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A 'Child' Is Born, and Immediately Ascends Amazon

Baby Yoda from 'The Mandalorian' tops plush toy list, but it won't be available for a few more months

(Newser) - The hot item of the holiday season is none other Baby Yoda , the character also known as "The Child" in Disney Plus' The Mandalorian—but no one's going to be unwrapping him (and it is a him ) for several more months. Variety reports an 11-inch Mattel "...

Gwyneth Paltrow Totally Forgot She Was in a Marvel Movie

In front of the man who directed her in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

(Newser) - Ask IMDB what part Gwyneth Paltrow played in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it'll tell you Pepper Potts. Ask Gwyneth Paltrow what part Gwyneth Paltrow played in Spider-Man: Homecoming, even if you're the guy who directed her in it, and she'll tell you she wasn't in it Such...

Full Cast of New Lion King Movie Revealed

Beyonce's excited about joining project

(Newser) - The full cast of the upcoming Disney live action and CGI remake of The Lion King has been revealed—and it includes Queen B as Nala. Beyonce posted a photo of the cast on Facebook on Wednesday, with the caption #TheLionKing 2019, E! Online reports. Other cast members in Jungle ...

Spider-Man Wows Thanks to the Man Behind the Mask
A 'High Point' in
Summer Movies:

A 'High Point' in Summer Movies: Spider-Man

Tom Holland's Peter Parker gets high praise from critics

(Newser) - Critics had high hopes for Tom Holland's Spider-Man after an appearance in last year's Captain America: Civil War. But can he handle a movie all his own? Apparently, yes. Critics have given Spider-Man: Homecoming a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes , noting sometimes basic is just better. More:
  • While

Big Bang Theory Fans Are Getting a Spinoff

'Young Sheldon' will follow Sheldon Cooper as a kid in Texas

(Newser) - Ever wondered how Sheldon Cooper got to be so, um, quirky? You'll soon find out. CBS says a Big Bang Theory prequel will premiere during the 2017-18 TV season, centering on Jim Parsons' character as a 9-year-old going to high school in Texas. Iain Armitage of Big Little Lies...

The Scariest Speech I Ever Wrote for Obama

Failure to raise debt ceiling would mean 'economic shutdown': Jon Favreau

(Newser) - In 2011, White House speechwriter Jon Favreau penned some ominous words predicting the disastrous effects of a failure to raise the debt limit, including indefinite delays on Social Security checks and halted troop pay and veterans' benefits. President Obama never had to give the speech, because the debt ceiling was...

Obama's Wunderkind Speechwriter Leaving

Jon Favreau may head to Hollywood after 7 years with president

(Newser) - Yet another departure from Obama's first term team : Jon Favreau, the president's wunderkind head speechwriter , is moving on. Fittingly, considering with whom he shares his name , Favreau is interested in screenwriting and may end up in Hollywood, the Los Angeles Times reports. Favreau was known for some of...

Cowboys & Aliens Reviews: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford Don't Quite Save It
 Cowboys & Aliens a Bore 
movie reviews

Cowboys & Aliens a Bore

Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford can't quite save it

(Newser) - You’d think a movie called Cowboys and Aliens could at least hold your attention--but though the acting is good, there’s not much else to keep things interesting.
  • The film is “chockfull of elements from classic oaters—a posse, a dusty round-up, saloon stand-offs—as well as monster

Obama Staffers Take It Off in Georgetown Bar

...and insist they weren't playing beer pong

(Newser) - What should we think after White House staffers Tommy Vietor and Jon Favreau were photographed shirtless hanging out with friends in a Georgetown bar last weekend? According to conservative bloggers, the pic exposes the Obama staff as a bunch of frat boys playing beer pong in the midst of a...

Iron Man Not Ready for the Rust Heap
 Iron Man Not Ready 
 for the Rust Heap 

Iron Man Not Ready for the Rust Heap

Robert Downey Jr. saves flashy sequel, say critics

(Newser) - Iron Man 2 is clunkier than its predecessor and its self-destructive hero has succumbed to boozy overconfidence, but Robert Downey Jr. saves the film, not to speak of the world, say critics.
  • This movie is "bigger, louder and dumber than its predecessor" but still plenty of fun, writes Bill

Model Sues Couples Retreat for 'Degrading' Use of Photo

Irina Krupnik objects to being used as 'masturbatory prop'

(Newser) - Irina Krupnik found herself making an unwanted cameo in Couples Retreat when a bikini shot taken 10 years ago turned up as, er, inspiration for a character played by Jon Favreau to masturbate while his wife is in the powder room. Now the former model is suing NBC Universal for...

10 Reasons Vince Is No Fun Anymore
 10 Reasons 
 Vince Is No 
 Fun Anymore 


10 Reasons Vince Is No Fun Anymore

Vaughn, once so promising, has started taking his audience for granted

(Newser) - Vince Vaughn, once "so money" in Swingers, just isn't living up to his promise—although Hollywood probably feels differently, considering the $63 million plus that his last mediocre film (Couples Retreat) made in its first two weeks. In the Los Angeles Times, Betsy Sharkey lists her top 10 problems...

Avoid This Couples Retreat
 Avoid This Couples Retreat 

Avoid This Couples Retreat

Cast is having more fun than the audience in marital-strain rom-com

(Newser) - New Vince Vaughn romantic comedy Couples Retreat takes a terrific cast and puts them in a stunning South Pacific location, say critics, but it's marooned them there with an unfunny script.
  • "Four unlikable couples gather at an all-inclusive marriage-counseling resort in this predictable rom-com," writes Ande Dagan at

Lindsay, Nicole Among DJ AM Mourners

Service held at Hollywood Palladium

(Newser) - Celeb pals including Lindsay Lohan (with Sam Ronson), Nicole Richie, and Robert Downey Jr. showed up last night to say goodbye to Adam Goldstein—better known as DJ AM. The private service at the Hollywood Palladium was open to "friends both from his life in recovery as well as...

Marvel Fans on Disney Deal: 'SOOOO NOT HAPPY!'

(Newser) - Comics fans are just a little miffed by Marvel’s $4 billion acquisition by Disney: “SOOOO NOT HAPPY! Spider-man should not be co-mingling with Goofy,” reads one blog post. The problem, Linda Holmes writes for NPR, is “one of perception: Put simply, Marvel has a cool factor...

Movie-Biz Insiders Worth Following on Twitter

(Newser) - Though movie stars are the most publicized of Hollywood's Twitterati, fans can get some real insider dirt from directors and producers using the site, too. Mashable runs down 20 who Tweet often, and honestly:
  • @Jon_Favreau is ... Jon Favreau: The Iron Man director's "Tweets don’t reek of continual self-promotion,

Oops! NYT Posts Obama Hottie's Number

But photo containing Favreau's digits quickly taken down

(Newser) - It wasn't next to "For a good time, call," but the New York Times inadvertently published the digits of hot young Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau last night in a slideshow devoted to the president's speech. The photo, a closeup of Obama's hand next to his speech, appears to...

Speechwriter's Gal Has Roots in Reality TV

Gawker dishes the dirt on White House hottie

(Newser) - It’s apparently been quite the journey for Alejandra Campoverdi, the pinup girl who’s now dating hotshot White House speechwriter Jon Favreau, Gawker reports. The farm worker’s stepdaughter is now a deputy chief of staff’s assistant, having appeared in a reality TV show (oh, and that Maxim...

Meet Obama Speechwriter's New Squeeze

White House aide posed for Maxim

(Newser) - The legion of fans swooning over President Obama’s 27-year-old speechwriter will surely be disappointed to hear that he’s hooked up with another White House hottie, Gawker reports. Jon Favreau is said to be seeing Ali Campoverdi, an aide and former campaign intern who once appeared in her skivvies...

How Not To Be a Facebook Victim
How Not To Be a
Facebook Victim

How Not To Be a Facebook Victim

Tricky names may fool, but discretion rules if you care about your political career

(Newser) - Don't want a drunken Facebook picture to put a dent in your political career? (Listen up, Jon Favreau!) "The whole point of being young, after all, is to do stupid things, and the whole point of Facebook is to record these acts for posterity," Abbie Callard writes...

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