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Source: Police Have Theory in Saudi Sisters' Deaths

Law enforcement source says toxicology reports point to suicide

(Newser) - Interim toxicology reports suggest two Saudi sisters found dead in their beds in Australia ingested substances as part of a suicide pact. That's according to a senior police source who spoke anonymously to the Daily Telegraph . "It really does appear to be a tragic suicide," the source...

He Called It a Suicide Pact. Only His Partner Died

University of Utah student arrested in death of girlfriend, an international student at school

(Newser) - The notice posted Friday by the University of Utah was one brought with "heavy hearts," relaying news on the death of a 19-year-old international student in what appeared to be a "domestic violence situation." Now, the Salt Lake City Police Department is offering more context, announcing...

Cops Blame Brothers' Suicide Pact for Death of 6

One left behind rambling note that took issue with lax gun control, as well as 'The Office'

(Newser) - Texas police were responding to a report of a possible suicidal person at a home in suburban Dallas on Monday when they found the bodies of six family members that are thought to have been there since Saturday—the result of an apparent murder-suicide pact. Coverage:
  • Two brothers, ages 19

Twin Sisters With High-Profile OCD Cases Found Dead

A suicide pact is suspected

(Newser) - Twin sisters, known for their debilitating symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder, have been found dead in Colorado in what police say was a possible suicide pact. Sara and Amanda Eldritch, 33, were found dead of gunshot wounds Friday in a vehicle near Canon City's Royal Gorge Bridge, some 130...

Did Tillerson's Statement Just Make Things Worse?
Did Tillerson's Statement
Just Make Things Worse?
the rundown

Did Tillerson's Statement Just Make Things Worse?

Gist of coverage is that his ties with Trump remain irreparably damaged

(Newser) - Rex Tillerson made the unusual move Wednesday of calling a news conference to refute reports that he's on the outs with President Trump and came close to resigning his post as secretary of state. So it's safe to say Tillerson is in DC for a while? Don't...

Couple Together for 6 Decades Carry Out Suicide Pact: Cops

NYC musician Joyce Hope Suskind, photographer Olaf Ringdahl found by friend

(Newser) - They swore they'd never be apart, and after nearly 60 years together, a Manhattan couple kept that promise in the most heartbreaking way. A friend of 88-year-old Joyce Hope Suskind and her 86-year-old husband, Olaf Ringdahl, found the artistic pair dead Sunday in their Upper West Side apartment, the...

Teen Friends Found Dead Within Hours of Each Other

Suicides are suspected in Texas tragedy

(Newser) - On Saturday night, 17-year-old Hillary Kate Kuizon was reported missing. By a few hours after midnight Sunday, both she and a friend, 17-year-old Ritu Sachdeva, had both been found dead by suspected suicide in Murphy, Texas. "If ... there was some sort of pact, we need to know that because...

Self-Help Radio Hosts Died Holding Hands

Building manager found John Littig, Lynne Rosen

(Newser) - A strong odor alerted building manager Hasan Boztepe that something was not right inside John Littig and Lynne Rosen's Brooklyn apartment. When no one answered his repeated knocks, he broke down the door Monday and found the two radio hosts dead in a double suicide . They were sitting on...

Dead Priests Hired Own Hit Men
 Dead Priests Hired Own Hit Men

Dead Priests Hired Own Hit Men

Colombian pair made pact after one diagnosed with AIDS, prosecutors say

(Newser) - A pair of Colombian priests found shot dead in a car last year decided to commit suicide by hit man after one of them was diagnosed with AIDS, prosecutors say. Police initially suspected robbery when the priests' bodies were found, but investigators managed to trace two of the alleged assassins...

Teen Couple Leap to Deaths After Her Forced Marriage

Bangladeshi pair ended their lives on Valentine's Day

(Newser) - A love affair between two teens in Bangladesh ended in tragedy after the 16-year-old girl's family married her off to a man twice her age. The girl and her 17-year-old boyfriend tied their hands together with a scarf and jumped to their deaths from a mobile phone tower, the...

Couple Kills Selves Outside Church They Married In

Patricia and Bruce Wright died in an apparent suicide pact

(Newser) - Las Vegas couple Patricia and Bruce Wright apparently made a pact to end their lives Sunday at the same Florida church where they married 40 years ago, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. A pastor discovered the couple early Sunday morning under a tree behind the church, with a rifle and...

Ex-Nurse Jailed for Urging Suicide on Web

Suicide-obsessed man enjoyed the 'thrill of the chase'

(Newser) - A former nurse in Minnesota who persuaded at least two people he met online to commit suicide has been sentenced to 360 days in jail. William Melchert-Dinkel, 48, posed as a female nurse in chat rooms and was found guilty earlier this year of aiding the suicides of a Canadian...

Suicide Pact Twin Wrote Letters to Columbine Alum

She talked with Brooks Brown in 1999

(Newser) - The Australian twins who shot themselves at a Colorado firing range may have been obsessed with the Columbine school shootings, which happened just 20 miles from the shooting range where one sister died . Investigators found that Kristin Hermeler, the twin who died, wrote letters to a former Columbine student in...

Twins Meant to Kill Each Other in Suicide Pact

Sheriff's office speaks to surviving Australian woman

(Newser) - The 29-year-old Australian twins shot at a firing range in Colorado meant to kill each other in a suicide pact, sheriff's officials said. Witnesses say the twins were shooting and chatting for about 90 minutes when they suddenly fell to the floor of the booth they occupied. Both had gunshot...

UK Suicide Pact Pair Met in Person Just Hours Earlier

Woman was a regular on a suicide forum

(Newser) - Two Britons who died in an apparent death pact earlier this month may have been perfect strangers who met on a web forum, reports the Sun . Joanne Lee, 34, was a regular on a suicide forum, where she asked for advice on toxic chemicals and, at one point, begged for...

Cops Hunt 'Cult,' Suspect Suicide Mission

Religious group left behind notes that talked of 'going to heaven'

(Newser) - California cops are hunting a breakaway religious group they call "cult-like" after five adults and at least eight kids went missing last night—leaving behind deeds, cellphones, final notes that referred to "going to heaven," and the strong indication they were on a mass suicide mission, reports...

Cops Suspect Suicide Pact in Brothers' Deaths

Boys found with gunshot wounds behind family house

(Newser) - Police suspect murder-suicide or a suicide pact in the death of brothers Bryan Gonzalez, 12, and Christian Gonzalez, 10, in California, but they can't be sure. "Whether it was murder-suicide, or suicide pact, unfortunately we’ll never know for sure,’’ an investigator tells the LA Times . “...

Baby Survives Shooting By Suicidal Parents

7-month-old girl found alive with bullet in her chest 3 days later

(Newser) - A 7-month-old Argentine baby has miraculously survived being shot as part of her parents’ apparent suicide pact. The baby girl was found covered in blood alongside the bodies of her parents and her 2-year-old brother, a bullet lodged in her chest, ABC News reports. She’d been there for three...

2 Teen Girls Hugged, Stepped in Front of Train

Third Pennsylvania girl got cold feet just before suicide

(Newser) - Two girls killed by a speeding Amtrak train last week in Pennsylvania actually committed suicide, according to a witness and autopsy results. Vanessa Dorwart and Gina Gentile, 15 and 16, stepped on to the tracks Thursday morning just before an Acela from Boston to Washington, DC, came through town. A...

Singapore Teen Gamers Planned Mass Suicide

Leader who leaped to his death believed they could come back to save world

(Newser) - Eight Singapore teenagers who played the video game Slayers planned to commit mass suicide but backed out after watching the first two leap to their death from an apartment building window, reports the Straits Times. One of the boys who died vowed the group would come back from the dead...

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