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Two Channels Go All 3D, All the Time

3D broadcasts will be 24/7 starting within a week

(Newser) - The future has arrived: Within the next week, two 3D television channels will begin broadcasting full-time. 3net, a joint venture from Discovery, Sony, and IMAX, will begin televising Sunday night. The other, ESPN 3D, will become a 24-hour channel the next day, the New York Times reports. Of course, with...

Royal Wedding Could Be in 3D
 Royal Wedding Could Be in 3D 

Royal Wedding Could Be in 3D

Reach out and touch the royal couple

(Newser) - Concerned you won't be one of the lucky commoners to win a ticket to Prince William and Kate Middleton's nuptials? Good news: You may still be able to get up close and personal with the royal couple on their big day. Three broadcasters are discussing the possibility of screening the...

Wonderbra Debuts 3D Billboard

Safety experts warn it may cause traffic accidents

(Newser) - There's probably a joke about 3D vs. DDD somewhere in here: Wonderbra's latest advertising campaign is, yes, a 3D billboard in London. Makes sense, since the company is a "tireless seeker of new ways to make breasts look larger," writes Tim Nudd on Adweek . Of course, you'll need...

11 Biggest Abuses of 3D
 11 Worst Abuses of 3D 
no, not the dancing baby!

11 Worst Abuses of 3D

Some things should just stay in two dimensions

(Newser) - 3D used to be innovative and fun on special occasions. Now it’s everywhere—even the Hangover sequel might be in 3D, and Sam Greenspan, for one, doesn’t want to “to pay extra money so I can see the unwieldy moist hairs of Zach Galifianakis's beard right up...

Laptops Go 3-D
 Laptops Go 3-D 

Laptops Go 3-D

Serious gamers will appreciate latest model, writes Katherine Boehret

(Newser) - Not everybody's going to want a 3D laptop, but two new models offer an extra dimension to two different kinds of computer users, writes Katherine Boehret. The $770 Acer Aspire is aimed at the mainstream market. It's designed mainly as a trusty all-round laptop and uses a "slightly clumsy"...

How to Save the Porn Industry

 How to Save the Porn Industry 

How to Save the Porn Industry

Going 3-D, diversifying, working in the Wii among ideas

(Newser) - This week’s 50th anniversary of the Playboy Bunny finds the porn industry in a bad way: It’s more popular than ever, yet fewer are actually paying to see skin. The Wrap has some suggestions:
  • Go 3-D: “I think that if they can get the 3-D mixed with

Avatar Creating Bottleneck at 3D Screens

It's still selling well, and Disney's 'Alice' is coming soon

(Newser) - The success of Avatar is creating a first-of-its-kind problem in movie land: a potential bottleneck of films for 3D screens. The problem will come to a head March 5, when Disney releases Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Imax theaters and other operators of 3D screens agreed long ago to show...

Next Up in 3D: Porn
 Next Up in 3D: Porn 

Next Up in 3D: Porn

New 3D porn company unveils service at Adult Entertainment Expo

(Newser) - 3D is coming to Hollywood blockbusters, to home theaters—and to porn. Pointing out that the adult entertainment industry has been a driving force behind the adoption of past technologies including VHS, satellite television, and the Internet, a producer from Bad Girls In 3D at this weekend’s Adult Entertainment...

How 3D Will Affect Your Fave TV Shows
 How 3D Will Affect 
 Your Fave TV Shows 

How 3D Will Affect Your Fave TV Shows

If you thought Conan O'Brien's hair was big before, just wait

(Newser) - Some television shows, like The View, will remain unchanged by the coming 3D revolution—but others will never be the same. Adrian Chen takes a look at how some of your favorites might be affected, in Gawker :
  • Winter Olympics: “Coverage now 90% luge.”
  • CNBC: “Busty news anchors

2010 Will Be the Year of 3D TV

Ready or not, there's a new wave of high-end sets coming

(Newser) - Ready or not, 3D TV is coming this year, with every major television manufacturer planning to unveil a 3D set at today's Consumer Electronics Show. DirecTV is also expected to announce some 3D channel offerings on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that ESPN plans to launch a 3D network...

ESPN to Launch 3D Station
 ESPN to Launch 3D Station 

ESPN to Launch 3D Station

Channel will broadcast live games beginning in June

(Newser) - ESPN will kick off the first-ever 3D television station in June with a live World Cup match. After that, ESPN 3D will broadcast 85 other events this year, including the Summer X Games, and assorted NBA and college basketball and football games, all of them live. But the channel won’...

Avatar Success Sparks 3D Rush in Tinseltown

Industry abuzz with talk of rejiggering movies new and old

(Newser) - The unexpected-by-some success of Avatar’s 3D iteration has sparked a flurry in Hollywood, with big names screaming for the chance to make their audiences wear funny glasses. Sharon Waxman has it on good authority that Ridley Scott wants his upcoming Robin Hood flick released in 3D, and that the...

Avatar Pulls In $27M
 Avatar Pulls In  

Avatar Pulls In $27M

Numbers are strong, but not record-setting

(Newser) - James Cameron's Avatar grossed $27 million in its opening day yesterday. The numbers for the 3-D epic are strong but unspectacular and may have been dinged by the East Coast blizzard. The storm will likely eat into overall weekend figures as well, but Cameron should take solace in the news...

Early Buzz Positive After Avatar Premiere
 Early Buzz Positive 
 After Avatar Premiere 
sneak peek

Early Buzz Positive After Avatar Premiere

Reviewers can't weigh in just yet on Cameron's 3-D epic

(Newser) - James Cameron's Avatar had its world premiere in London last night, and audience members and critics are sworn to secrecy for now. Based on the inevitable leaks and pseudo-reviews, the 3-D epic is pretty good:
  • Anna Keir, the Independent : It's "rather good. Surprisingly, for a film this rich in

Google Street View Reveals Ruins of Pompeii
 Google Street View 
 Reveals Ruins of Pompeii 
time travel

Google Street View Reveals Ruins of Pompeii

New photos allow immersive experience of Italian ruins

(Newser) - Google's roaming photographers have found their way to ruins of Pompeii, and you can now tour the Italian archaeological treasure from the comfort of your own home using Street View. The Google Maps app, which creates an immersive 3-D environment from digital photographs, had previously focused on more traditional—and...

Fox Sitting Pretty With Avatar—Even if It Flops

Studio—and Cameron—hedged bets on $500M megapicture

(Newser) - James Cameron’s 3D game-changer Avatar may end up costing upwards of $500 million to produce and market, but, strangely, no one at the studio is losing sleep over the possibility of a flop. The business just isn’t the same as it used to be, when the collapse of...

3-D TV Shows Promise, But Those Glasses Still a Must

You'll have stuff to watch next year—but you still need specs

(Newser) - Admit it, your heart skips a beat at the prospect of a 3-D high-definition TV in your own home. And by this time next year, Sony and Panasonic will have ‘em on the market. But—and it’s a big one, even after the cost—you’re going to...

Avatar Aims to Be Bigger Than Star Wars

15 minutes of James Cameron's 3-D stunner shown to 100K

(Newser) - Fox threw caution to the wind and screened 15 minutes of Avatar, not due out until December, to 100,000 people in theaters across the country last night. Audiences for James Cameron's 3-D groundbreaker were enthusiastic, the New York Times reports, if not as blown away as Cameron needs them...

3D Remake of Yellow Submarine to Surface

(Newser) - Disney is planning a 3D remake of Yellow Submarine, the 1968 psychedelic cartoon buoyed by a Beatles soundtrack, the Independent reports. Robert Zemeckis of Back to the Future fame will direct. Aside from the music, the Beatles were only tangentially related to the original film—actors provided the voices to...

Seuss' Lorax Slated to Be 3D Movie

(Newser) - Dr Suess' green-themed story The Lorax is becoming the first of his works to get the 3D treatment, Variety reports. Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment plan to release the animated picture in 2012, on what would have been the author's 108th birthday. His 1971 book told the story of a...

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