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A 'New Category' of Transplant Patients Is Emerging

COVID is leaving formerly healthy people with destroyed lungs

(Newser) - Another gloomy sidebar to the COVID story: the fact that the illness is giving rise to what one doctor calls "a completely new category of transplant patients." NBC News charts the evolution of thought about giving new lungs or hearts to patients who have seen those organs essentially...

He Got a New Heart, Rode Across US as a Thank-You

'Bicycling' tells the story of one organ recipient's grand gesture

(Newser) - Christine Cheer held a stethoscope to the chest of Mike Cohen and listened to the beat of his heart. More specifically, she listened to the beat of her son's heart, which had been implanted into Cohen after her son's death. Such meetings are always remarkable, but A.C....

Hospital Staff Helps Fulfill Dying Man's Last Wish

Javier Rodriguez, 23, weds high school sweetheart in Chicago

(Newser) - "He wanted his tombstone to say 'husband.'" And with Wednesday's wedding inside the tiny chapel at University of Chicago Medical Center, Javier Rodriguez's wish can come true. The 23-year-old wed his high school sweetheart in front of 50 friends, family, and hospital staff just...

They Wore Green T-Shirts to a Cardinals Game, Fatefully

It leads to a wild meeting

(Newser) - A heart recipient ran into his donor's family completely by chance at an MLB game—and it was all due to a bunch of T-shirts. CBS News reports that Savannah Chavez Roesch and family members went to the St. Louis Cardinals' "Transplant Awareness Day" on April 28, all...

He Got a New Heart, Was Dead 11 Weeks Later
He Got a New Heart and
Immediately Started Dying

He Got a New Heart and Immediately Started Dying

ProPublica, Houston Chronicle look at St. Luke's in Houston

(Newser) - Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center is one of America's most storied hospitals when it comes to heart transplants. Or was. Though some of the first heart transplants took place at the Houston hospital, things have disintegrated to the point that it now "has had some of the...

On First Day of School, Tragedy for Heart Transplant Teen
On First Day of School, Tragedy
for Heart Transplant Teen
in case you missed it

On First Day of School, Tragedy for Heart Transplant Teen

Peyton West collapsed and died as his older brother dropped him off at school

(Newser) - Peyton West's dad says that when the Ohio teen woke up for his first day of school on Thursday, he was his usual "goofy self," WKRC reports. But just hours later, the 13-year-old, who'd had a heart transplant in March, had died, leaving his family, friends,...

Woman Eaten Alive by Fungus Following Heart Transplant

'Mom, I think I'm dying'

(Newser) - “To sit there and watch your child be eaten to death by infection was..." Craig Amick tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review , unable to finish the sentence. The Tribune-Review has the heartbreaking story of Amick's daughter, Shelby Slagle, who died from a mold infection weeks after receiving a heart...

Dad Took Kids to Theme Park Day Before Killing Whole Family

Mom Megan Short was planning new life away from her abusive ex

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania father took his three kids to Hershey Park the day before he killed them, Time reports. On Aug. 6, Mark Short, 40, penned an “emotional” suicide note before he shot the children, his estranged wife, and the family dog, before shooting himself in the head, authorities said....

Mom Learns Dead Son's Heart Is Still in the Family

Adrian Murry says the news came as a 'gift'

(Newser) - "I just lost it," Adrian Murry says—not of the day she lost her son in a workplace accident, but of the day she found out his heart went to a family member. When 25-year-old Kendrick Murry died from a head injury in September 2015, his mother learned...

Man Walks Around Without a Heart for 17 Months

A 14-pound backpack let Stan Larkin thrive while awaiting his transplant

(Newser) - Twenty-two people die every day because there aren't enough organs available for transplants, CNET reports. Stan Larkin wasn't one of them. Instead, the 25-year-old Michigan father of three spent 555 days without a heart, according to Michigan Live . And it didn't even keep him off the basketball...

Baby's Heart Fails Just Before Transplant, but He Survives

Donor organ came in the nick of time

(Newser) - Lincoln Seay was born July 14 with his heart on the wrong side of his body and immediately went into surgery. By November, doctors told his parents that Lincoln was suffering from end stage heart failure and would have to wait about 90 days to get the new heart he...

Dad Films Moment Dying Teen Realizes He Survived
Dad Films Moment Dying Teen Realizes He Survived
in case you missed it

Dad Films Moment Dying Teen Realizes He Survived

'I'm so happy,' says a crying Trevor Sullivan

(Newser) - "I'm so happy. I've been waiting so long. I can breathe again, and talk. I feel amazing. I've never felt so good." Those are the words uttered by a crying Trevor Sullivan as the 15-year-old was awakening from anesthesia following a successful heart transplant. A...

Girl, 11, Needs Transplant After 3 Heart Attacks

But it's not clear if any hospital will undertake the procedure

(Newser) - Sixth-grader Irma Rodriguez, 11, collapsed during gym class at her Fort Worth school Thursday, and suffered three heart attacks in quick succession. Now, she's on life support at a Texas hospital, and her family says she needs a heart transplant. But a Dallas hospital has already refused to do...

New Device Pumps Life Into 'Dead' Hearts

It could raise the number available for transplant by a third

(Newser) - The number of hearts available to thousands of Americans requiring a transplant every year could increase by up to 30% if a new piece of medical technology developed in Massachusetts is approved for use in the US, the MIT Technology Review reports. TransMedics' Organ Care System—known as "heart...

Teen Who Got Heart Transplant Dies Fleeing Cops

He sought a 2nd chance at life less than 2 years ago

(Newser) - An Atlanta-area teenager who sought a second chance—and a new heart—less than two years ago is dead after a car chase and an alleged crime spree. Anthony Stokes was 15 and already had a history of run-ins with the law in August 2013 when he received a heart...

Mexican Needing Transplant Twice Denied a Visa

Jose Chua Lopez, 20, has an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in 9 days

(Newser) - Family and friends sold tamales and held raffles to raise upward of $15,000 to send Jose Chua Lopez to the Mayo Clinic for an urgently needed heart and liver transplant. But the 20-year-old Mexican born with a heart defect has twice been turned down for a US visa, and...

World's First 'Dead Heart' Transplants Successful

Aussie breakthrough could save the lives of 30% more heart transplant patients

(Newser) - For 20 years, the heart transplant unit at Sydney's St. Vincent's Hospital has been working hard to figure out a way to transplant a dead heart into a live patient. Today doctors from the team announced their work had paid off: They have successfully completed three transplants using...

Woman Vows to Live Out Heart Donor's Bucket List

Susan Vieira to honor Kristina Chesterman

(Newser) - Kristina Chesterman, 21, was studying to be a nurse when she was killed by a suspected drunk driver last year—but she managed to save lives anyway. A registered organ donor, Chesterman gave five people, including a baby, new life, and now the woman who received her heart wants to...

Transplant Patient Stuns Doctors When Heart Heals
 Transplant Patient 
 Stuns Doctors 
 When Heart Heals 
in case you missed it

Transplant Patient Stuns Doctors When Heart Heals

Doctors had all but given up on Michael Crowe

(Newser) - Michael Crowe's near-miraculous story began with a mundane case of stomach flu. But when he went frozen on the family couch a couple of days later—staring and sweating while his mother tried to slap him out of it—the 23-year-old Omaha resident was rushed to the hospital last...

World's Smallest Artificial Heart Saves Baby's Life

11-gram pump kept Italian boy alive before transplant

(Newser) - A 16-month-old Italian baby is alive today thanks to an artificial heart that only weighs about as much as two nickels. Doctors in a Rome hospital used the artificial heart, the world's smallest, to keep the boy alive for 13 days until a heart could be found for a...

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