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Doctors: Lungs Have Been 'Torched' in Vaping Patients

Mayo Clinic experts say damage resembles that seen after chemical weapon attacks

(Newser) - Doctors still aren't sure exactly what has caused a spate of vaping-related deaths and illnesses around the country—but they know it is doing horrific damage to people's lungs. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic say tests of lung tissue from 17 patients show a pattern of injury that... More »

A 7th Death Tied to Vaping, as One State Makes a Big Move

California, site of most recent fatality, is launching a $20M anti-vaping ad campaign

(Newser) - As officials try to figure out what's causing a spate of vaping illnesses, some proving fatal , news of another death has come in. CNN reports that the most recent e-cigarette fatality, the nation's seventh so far, is a 40-year-old from California, the second death in that state. A... More »

Rand Paul Has Part of Lung Removed

Senator has another surgery related to 2017 attack

(Newser) - Another senator is having medical issues : Rand Paul had lung surgery over the weekend, and he announced Monday on Twitter that "unfortunately, I will have to limit my August activities" as he recuperates, but "I should be able to return to the Senate in September." The senator'... More »

8 Teen Vapers Hospitalized With Lung Damage

Wisconsin cases leave doctors alarmed as state health officials investigate

(Newser) - Eight Wisconsin teens were hospitalized with lung damage believed to be linked to vaping—just within the last month. Vaping "is harming our kids … no matter what the product," Michael Gutzeit, chief medical officer for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, said at a Thursday news conference, reports... More »

'Unbelievable Mistake' in Treating Man's Lung Leads to Suit

Family of the late William Hannah suing UK hospital after lung was washed with detergent

(Newser) - A UK hospital made an "appalling" error right before a 68-year-old died there, says his daughter, and now she and her family are suing the hospital for it. William Hannah passed away in September 2017 at Salford Royal Hospital while being treated after a car accident that had left... More »

Women Who Use Spray Cleaners May as Well Smoke Pack a Day

Study finds decline in lung function among women who regularly use spray cleaners

(Newser) - Women who regularly clean at home or professionally are damaging their lungs in a way comparable to smoking a pack of cigarettes every day for 10 to 20 years due to the inhalation of cleaning sprays, according to a recently published study out of Norway. "We feared that such... More »

ER Doctors Are Sick of Hearing the Term 'Dry Drowning'

They say media reports 'unduly alarm' parents

(Newser) - There have been many reports lately about so-called "dry drowning," "delayed drowning," or "secondary drowning," like when a boy in Texas died several days after swimming last month. But many experts, including emergency room doctors, the World Health Organization , the Red Cross, and the... More »

Science's Surprising Discovery: Lungs Aren't Just for Breathing

They're a key part of blood formation, too: study

(Newser) - All this time we thought lungs were just for breathing. It turns out they also play a key role in how blood is formed, suggests a study in Nature out of the University of California-San Francisco. Scientists studying the lungs of mice discovered to their surprise that the lungs produced... More »

Your Heart, Lungs May Be Able to Smell

They appear to have odor receptors, researchers find

(Newser) - While your nose sniffs that fresh espresso, your heart could well be enjoying it, too. Researchers find that the heart, lungs, and even the blood may be capable of smelling, LiveScience reports. The nose has olfactory receptors to pick up on chemical compounds traveling through the air, and it appears... More »

Billy Graham Hospitalized With Infection

Evangelist in stable condition at North Carolina hospital

(Newser) - Evangelist Billy Graham was admitted to a North Carolina hospital last night with an infection in his lungs, the AP reports. Doctors say he is receiving antibiotics for what is probably bronchitis, and resting comfortably in stable condition. Graham, 93, received treatment for pneumonia last November and last May . According... More »

'Lungs' Found on LA Street

Coroner conducting tests

(Newser) - Somebody apparently left their lungs on a southern California street, and local cops are trying to find the owner. The "lung-like" organs were discovered on an avenue in South LA, reports AP. The passerby who spotted the items immediately called police. The county coroner is conducting tests to determine... More »

Your Lungs Have Their Own Taste Buds

Scientists find bitter tastes open airways, could treat asthma

(Newser) - The lungs have taste buds, identical to a type found in the tongue, a group of scientists have found. Lungs only have the type of taste bud that can taste bitter tastes, and the taste signals don't travel to the brain—instead, they dilate the air passages more effectively than... More »

Pea Plant Grows in Man's Lung

Mass. man survives after half-inch pea sprout removed

(Newser) - Massachusetts man Ron Sveden had been coughing for months and was braced for bad news when doctors told him they'd discovered a growth sprouting in his lung. Weeks of tests, however, revealed that it wasn't cancer, but a pea plant that had sprouted after apparently being swallowed the wrong way.... More »

Killer Lung Fungus Hits Northwest

Spores lodge in tissue; kill 25% of those infected

(Newser) - A virulent, deadly strain of a fungus that settles in human lungs has been discovered in the US Northwest. Cryptococcus gatti—or C. gatti—first spread from Canada into the US 5 years ago, but has recently developed into a particularly powerful strain in Oregon and is expected to move... More »

Lather, Rinse, Disinfect the Showerhead

But even bleach may not kill stealth bacteria invading your bathtub

(Newser) - The showerheads of America are crawling with bacteria that can cause pulmonary disease in people with weakened immune systems, LiveScience reports. Around 20% of showerheads tested for a new study held significant levels of Mycobacterium avium, which can be suspended in air when water flows and be inhaled deep into... More »

Swine Flu Can Burrow Deep Into Lungs: Docs

H1N1 can infect cells where seasonal flu can't: study

(Newser) - Swine flu can worm its way deeper into the body than seasonal flu, a dangerous capability that could result in increased fatalities if the virus mutates, AFP reports. Seasonal influenza is able to bind only to the tissues in the nose, throat, and upper airway—that’s why it causes... More »

Swine Flu Related to 1918 Strain

(Newser) - The H1N1 virus can more easily infect the lungs than the common seasonal flu, a new study finds, making it more likely to cause pneumonia. What’s more, the present virus bears troubling resemblance to the 1918 strain that killed more than 40 million people worldwide. The study also shows... More »

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