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7 Years After He Went Missing at Sea, No Answers

BBC explores the disappearance of American Keith Davis, a fisheries observer

(Newser) - In 2015, an American marine biologist went missing from a ship hundreds of miles off the coast of Ecuador. No sign of Keith Davis, then 41, has been seen since, and he is presumed dead, writes Rachel Monroe at the BBC . Monroe dug into the case for the Lost at...

Man Survives 11 Days at Sea in Floating Freezer: Report

'It was a miracle,' says Brazilian fisherman Romualdo Macedo Rodrigues

(Newser) - After his boat sank, a Brazilian fisherman reportedly survived 11 days in the shark-infested Atlantic Ocean by taking refuge inside a floating freezer. Romualdo Macedo Rodrigues departed on what was supposed to be a three-day fishing trip in early August. But off the coast of northern Brazil, his 23-foot-long wooden...

Man Survives 18 Hours in Sea Thanks to Lost Toy

Half-inflated ball kept North Macedonia man afloat in Aegean Sea

(Newser) - A North Macedonia man who was swept out to sea off the Greek island of Kassandra managed to survive for 18 hours by clinging to a small inflatable ball that happened to float toward him. The vacationer identified only as Ivan and a friend were declared missing at sea after...

Missing at Sea for 11 Days, Va. Couple Emerges

Yanni Nikopoulos, Dale Jones OK after boat hit stormy weather in Atlantic, knocking out radio

(Newser) - On June 8, Yanni Nikopoulos and Dale Jones set sail from a marina in Hampton, Va., bound for the Azores archipelago in Portugal, then Greece. Five days later, one of Jones' daughters heard from them, and the news wasn't good: They were caught in stormy weather conditions in the...

He Was Sailing Alone at 77. Things Went Wrong
'It's the Panic
That Kills You.'
So He Didn't Panic
in case you missed it

'It's the Panic That Kills You.' So He Didn't Panic

Don Cavers, 77, had quite the ordeal in the Caribbean Sea

(Newser) - Things went from bad to worse to oh-no for a 77-year-old man in the Caribbean Sea in December. But "it's the panic that kills you," says Canadian Don Cavers, and he managed not to panic. Cavers had flown to Colombia the month prior to buy a sailboat,...

Guy Lost at Sea for 29 Days: 'It Was a Nice Break'

Livae Nanjikana and a companion floated 250 miles off course

(Newser) - Being lost at sea for nearly a month wouldn't be most people's idea of a good time, and it probably wasn't for Livae Nanjikana and Junior Qoloni, but it was still a respite of sorts for at least one of them. The Guardian reports the two men...

5 Survivors Got Into the Dinghy, Then Noticed the Sharks

Brad Cavanagh tells 'Boston Magazine' of his tragic 1982 journey

(Newser) - Forty years later, Brad Cavanagh is still trying to process what happened to him on the high seas when he was a 21-year-old sailor. In Boston Magazine , Kevin Koczwara tells the harrowing tale. Cavanagh was one of five people—three men and two women, all crew members—aboard a 58-foot...

Missing Sub Has 72 Hours of Oxygen Left

Oil slicks could instead point to a sign from crew, or disaster aboard KRI Nanggala-402

(Newser) - The clock is ticking to find an Indonesian Navy sub with 53 people on board, which has now been missing for more than 24 hours . The last contact came around 3am Wednesday as the sub was completing a torpedo drill north of Bali. Officials believe the crew, led by Marine...

After Boy Swept Out to Sea, Family Offers $50K Reward

Arunay Pruthi, 12, was victim of 'sneaker' wave on Monday in California

(Newser) - The Coast Guard has given up the search for a 12-year-old boy who was swept out to sea earlier this week, but his family is now offering a $50,000 reward for anyone who can find Arunay Pruthi, reports People . The Fremont boy was at Cowell Ranch State Beach on...

Marines Call Off Search for 8 Troops Lost at Sea
Sea Search Ends
for 8 Troops 

Sea Search Ends for 8 Troops

Amphibious assault vehicle sank off Southern California

(Newser) - Eight troops missing after their landing craft sank off the Southern California coast during a training exercise are presumed dead, the Marine Corps announced Sunday. The Marines said they had called off the search that started late Thursday afternoon when the amphibious assault vehicle sank with 15 Marines and one...

Death and Rescue: Group Drifts in Pacific for 32 Days

4 survived off rainwater, floating coconuts

(Newser) - A story of death and survival has emerged out of the South Pacific: A group of 12 that departed from Papua New Guinea's Bougainville province on Dec. 22, intending to spend Christmas in the nearby Carteret Islands, never made it. The AFP reports tragedy struck en route when their...

It's Official: She Died at Sea. Now, Her Husband's Sentencing

Lewis Bennett to be sentenced amid uncertainty on how exactly Isabella Hellmann died

(Newser) - The declaration of his wife's presumed death at sea has arrived two years after Lewis Bennett requested it , but under very different circumstances than he might've then imagined. A judge has declared May 14, 2017, as the death date for Isabella Hellmann—who was on a sailing honeymoon...

He Had One of the 'Loneliest Jobs,' Then Got Lost at Sea

Indonesian 19-year-old Aldi Novel Adilang survives 49 days adrift

(Newser) - He thought about jumping into the ocean to end it all, but recalled his parents' advice: pray. And Aldi Novel Adilang, 19, had a Bible with him, so he did. What the Indonesian teen didn't have was much food, paddles, an engine, or a functional anchor, but he survived...

How Hurricane Irma Brought a Canadian Family Some Closure

Artifacts of Canadian navy pilot who vanished 60 years ago turned up on Florida shore

(Newser) - When Dick Troy got the news last September, "I almost buckled my knees," he tells the CBC , noting the "eerie feeling" that overtook him. What he was told over the phone by a US reporter: that wreckage from a plane and a parachute harness with the words...

They Were Veteran Crabbers. Then, Gone Like 'Dust in the Wind'

'Outside' dives into the mysterious disappearance of the fishing boat Destination

(Newser) - In between Alaska and Russia, in the middle of the Bering Sea, lie the Pribilof Islands, which the fishing vessel Destination was navigating around in the early morning of Feb. 11, 2017. At some point, however, the boat vanished, along with its crabbing crew of six—a mystery Stephanie May...

After Passenger's Fall, Ship Continues With 'Heavy Heart'

Woman presumed lost in rough South Pacific waters

(Newser) - A 47-year-old woman is missing and presumed lost in a remote part of the South Pacific after an unexplained fall from a cruise ship. Operator P&O Cruises says the Pacific Dawn immediately turned around to search for the woman after she fell from the ship in the Coral Sea,...

Yachtsman 'Lost at Sea' During Race Around the World

John Fisher fell overboard during Volvo Ocean Race

(Newser) - A British yachtsman who fell overboard Monday while competing in the Volvo Ocean Race is presumed to be lost at sea, race officials say in a statement . John Fisher, 47, was competing in the 45,000-nautical-mile race around the world, which started Oct. 22 in Spain and will end in...

Quiksilver CEO Went Fishing. Only His Boat Came Back

Pierre Agnes' boat was washed ashore in France

(Newser) - The CEO of surfwear brand Boardriders, which recently changed its name from Quiksilver, was declared missing at sea Tuesday after he went fishing off the coast of France—and only his boat came back. The French coast guard says it has launched a search and rescue operation for 54-year-old Philip...

Taiwan: Rescued US Sailors Are Telling Tall Tales

Government says Taiwanese fishing crew didn't try to kill Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava

(Newser) - If you're attempting to keep up with the story of two American women who were rescued after five months at sea, but whose tale keeps taking weird turns, there's an update. The government of Taiwan says that, no, the Taiwanese fishing crew that spotted the women afloat last...

Women Lost at Sea Now Say 'Rescuers' Tried to Kill Them

'They tried to kill us during the night'

(Newser) - Amid mounting questions, two women who may or may not have been lost at sea for five months are sticking to their story—which involves a massive storm and "terrifying" shark attacks —and adding one new wrinkle: the Taiwanese fishing vessel that was reported to have rescued them...

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