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Kate Gosselin Loses Talk Show Gig

After divorce from Jon, reality show star deemed too controversial

(Newser) - Looks like Kate Gosselin will have to come up with another way to stay in the spotlight: Sources say the reality show mom has been booted from an upcoming talk show for being too controversial. Gosselin shot the pilot, a show geared toward working moms, with Paula Deen and two...

Jon and Kate's Divorce Is Final... Finally

She'll live with the kids, and he'll have big payments to make

(Newser) - The Jon and Kate soap opera of a marriage is officially over: A judge has signed the Gosselins' final divorce papers. Kate's lawyer tells TMZ she will continue to live with their eight children in the couple's former home. Financial details aren't out, but the gossip site says in a...

Soap Operas Are Dying Because Everything's a Soap

Jon & Kate are the new As the World Turns

(Newser) - There are lots of reasons why As the World Turns, and with it the entire soap opera genre, is dying. But the one that trumps them all is that these days, everything’s a soap opera. Once, soaps had the market cornered on salacious, serialized drama, particularly for women, particularly...

Kate Gosselin to Barbara: My Kids Miss the Cameras
Kate Gosselin to Barbara:
My Kids Miss the Cameras

Kate Gosselin to Barbara: My Kids Miss the Cameras

On Walters' special, Kate says kids 'sobbing' over lost pals

(Newser) - Jon and Kate Gosselin have done their fair share of mudslinging during their messy divorce, but the real victims are the children. “They cried in the van on the way home from school the other day,” Kate tells Barbara Walters on tonight’s 10 Most Fascinating People special,...

Overexposed in 2009
 Overexposed in 2009 

Overexposed in 2009

We'd like to see less of these people in 2010

(Newser) - Some of these people are great, some of them are scumbags, but all of them have one thing in common: we saw way too much of them this year. Michael Arceneaux of The Root thinks all of them should take a break in 2010.

How Jon Gosselin Stays So Famous

Octodad himself doesn't get his celebrity status, he admits

(Newser) - In a bid to keep his fame alive post-reality show, Jon Gosselin will take pictures with anyone who asks: Japanese tourists, Starbucks baristas, cab drivers—but even he doesn’t understand the public fervor surrounding him. “As long as they’re snapping, I’ll keep smiling,” he tells...

Jon: Kids Were Marketed to 'Pedophiles'

 Jon: Kids Were 
 Marketed to 

Jon: Kids Were Marketed to 'Pedophiles'

Gosselin phone call with Michael Lohan reveals more gems

(Newser) - Jon Gosselin’s popularity is sure to skyrocket now that Radar has released a recording of him talking about the pedophiles who love his kids. In a phone call with—who else?—Michael Lohan, the octodad gripes about deals he believes TLC made with two magazines that only lined its...

Rejoice! Jon &amp; Kate Ends Tonight
 Jon & Kate
 Ends Tonight 

Rejoice! Jon & Kate Ends Tonight

Gosselins finally off our TV screens, at least for now

(Newser) - Our long national nightmare is over: Jon and Kate Plus 8 airs its last episode tonight, although that’s no guarantee the tabloid-magnet Gosselins are going away. The series is set to end with more of a whimper than a bang—the kids visit a dairy farm and firehouse, reports...

Jon and Kate Finalize Details of Split
Jon and Kate Finalize
Details of Split
plus hate

Jon and Kate Finalize Details of Split

She gets primary custody; he doesn't object

(Newser) - On the eve of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 series finale—good timing!—the battling Gosselins have worked out the details of their divorce. Kate was awarded primary custody at a mediation hearing yesterday, and Jon didn't object, a source tells People . "Kate is just relieved that...

Levi Gets Parenting Tips ... From Jon
 Levi Gets Parenting 
 Tips ... From Jon 

Levi Gets Parenting Tips ... From Jon

Johnston sympathizes with fellow single dad Gosselin

(Newser) - The unholy union of Levi Johnston and Jon Gosselin continues. The reality show dad has been giving the Playgirl model parenting advice that, sadly, Johnston plans to take. “He’s a good guy,” Johnston tells People . “He's kind of in the same situation I am right now....

Jon Gosselin Sues TLC for $5M
 Jon Gosselin Sues TLC for $5M 

Jon Gosselin Sues TLC for $5M

Gosselin will fight breach of contract suit with one of his own

(Newser) - How is an unemployed single dad with eight mouths to feed, a lot of partying to do, and an Ed Hardy habit to support supposed to pay the bills? Jon Gosselin has one idea: Countersue TLC for $5 million. The Jon and Kate Plus 8 network is already suing him...

Jon Made Up Abuse Allegations
 Jon Made Up Abuse Allegations 

Jon Made Up Abuse Allegations

Gosselin, desperate for money, told Hailey Glassman to badmouth him

(Newser) - Jon Gosselin’s quest for fame hit a new low with Hailey Glassman’s Insider interview—the octodad apparently invented Glassman’s claims of emotional abuse. “Jon and Hailey get paid for their appearances on these shows and they need the money,” a source tells Fox News , adding...

Hailey Dumps Jon&mdash;Maybe
 Hailey Dumps Jon—Maybe 

Hailey Dumps Jon—Maybe

Of course, for the full Gosselin-Glassman story, you must tune in

(Newser) - It appears Hailey Glassman has finally parted ways with mantrum-prone boyfriend Jon Gosselin—or has she? Though Gosselin released a statement to Entertainment Tonight saying, “Hailey says she thinks it's a good idea that we both take some time right now and focus on each of our individual lives,...

Jon Threatens Suicide Over Hailey

All this drama with Gosselin, Glassman, ex-nanny coming to big screen

(Newser) - Hailey Glassman's two-part Insider interview began last night, and she cried about putting "her entire life on hold" (including college) for Jon Gosselin. "I can't do this anymore, I can't take it," she said, adding that she's told Jon "If you really loved me, you would...

Hailey: Jon Has 'Mantrums'
 Jon Has 

Hailey: Jon Has 'Mantrums'

Glassman talks Gosselin—and the strangers who call her a 'fat whore'

(Newser) - Wondering when Hailey Glassman would start oversharing about her relationship with Jon Gosselin? The time has come. On an interview airing on tonight's—and tomorrow's— Insider , Jon's galpal accuses him of emotional abuse. "He has 'mantrums,'" she says. "I cry and say, 'Why are you so mean...

Couric's Halloween Costume: Aaden Gosselin

Jon & Kate Plus 8 kids are so used to spotlight, mom doesn't even mind

(Newser) - Kate Gosselin inspired this year's hottest Halloween wig, but Katie Couric is taking a different Gosselin-themed route for her costume: dressing up as sextuplet Aaden. "I met Kate and she seems very nice," Couric tells Extra . "And I told her I was gonna be Aaden, and she...

Gosselin Renews Nursing License

If reality fizzles, Kate may have to fall back on previous career

(Newser) - Just in case this whole "being famous for reproducing" thing doesn't work out, Kate Gosselin is keeping her options open: The Jon and Kate Plus 8 star, rumored future talk show host, and aspiring actress went back to her roots and renewed her nursing license, Radar reports. For a...

Kate: I Don't Want to Be Alone ... or Married

For one whole hour, Gosselin answers viewer questions. Joy!

(Newser) - On last night's very special episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin answered viewer questions ranging from her Halloween-wig-inspiring hairdo to what her kids might be when they grow up. E! and Us hit the highlights:
  • On how fame will help her kids: "They're not suffering from

Jon: I Paid Back the Money
 Jon: I Paid Back the Money 

Jon: I Paid Back the Money

Gosselin says he's in compliance, but Kate has yet to account for spending

(Newser) - It was Jon and Kate plus a court date once again this morning—although Kate failed to show up. Jon, however, was there to show that he complied with a court order to repay $180,000 he took from the couple’s joint account, as well as to ask that...

Jon Returns Cash, But Kate Doesn't: Lawyer
Jon Returns Cash, But Kate Doesn't: Lawyer
parents of the year

Jon Returns Cash, But Kate Doesn't: Lawyer

Kate will faces contempt for declining to account for $55,000

(Newser) - Jon Gosselin has returned enough of the $180,000 he withdrew from a family bank account to avoid being held in contempt of court, his lawyer says. Instead, his estranged wife may end up in contempt: The court also ordered Kate Gosselin to account for $55,000 she took from...

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