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In a First, Time Magazine Cover Doesn't Say 'Time'
Big First for Time
Magazine's Cover

Big First for Time Magazine's Cover

For first time in magazine's nearly 100-year history, cover doesn't say 'Time' at the top, but 'Vote'

(Newser) - As long early-voting lines continue during an election already well underway, one magazine has put out what Mediaite calls a "very straightforward message" on the topic. On its latest cover , Time magazine features a picture of a person wearing a face mask, as well as a Time first at...

'Hope' Poster Gets Surprising Revamp
'Hope' Poster Gets
Surprising Revamp

'Hope' Poster Gets Surprising Revamp

3 new versions aim to 'disrupt rising tide of hate'

(Newser) - Revamped versions of Shepard Fairey's iconic "Hope" poster have been released in time for Donald Trump's inauguration, but don't expect to see the new president's face on any of them. The three posters by Fairey instead feature minority females, reports DCist . One shows a Muslim...

'HOPE' Poster Artist Arrested in LA for Detroit Graffiti

He went straight to jail after flying in from Europe

(Newser) - Detroit is apparently a lot tougher on graffiti than Shepard Fairey bargained for: The street artist was arrested at LAX this week on his return from Europe and spent the night in jail after authorities discovered he was wanted in Detroit for posting unauthorized stickers , reports the Detroit News . Fairey,...

Detroit Wants to Arrest 'HOPE' Poster Artist

184-foot mural wasn't his only work in the city

(Newser) - Street artist Shepard Fairey was recently commissioned to paint an enormous mural on the side of a downtown Detroit building, and cops in the city want to talk to him about a few side projects. Police say Fairey posted unauthorized stickers in at least 14 locations when he was in...

Artist Fairey: Obama Hasn't Lived Up to Hope Poster

Esquire interviews Shepard Fairey

(Newser) - Esquire interviewed artist Shepard Fairey to talk about his web series Rebel Music , but the part getting the most attention centers on that famous Hope poster he made of a candidate named Barack Obama. A snippet:
  • Esquire: Do you think Obama has lived up to your "Hope" poster?

'HOPE' Poster Artist Won't Go to Jail

Shepard Fairey gets community service for lying in copyright case

(Newser) - The artist behind the iconic blue-and-red Obama "HOPE" poster won't be going to jail. Instead, Shepard Fairey will do community service after being convicted of manipulating evidence in a copyright case dealing with the origin of the famous poster. In addition to his 300 hours of service, the...

Danes Rough Up Shepard Fairey: 'Go Home Yankee Hipster'

Street artist gets black eye over mural

(Newser) - This part is simple enough: Graffiti artist Shepard Fairey has a black eye and a bruised rib after getting jumped in Copenhagen over a new mural he made, reports the Guardian . Fairey, creator of the Obama "hope poster ," writes on his own blog that it began when a...

'Hope' Artist No Longer an Obama Fan
 'Hope' Artist No Longer 
 an Obama Fan 
in case you missed it

'Hope' Artist No Longer an Obama Fan

The prez isn't really living up to Shepard Fairey's expectations

(Newser) - How quickly things change. Shepard Fairey, creator of the iconic Barack Obama ‘Hope’ poster, is no longer feeling quite so smitten with the prez, the New York Post reports. “Washington is too intertwined with corporate America,” Fairey said at a recent show opening. “I had a...

Fairey Admits Lying Over 'Hope' Photo

Artist tried to conceal mistake with false evidence

(Newser) - An unexpected twist in the Shepard Fairey copyright fight: The artist admits that he lied about which AP photo he used for his Obama Hope poster and submitted fake evidence to support his claim. His lawyers have now dropped him as the legal fight continues. "I am very sorry...

'Hope' Artist Cops Plea in Vandalism Case

(Newser) - Street artist Shephard Fairey plead guilty today to three counts of vandalism for displaying stickers and posters around Boston without permission, the Globe reports. He must pay a fine and is prohibited from carrying the tools of his trade—like wheat paste and brushes—in the county for 2 years....

Fairey Pimps Out Famed Image
 Fairey Pimps Out Famed Image 

Fairey Pimps Out Famed Image

Campaign for pet adoptions recalls another recent race

(Newser) - Shepard Fairey, the man behind the iconic Barack Obama "Hope" poster, has another four-letter word for you: mutt. His cover design for the current issue of Dog's Life magazine strikes Gawker's Ryan Tate as a bit "overexposed": For someone so keen to sue other people for copying his...

Fairey Makes 'Pop Masquerading as Art'
 Fairey Makes 'Pop 
 Masquerading as Art' 

Fairey Makes 'Pop Masquerading as Art'

(Newser) - Shepard Fairey’s iconic Obama image inspires “a thrill of concerted purpose,” writes Peter Schjeldahl in the New Yorker, but the same can't be said for the rest of Fairey’s work, on exhibition in Boston. While the Obama poster made something new and vibrant, writes Schjeldahl, Fairey...

Poster Artist Sues AP in Copyright Fight

Fairey says use of agency's photo constitutes fair use

(Newser) - Shepard Fairey, the artist behind the iconic Obama "Hope" poster, filed a lawsuit against the AP yesterday as a preemptive strike in their copyright dispute. The artist has asked a federal judge to rule that his work constitutes fair use of a copyrighted image. Fairey's suit comes after...

Obama Poster Artist Arrested
 Obama Poster Artist Arrested

Obama Poster Artist Arrested

Shepard Fairey was on his way to DJ at his exhibition's opening

(Newser) - Shepard Fairey, the hot graphic designer and street artist behind the Obama "Hope" poster, was arrested yesterday on two outstanding warrants as he arrived at the opening for his new exhibition at a Boston museum, the Boston Globe reports. He's accused of tagging two Boston locations with graffiti, the...

AP Wants Cred for 'Hope' Photo
 AP Wants Cred for 'Hope' Photo 

AP Wants Cred for 'Hope' Photo

Company demands credit and compensation for unauthorized alteration of AP photo

(Newser) - The Associated Press hold the copyright on the photograph used to create the iconic "Hope" portrait of Barack Obama and is demanding compensation and credit, reports Wired. Artist Shepard Fairey, who has rocketed to fame because of his multi-colored poster, is defending his unauthorized modification of the photo...

Thank Portrait for Obama's Success: Hope Artist

LA graphic designer says image boosted power of art

(Newser) - The iconic Hope image of Barack Obama helped get the Illinois senator elected president, says the graphic designer who created the image. “It has exceeded my expectations almost from the get-go,” Shepard Fairey told Smithsonian magazine, adding that Obama’s “unique” look was an inspiration for him...

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