upscale Washington, DC, neighborhood, the Washington Post reports. Cops say Bryan Whitman stole the nanny's license plates three times in April after leaving a...

Cardboard License Plate Doesn't Fool NY Cops

Twentysomething driver is now in trouble

(Newser) - Just a heads-up: Authorities in Springville, NY, do not accept license plates made of cardboard. Erie County sheriff's deputies say they spotted a woman driving 35 miles south of Buffalo on Wednesday without a front license plate, reports WIVB . On the back of her vehicle was a rectangle, painted...

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