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Hounded by Trolls Over Son's Death, Lily Allen Quits Twitter

Singer says 2010 stillbirth caused PTSD

(Newser) - "My timeline is full of the most disgusting, sexist, misogynist, racist sh--. Really new levels. I'm no masochist so I'll be back x." Singer Lily Allen exited Twitter thusly after a particularly ugly exchange in which trolls blamed her for the 2010 stillbirth of her son....

5 Celebs You Might Meet on Tinder

Now you have a shot at dating an A-lister

(Newser) - Ever wanted to date a celebrity? Last month, Tinder debuted a "verified" status feature that allows celebs, athletes, and other "notable figures" to prove their identity, reports Fusion . And while the company didn't release a list of the A-listers using their app, there are reportedly at least...

13 Celebs With Odd Body Parts
 13 Celebs With Odd Body Parts 

13 Celebs With Odd Body Parts

Clubbed thumbs and third nipples and missing fingertips, oh my!

(Newser) - Just because a celebrity is cover-model gorgeous doesn't mean all of his or her body parts are 100% normal. Radar rounds up 30 stars with odd body parts, and we highlight 13 here:
  • Megan Fox: Clubbed thumbs (the condition is called brachydactyly). They're short and wide at the

Lily Allen Returns, Rips Twerking, 'Blurred Lines'

New single, 'Hard Out Here,' released

(Newser) - British singer Lily Allen has released her first single in three years, coming out of semi-retirement to cheekily take a swing at the music industry and its treatment of women. The video for "Hard Out Here" features Allen's scantily-clad dancers "twerking" and Allen herself pretending to get...

New Babies for Rosie, Elton
 New Babies for Rosie, Elton 

New Babies for Rosie, Elton

Lily Allen also gives birth to daughter

(Newser) - It's been a big week for celebrity babies:
  • Rosie O'Donnell welcomed her first baby with wife Michelle Rounds on Saturday, a rep confirms to ABC News . O'Donnell tweeted an interestingly-spelled announcement yesterday, along with a picture : "we r thrilled to announce the arrival of r daughter

Royal Wedding: Who Got Snubbed?

It's not just prime ministers that are notably absent from guest list

(Newser) - With just three days left before the royal wedding, the inevitable complaints of guest list snubs are coming to the surface. News came out over the weekend that the last two British prime ministers weren't invited, and now the New York Times notes that some of Princess Diana's...

Best Soap Opera Cameos
 Best Soap Opera Cameos 

Best Soap Opera Cameos

James Franco follows in the footsteps of Rosanne, Snoop Dog

(Newser) - James Franco’s much-hyped General Hospital guest stint began Friday, but can he live up to the true classics of the celebrity cameo genre? Many other luminaries have guested on daytime TV, and “they almost always shake things up like a schizophrenic with a fake pregnancy interrupting a wedding...

Allen Quits Piracy Fight ... and Maybe Music, Too

Brit singer says she won't renew recording deal, has no plans for new album

(Newser) - After taking heaps of “abuse” for her campaign against music piracy, British pop star Lily Allen today shut down the blog she’d used to explain her side of the fight—only after she’d written that she wasn’t going to renew her recording deal and didn’t...

Lily Allen Rode Piracy to Fame, But Now It's Not OK?

Singer ripped others' music for own mixes before she was a star

(Newser) - Singer Lily Allen has caused a stir with recent rants against music piracy (and a blog where she posts opinions from like-minded creative pals), but when she was trying to make it, she was guilty of just that offense. Allen included tracks from Jay-Z, Jefferson Airplane and others on mixtapes...

Mercury Prize Noms Mix Rock, Rap, Jazz

(Newser) - Scruffy rockers Kasabian and indie darling Florence and the Machine lead this year's nominations for the Mercury Prize, Britain's most prestigious musical award. The $33,000 gong, previously won by PJ Harvey and the Arctic Monkeys, is famous for its eclectic shortlist. True to form, this year's nominees include a...

De Niro's New Role: Grandpa
 De Niro's New Role: Grandpa 

De Niro's New Role: Grandpa

Plus, Swayze really really not dead, more

(Newser) - Robert De Niro became a grandfather yesterday when son Raphael De Niro and daughter-in-law Claudine DeMatos welcomed Nicholas De Niro, the New York Post reports. Elsewhere:
  • To prove he’s really not dead, Patrick Swayze posed for a picture with wife Lisa Niemi at their New Mexico ranch, the Sun

Cleared for Landing: Lily Allen's US Return

After visa snags, UK import tackles US for the second time

(Newser) - After being grounded by US immigration officials just as her 2007 album was set to take off, the UK’s Lily Allen is taking a second shot at conquering America with a new album, reports the Wall Street Journal. Despite her visa travails, Allen's debut sold a respectable 500,000...

Sorry, Pops, Lily Allen Ain't My Mouthpiece

Mockney posturing does not make her an expert on gang violence

(Newser) - British pop singer Lily Allen can carry a cute tune, but "spokesperson for her generation"? Puh-leeze, Emily Hill writes in Spiked. Allen's first album, Alright, Still, "soundtracked a summer," inspiring middle-aged music hacks to praise her and London Mayor Boris Johnson to ask for her insight...

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