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1631 Bible Is Missing a Very Important Word
1631 Bible Is Missing
a Very Important Word

1631 Bible Is Missing a Very Important Word

'Wicked Bible' dropped word 'not,' inadvertently encouraged adultery

(Newser) - It's considered "one of the most serious blunders in publishing history," according to the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. But also one of the funniest: A Bible printed in England in 1631 left out the word "not" in the Seventh Commandment and thus instructed readers:...

At Infamous 'Death Trap for Whales,' a Sad New Find

34 long-finned pilot whales found beached in mass stranding at New Zealand's Farewell Spit

(Newser) - Farewell Spit, a perhaps aptly named 16-mile stretch of sand on the remote northern end of New Zealand's South Island, is making headlines for sad news that's become commonplace there. The island nation's Department of Conservation reported on Friday that 34 long-finned pilot whales have been found...

Bull Achieves 'Legend Status' After Intense 50-Mile Ordeal

He apparently survived getting swept over a New Zealand waterfall, for one thing

(Newser) - A cattle farmer in New Zealand says he's preparing a welcome home party for a young bull who vanished in floodwaters earlier this month, only to turn up 50 miles away near the coast. After intense flooding on the South Island's West Coast, locals spent hours pulling dead...

Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protester Nearly Runs Down Police Line

New Zealand protests continue

(Newser) - One protester drove a car toward a New Zealand police line, narrowly avoiding officers, while other protesters sprayed officers with a stinging substance, police said Tuesday, as they tightened a cordon around a convoy that has been camped outside Parliament for two weeks. The clashes in the capital of Wellington...

New Zealand's New Weapon: Barry Manilow Songs

Government blasts them on a loop to annoy anti-mandate protesters in the capital

(Newser) - Canada has brought out the police in force to try to disperse protesters angry over COVID mandates. New Zealand is trying a different tactic for its copycat protesters : Barry Manilow's greatest hits. The government has been blasting songs such as "Mandy" and "Could It Be Magic" on...

Canada's Trucker Protest Inspires a Copycat

Vehicles clog streets near Parliament in New Zealand

(Newser) - The Canadian trucker protest over COVID rules shows no sign of letting up, and it's now inspired a copycat protest in New Zealand. NDTV reports that trucks and campervans clogged streets near Parliament in Wellington on Tuesday. Protesters in the vehicles and on foot objected to vaccine mandates and...

Anti-Vaxxers Force New Zealand PM Off the Road

Jacinda Ardern kept her cool, calling it 'just another day'

(Newser) - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has brushed off an uncomfortable encounter with anti-vaccination protesters, who chased and blocked her vehicle, forcing it onto a curb, as "just another day" at work. "At no point was I worried about my safety or the safety of anyone that was...

Ardern Steps Up Restrictions, Postpones Her Wedding

9 omicron cases are reported in New Zealand family

(Newser) - Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced new COVID-19 restrictions for New Zealand on Sunday following the discovery of nine cases of the omicron variant in a single family that flew to Auckland to attend a wedding. One of the events affected is Ardern's own wedding, which she postponed. The so-called...

He Thought He Had Water In His Ear. It Was a Roach
Man's 3-Day Ear Clog
Has a Most Unpleasant Source
in case you missed it

Man's 3-Day Ear Clog Has a Most Unpleasant Source

New Zealand's Zane Wedding had a cockroach in his ear

(Newser) - A New Zealand man who thought his ear was clogged with water for three days found out the actual, more unpleasant truth after visiting a specialist on Monday: A cockroach had burrowed its way into his ear canal. CNN reports that Zane Wedding had started feeling like his ear was...

She's First Prime-Time Anchor With Chin Tattoo

Maori woman Oriini Kaipara makes history in New Zealand

(Newser) - A Maori news anchor in New Zealand is making history by virtue of a chin tattoo traditional in her culture. Oriini Kaipara has become the first woman to anchor a prime-time news show with the tattoo, known as moko kauae, reports USA Today . The tattoo is seen as a rite...

British DJ 'Devastated' for Bringing Omicron to NZ

Nation's health officials say Robert Etheridge left required self-isolation before getting test result

(Newser) - New Zealand health officials are reeling after a British DJ set to play a New Year's Eve music fest left his required self-isolation before getting the results of a final COVID test back. He subsequently tested positive for omicron, the country's first community case of the variant. The...

Guy Posing as Others May Have Received 10 Jabs in a Day

New Zealand health authorities won't alter vaccine rules and start asking for photo ID

(Newser) - Health authorities in New Zealand are investigating claims that a man received up to 10 COVID-19 vaccination doses in a single day while posing as other people. To receive a vaccine, New Zealanders need only give their name, date of birth, and address. To aid accessibility, photo identification isn't...

Young People in NZ Will Never Reach Legal Smoking Age

New law will ban future generations from buying cigarettes

(Newser) - People who are 12 years old or younger in New Zealand today will never reach an age where they will be legally allowed to smoke cigarettes, the government says. A new law expected to be introduced next year will ban smoking for future generations, with the legal smoking age increasing...

'I'm Being Held Hostage by a Possum'
'I'm Being Held
Hostage by a Possum'

'I'm Being Held Hostage by a Possum'

Police in New Zealand resolved a weird case

(Newser) - In the annals of police emergency calls, it's a strange one. "I'm being held hostage by a possum," a woman informed police in Dunedin, New Zealand, reports UPI . It seems the woman was unpacking her car when she felt what she thought was a cat run...

Maori Tribe Wants Anti-Vaxxers to Stop Using Famous Haka

Ceremonial dance was performed by protesters in NZ capital last week

(Newser) - A Maori tribe in New Zealand wants anti-vaccine protesters to stop using its ceremonial dance immediately. The country's All Blacks national rugby team has permission from the Ngati Toa tribe to perform the Ka Mate haka before games, but no such permission was granted to protesters who performed the...

Antarctic Penguin Swims 1.8K Miles to New Zealand

And after some rest and a fish smoothie, 'Pingu' was returned to the water

(Newser) - Harry Singh thought he'd discovered a child's toy on a beach on New Zealand's South Island. Then it moved its head. What he'd actually found was a tired Adélie penguin, which had the BBC reports apparently traveled some 1,800 miles from its home on...

Jacinda Ardern Has Very Public Parenting Moment

NZ prime minister's toddler interrupted her during a COVID update to the nation

(Newser) - Robert Kelly had his moment . Now Jacinda Ardern is having hers. The New Zealand prime minister was giving her nation a COVID update this week when she had a parenting moment that many who've had to work from home during the pandemic can relate to. Per CNN and NBC...

That's Not a Puppy. That's a Potato
It's a Potato So Big
It Has a Name

It's a Potato So Big It Has a Name

Doug, the New Zealand spud, could be a new world record holder

(Newser) - Colin and Donna Craig-Brown were weeding their garden in New Zealand on Aug. 30 when Colin's hoe struck something big just beneath the soil's surface. After Colin pried it out, he scratched away a bit of the skin and tasted it. A potato. "We couldn't believe...

Gangs' Tough Message: Get the Shots

Leaders make video to help New Zealand campaign for hard-to-reach communities

(Newser) - A government minister was talking with leaders of New Zealand's gangs about how to persuade reluctant people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. The result is a four-minute video in which members of the Head Hunters, Black Power, King Cobras, and Mongrel Mob gangs encourage everyone to receive the...

Surprise: Winner of Bird Contest Isn't Actually a Bird

A bat sneaks in and takes top honors in New Zealand

(Newser) - Did somebody miss a meeting? Maybe a day or two of biology class? Somehow the winner of New Zealand’s Bird of the Year contest isn’t even a bird, reports the New York Times . The winning critter has wings, for sure, but bats don’t lay eggs and they...

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