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Francis Bacon Painting Found 9 Years After Break-in

4 of 5 portraits stolen from subject's Madrid home have now been recovered

(Newser) - Four down, one to go. Police in Spain say they have recovered one of five Francis Bacon portraits of Jose Capelo that were stolen from the banker's Madrid home in 2015. Another three were recovered in 2015. Police said the 1989 painting Study for Portrait of Jose Capelo was...

Billionaire's Attempt to Hide Portrait Blows Up in Her Face

Vincent Namatjira's portrait of Gina Rinehart might now be destined for Times Square

(Newser) - Australia's richest woman just met the Streisand effect . Unhappy with a portrait of her featured in the National Gallery of Australia, mining billionaire Gina Rinehart sought to have it removed, the Guardian reports. But the portrait is not only staying put, it's now been shared by media around...

Geologist Has a Theory on Where Mona Lisa Is Set

Ann Pizzorusso used da Vinci's diaries to pinpoint a location on Lake Como

(Newser) - For Ann Pizzorusso, the most fascinating mystery of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa sits just over her shoulders. A geologist and Italian Renaissance scholar, Pizzorusso spent years puzzling out the painting's setting, and she used his diaries to track down where he traveled during that period. The CBC...

Family Had a Botticelli All Along
$100M Botticelli Found in Home

$100M Botticelli Found in Home

Mayor mediates removal for work headed to Naples museum

(Newser) - Another long-missing painting by a great Italian artist has been found in a private home . Sandro Botticelli's depiction of the Virgin Mary and infant Christ was tracked down in Gragnano, a southern Italy town near Naples, CNN reports. The painting, which was commissioned for the Roman Catholic Church in...

Climate Activists Hit London's National Gallery

'Just Stop Oil' protesters smash glass protecting Diego Velazquez's 'Toilet of Venus' painting

(Newser) - Two climate change protesters smashed a protective glass panel covering a famous Diego Velazquez oil painting at London's National Gallery, the group Just Stop Oil said Monday. The two activists targeted Velazquez's The Toilet of Venus, also known as The Rokeby Venus, with small hammers. Photos showed the...

A Find Like This Comes 'Once in a Generation'
A Find Like This Comes
'Once in a Generation'
in case you missed it

A Find Like This Comes 'Once in a Generation'

Long-lost work by old master Artemisia Gentileschi rediscovered in palace storage

(Newser) - England's King Charles I owned seven paintings by Artemisia Gentileschi, a 17th-century Italian artist born to a father who associated with the famous realist painter Caravaggio. She is now considered "one of the finest artists of her era, up there with Caravaggio," per ARTNews , but unfortunately for...

Want Your Own Bob Ross? Prepare to Shell Out Millions

His first creation from 'The Joy of Painting' is now on offer in a rare sale

(Newser) - It was the very first time Bob Ross stood at his easel and taught the world how to paint. On the January 1983 premiere episode of The Joy of Painting, he crafted a woodland scene in autumn, a mix of warm browns and yellows. A Walk in the Woods, as...

In Old Danish Paintings, Researchers Make a Beery Find

Danish masters used brewery byproducts as a primer

(Newser) - Painters' studios in the 19th-century Danish Golden Age probably smelled a lot like breweries. In a study published in Science Advances , researchers say they discovered that Danish masters including Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, considered the father of Danish painting, used an "unconventional binder" to prepare their canvases—the byproducts of...

Historian Claims to Have Solved a Mona Lisa Mystery

Bridge above subject's shoulder still stands in Tuscany, says Silvano Vinceti

(Newser) - Few eyes gazing upon Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa likely notice the tiny bridge painted just above the subject's left shoulder, on the right side of the painting. But that piece of architecture stood out to Italian historian Silvano Vinceti, who believes he's identified it as a...

Painting Found Covered in Bird Poop in Shed Sells for $3.1M

Anthony Van Dyck's 'A Study for Saint Jerome' was purchased for $600 in 2002

(Newser) - Two decades ago, the painting sat abandoned in a farm shed, covered in bird droppings. It sold Thursday at auction for $3.1 million. The large oil painting , discovered by art collector Albert B. Roberts in the shed in Kinderhook, New York, around 2002, was later confirmed as a work...

Beneath This Early Cezanne Painting, a 'Huge Discovery'

X-ray reveals what Cincinnati Art Museum conservator believes to be a self-portrait

(Newser) - The Cincinnati Art Museum believes it's found a self portrait of Paul Cezanne hidden beneath a still-life painting that's been in its collection for nearly 70 years. Chief conservator Serena Urry was inspecting Cezanne's 1865 oil painting "Still Life with Bread and Eggs" when she spotted...

A New Reason Why Munch's Famous Painting Is Screaming

Climate activists tried to glue themselves to 'The Scream' at National Museum in Oslo, Norway

(Newser) - Norwegian police said two climate activists tried in vain Friday to glue themselves to Edvard Munch's 1893 masterpiece The Scream at an Oslo museum, and that no harm was reported to the famous painting. Police said they were alerted to the incident by Norway's National Museum and had...

Van Gogh Painting Gets a Soup Bath by Climate Activists

'Sunflowers' wasn't harmed after 'Just Stop Oil' protesters vandalized it in London's National Gallery

(Newser) - Let's start off with the good news: The 1888 version of Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers is just fine, even after it just got tomato soup dumped all over it. The bad news, at least for the pair of climate activists that carried out the vandalism, is that they'...

Cops: Woman Scammed Own Mom in $140M Psychic Ruse

Sabine Boghici, 48, and accomplices are accused of conning her 82-year-old mother for years

(Newser) - A Brazilian woman was arrested this week and accused of recruiting a group of fake psychics to scam her own 82-year-old mother out of about $140 million in cash, artwork, and jewelry, reports the Washington Post . The alleged scheme began in January 2020, when Genevieve Boghici, the wealthy widow of...

Museum Uncovers Van Gogh Self-Portrait

X-ray shows the artist on the flip side of Head of a Peasant Woman

(Newser) - Ownership of Van Gogh's Head of a Peasant Woman comes with a bonus: An X-ray has shown a self-portrait of the artist is on the reverse side of the 1885 canvas. "Such a major discovery happens once, twice in a conservator's lifetime," said Lesley Stevenson, senior...

X-Rays Reveal Hidden Sketches in Famous Painting

'Nude With a Hat' is one of Modigliani's best-known works

(Newser) - Curators at an Israeli museum have discovered three previously unknown sketches by celebrated 20th-century artist Amedeo Modigliani hiding beneath the surface of one of his paintings. The unfinished works by Modigliani, an Italian-born artist who worked in Paris before his death in 1920, came to light after the canvas of...

'Shot' Warhol Portrait Expected to Fetch $200M

'Shot Sage Blue Marilyn' likely to break record for a 20th-century painting

(Newser) - Performance artist Dorothy Podber put a bullet through a stack of Andy Warhol paintings of Marilyn Monroe in 1964 but she definitely didn't destroy their value: Christie's says it expects one of them, Shot Sage Blue Marilyn, to fetch $200 million at a May auction, which would make...

Back at Auction, Shredded Banksy Won't Come Cheap
Shredded Banksy Sells
Way Higher Than Expected

Shredded Banksy Sells Way Higher Than Expected

Fetches $25.4M at Sotheby's, compared to $1.4M for un-shredded price

(Newser) - Update: How much for a shredded Banksy? Try $25.4 million. A piece that was deliberately shredded in a prank sold to an anonymous Asian buyer for that amount at Sotheby's in London on Thursday, reports the Wall Street Journal . That is way higher than expected. Our original story ...

French Heir Turns Over Stolen Art to US Museum

Pissarro painting was stolen by Nazis in 1941

(Newser) - The University of Oklahoma never disputed the fact that a Pissarro painting it's displayed since 2000 was stolen from a Jewish family in France by Nazis during World War II. But when Léone Meyer tracked down Shepherdess Bringing in Sheep in 2012, the university wouldn't give the...

Bob Ross' Output Was Wild. So Where Are His Paintings?

The Hustle tries to figure out why you don't see them for sale all the time

(Newser) - It's one of those questions that you've probably never thought about but can't get out of your head once you do: Why don't you commonly see Bob Ross' paintings for sale? Zachary Crockett asks and answers it in a lengthy piece for the Hustle that adds...

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