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G-Force Spins Its Wheel
 G-Force Spins Its Wheel 
Movie Review

G-Force Spins Its Wheel

(Newser) - If their mission was to please critics, the adorable spies of G-Force have failed. Here's what the critics saying:
  • Director Hoyt Yeatman should be ashamed, writes Ty Burr in the Boston Globe. “If you can’t squeeze a decent movie out of talking 3-D superagent guinea pigs, you may

Studios Fight Theaters on Cost of 3-D Glasses

Shades can cost $10m for popular film

(Newser) - With 50 3-D films due out within two years, studios and theaters are squabbling over who should pay for the requisite glasses. At $1 per moviegoer, 3-D glasses can tack on $10 million to production costs, the Chicago Tribune reports. Movie execs and theaters split a $2 to $3 ticket...

Drop the Remote: Xbox Plans Motion-Sensing 3-D Camera

(Newser) - Microsoft is developing a 3-D camera for its Xbox 360 that would allow users to control games through body movements instead of a remote, the Wall Street Journal reports. Unlike the Wii, gamers would not hold any type of hardware to swing a tennis racket or the like. Insiders think...

Monsters vs. Aliens Wins Box Office Showdown
 Monsters vs. Aliens 
 Wins Box Office Showdown 

Monsters vs. Aliens Wins Box Office Showdown

(Newser) - Monsters vs. Aliens battled its way to the top this weekend, grossing $58.2 million, Entertainment Weekly reports. A staggering $32.6 million of that total was from 3-D showings, helping the family flick best Watchmen as the year’s top opener. The Haunting in Connecticut scared up $23 million...

3-D Movies Inch Toward the Holodeck

(Newser) - For filmmakers on the cutting edge, moviemaking has become a technological dance on an increasingly virtual stage, Wired reports. Producers now have virtual worlds built before shooting starts and routinely blur the difference between animation and live action. And though glasses are still required, 3-D cartoons are rapidly advancing from...

Requiem for the View-Master
 Requiem for the View-Master 

Requiem for the View-Master

(Newser) - Fisher-Price isn’t stopping production on its 3-D viewer, the View-Master, but it will no longer produce the huge catalog of picture-wheels that have delighted and enlightened generations of Americans, laments the Economist. The company will publish just a small number of children’s reels for the device that gave...

Cool Tech at CES, But It's Useless
 Cool Tech at CES, 
 But It's Useless 

Cool Tech at CES, But It's Useless

3-D TVs, wristwatch cellphone are among the excellent gadgets

(Newser) - The 2009 Consumer Electronics Show is full of “incredible technology,” Larry Magid writes for CNET. Problem is, it’s all “in search of a practical purpose,” making this year the “year of the gimmick.” Magid runs down a few wowee gadgets of dubious usefulness....

Gators-Sooners Game Scores 3-D Movie Priemier

Fox Sports launching experimental broadcast in 80 theaters

(Newser) - The Florida-Oklahoma championship game will be broadcast by Fox Sports live in 3D in 80 movie theaters across the US tomorrow in what is being hailed as a breakthrough event. Fans will pay up to $22 to watch the action through plastic 3D glasses. Every sport and network is closely...

Take Me Out to the Ballgame... at the Cineplex

Movie theaters boost lagging ticket sales with live broadcasts

(Newser) - Cineplexes are boosting stagnant sales by showing more live broadcasts, the New York Times reports. From the Metropolitan Opera to the Mets, high-def feeds are luring fans for less than the price of a live concert or ball game. "We can now replicate Carnegie Hall across the country,"...

U2 3D a Virtual Triumph
U2 3D a Virtual Triumph

U2 3D a Virtual Triumph

IMAX concert film delivers you-are-there experience without 'parking lot hell'

(Newser) - Sitting through the IMAX feature U2 3D isn't exactly like being at one of the legendary rock band's shows. "In many ways, watching the movie is better," writes Desson Thomson of the Washington Post. The film's incredibly lifelike presentation of U2 "shows how closely technology can match"...

French Foodies Eating Up 'Ratatouille'

Soi-disant epicures love the intricately realistic animated chef flick

(Newser) - Legions of French citizens are crowding theaters for a first taste of Pixar's latest 3-D animated feature Ratatouille, the story of a rodent chef in Paris and now the 4th highest-grossing movie premiere in France's history. The French, known for their devotion to everything food-related, are raving about "Ratatouille"...

3-D Format Will Foil Film Pirates
3-D Format
Will Foil
Film Pirates

3-D Format Will Foil Film Pirates

Camcorder killer coming to a theater near you

(Newser) - Movie makers are preparing to launch a major assault on video piracy—in 3-D.  In two years, more than 4,000 theaters will be 3-D-ready, and top studios are gearing up to create films in the new format, which can't be recorded off the screen. Steven Spielberg and Peter...

Spielberg and Jackson to Direct Tintin

Duo will begin 3-D trilogy as early as the end of the year

(Newser) - The men behind Jurassic Park's ferocious dinosaurs and King Kong's gargantuan ape will soon be the men behind a tiny white dog named Snowy. Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are teaming up to produce and direct a trilogy of movies based on The Adventures of Tintin, George Remi's popular French...

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