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New Poll Is Bad News for Kamala Harris

She drops 12 points in CNN poll from surge after first debate

(Newser) - Joe Biden has bounced back from his debate squabble with Kamala Harris, who is now floundering, according to a new CNN poll. With the support of 29% of potential Democratic voters, up 7 points since late June, Biden regains a double-digit lead over Bernie Sanders (15%) and Elizabeth Warren (14%),... More »

'I Am Sorry': Warren's Message at Native American Forum

'I have made mistakes,' she tells group in reference to past claims of heritage

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren addressed a presidential forum on Native American issues in Iowa on Monday and didn't try to avoid the elephant in the room. "Like anyone who’s being honest with themselves, I know that I have made mistakes," Warren told the audience, per the New York ... More »

Elizabeth Warren, Kathy Griffin Named in New Covington Suit

Dozen defendants 'invited public retaliation against these minors,' complaint claims

(Newser) - A $250 million defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post by Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann was just dismissed last week by a judge, but a new Covington complaint is now on the books, with a dozen public figures named as defendants. Per the Cincinnati Enquirer , the suit involves... More »

Warren Campaign Hits 'Woo-hoo' Milestone

Candidate hits 1 million donations

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign has reached a milestone of 1 million contributions, earning a "double woo-hoo thank-you" for the donor. Warren posted a video on Twitter of her calling the supporter to thank her. Bernie Sanders is Warren's only rival with more donations; he's hit 2... More »

Elizabeth Warren: We're Headed for 'Economic Crash'

She says it can be warded off in the next year or two, but not with Trump policies

(Newser) - One of the factors thought to be in President Trump's favor in the 2020 election is the economy, thanks to low unemployment and a rising stock market, notes Politico . But if Elizabeth Warren is correct, Trump might actually be in trouble over the economy before election day. "Warning... More »

Warren Would Remake ICE, Border Patrol

Candidate would limit detention of migrants

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren released a far-reaching immigration agenda on Thursday that envisions a significant shift in US policy, including the remodeling of immigration enforcement agencies "from top to bottom" and new limits on the detention of migrants who enter the country. Warren's immigration proposal was released ahead of her... More »

A Big Number for Elizabeth Warren

2020 presidential candidate exceeds expectations in quarterly donations

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren raised $19.1 million in the second quarter, her campaign said Monday, cementing her status in the top tier of Democratic presidential contenders and as a leading voice of the party's liberal base. The Massachusetts senator's second-quarter contributions leave her behind only Pete Buttigieg, the South... More »

And Now, the Democratic Candidates Will Start Falling

'Multiple dropouts' expected within weeks: Politico

(Newser) - Expect Democratic presidential candidates to start throwing in the towel within weeks, perhaps with the release of second-quarter fundraising results on July 15. That's the prediction of Politico , which reports that—seven months before Democratic caucuses and primaries begin—it's "getting very late" for candidates to make... More »

'A 10-Person Debate Is a Mess'

20 Democratic candidates have been split over 2 nights, starting tonight

(Newser) - With 20 candidates vying for attention—a number more suited to wrestling's Royal Rumble than a traditional debate—Democrats have split the field into two groups for debates in Miami on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Republicans who took part in their party's 10 and 11-person 2016 debates, however,... More »

Iowa Poll Has Biden Leading and Warren in the Wings

Three candidates are bunched in second place

(Newser) - For voters planning to attend Democratic caucuses in Iowa, at least, the presidential field is getting clarity. Joe Biden resides at the top, followed by a rung that includes Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg, a Des Moines Register/Mediacom/CNN poll shows. The former vice president has the caucus vote... More »

Here's Who Is Currently in the Democratic Debates

13 Democrats have qualified, but the last 7 spots are up in the air

(Newser) - The first Democratic debates for the 2020 election take place June 26 and June 27 in Miami, with each night featuring 10 different candidates on stage, reports ABC News . The field is currently larger than 20, and the party will decide next week who makes the cut, based on polling... More »

Warren: Let's Change Rules on Indicting Presidents

She says Justice Department should be allowed to act on a sitting president

(Newser) - When Robert Mueller spoke publicly this week, he explained that "long-standing" policy of the Justice Department prohibits the indictment of a sitting president. On Friday, 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren said it's time to change that policy. In a post at Medium , she unveiled a plan to do just... More »

Warren Uses 7 Tweets to Reject Offer From Fox

She won't appear at town hall, denounces network as a 'hate-for-profit racket'

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar have already done town halls on Fox News, and Kirsten Gillibrand and Pete Buttigieg are on the schedule, notes CNN . Fellow candidate Elizabeth Warren? That would be no, and "no" would be an understatement, based on the seven-tweet explanation she offered Tuesday on why... More »

Chase Slammed for 'Poor-Shaming' After 'Motivational' Tweet

Elizabeth Warren among critics hitting Chase

(Newser) - Chase Bank's #MondayMotivation tweet was better suited for #ToneDeafTuesday, according to critics. The since-deleted tweet set up a hypothetical conversation between a bank account and its owner, who ponders the reasons for a low balance. "I guess we'll never know," the customer said, despite the bank... More »

Warren Unveils Audacious Student Debt Plan

She would wipe it out entirely for most

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren is out with what might be her most controversial policy proposal yet ahead of the 2020 election: She wants to wipe out a large chunk of the student debt now held by Americans, reports HuffPost . "The time for half-measures is over," Warren writes in a blog... More »

Warren Waited for Mueller, Now Wants Impeachment

Report makes the next step clear, senator and candidate says

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren had said she wanted to see the complete report on the Russia election interference investigation before deciding whether to support impeachment proceedings. Now that she's seen Robert Mueller's full report, CNN reports, she's tweeted her decision. "The severity of this misconduct demands that elected... More »

Sanders Has News Felons Might Like

The Vermont senator says they should be allowed to vote in prison

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders wants felons to have a say, too. The Vermont senator and presidential candidate said Saturday at an Iowa town hall that people convicted of felonies should be allowed to vote from behind bars, the Des Moines Registers reports. "I think that is absolutely the direction we should... More »

Warren Calls for Fundamental Change to American Voting

2020 candidate says it's time to abolish the electoral college

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren conducted a town hall meeting in Mississippi on Monday night, and one big takeaway is her call to eliminate the Electoral College. The Massachusetts senator complained that candidates often skip states such as Mississippi, her own home state, and larger ones such as California because they're not... More »

Warren Ads Calling for Facebook Breakup Yanked by Facebook

Citing modified logo, company will restore ads to allow 'robust debate'

(Newser) - Facebook may have inadvertently illustrated Elizabeth Warren's point about the consolidation of power by tech giants like itself. The social media company removed numerous ads calling for the breakup of Facebook, Amazon, and Google, published Friday by Warren's presidential campaign. "They've bulldozed competition, used our private... More »

Warren: Time to Bust Up Google, Amazon

Presidential candidate is going after the giants of tech

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren wants a fair playing field in the marketplace—and she's going after Big Tech to make it happen. "To restore the balance of power in our democracy, to promote competition, and to ensure that the next generation of technology innovation is as vibrant as the last,... More »

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