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Celeb Chef to US Media: I Have a Round Tummy, Deal With It

Nigella Lawson is fully on board the 'stop Photoshopping celebrities' bandwagon

(Newser) - Everyone wants to look their best when their photo is taken or they're seen on TV, but not everyone is thrilled "to be airbrushed thinner." At least not British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, who Sky News reports has taken issue with anyone trying to Photoshop how she...

Nigella Lawson's New Humiliation: Barred From US

Could be due to drug confessions

(Newser) - As if it's not bad enough to have your ex-assistants publicly brand you a cokehead , now Nigella Lawson's admitted drug use may have gotten the celebrity chef barred from the US. Lawson was forbidden to board a Heathrow flight to Los Angeles on Sunday, the Department of Homeland...

Paula Deen: I'm Like That Black, Gay Football Player

Says she totally empathizes with Michael Sam

(Newser) - Paula Deen is on the cover of People , and at first, it seemed like your standard, boring comeback interview: She felt like her "world was crashing down," she's "fighting to get my name back," she "would never ever hurt anyone intentionally," she apologizes...

Jury Sides With Nigella Lawson's Ex-Assistants

Grillo sisters acquitted of fraud

(Newser) - Nigella Lawson's ex-assistants were acquitted today of defrauding Charles Saatchi of more than $1 million. Apparently the jury believed Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo's claim that they were allowed to spend the money, using Saatchi's company credit card, in return for not revealing his then-wife's drug problems,...

Did Nigella Lawson Let Her Children Smoke Pot?

That's what ex-assistant implies in court testimony

(Newser) - The latest crazy allegation to come out of the trial of Nigella Lawson's ex-assistants: One of them implied while testifying yesterday that the celebrity chef let her kids smoke marijuana. Elisabetta Grillo told the court that Lawson was OK with cigarettes being purchased for her underage children; when a...

Nigella Lawson: I Used Coke, But I'm Not a Cokehead

Testifies in court that Charles Saatchi threatened to 'destroy' her

(Newser) - Nigella Lawson may not be a cokehead , but she has used cocaine, she admitted in court today. She estimated having used it about six times, most recently in 2010 when she was a victim of "intimate terrorism." She also admitted smoking marijuana, but said though she smoked it...

Ex-Hubby Backtracks on Nigella Druggie Claims

No evidence celebrity chef took drugs, Charles Saatchi says

(Newser) - Charles Saatchi says he has no knowledge of his ex-wife Nigella Lawson ever taking drugs—days after the release of an email in which he referred to the celebrity chef as drug-addled. Saatchi testified yesterday at the fraud trial of two former personal assistants, who are accused of spending the...

Nigella Lawson Was a Cokehead: Ex-Assistants

They say she had a daily drug habit

(Newser) - The craziness surrounding Nigella Lawson and ex-husband Charles Saatchi got even crazier yesterday, when a London court heard testimony that for more than 10 years, Lawson abused drugs including cocaine on a daily basis. The testimony came as part of a trial involving Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo, who used to...

Nigella Lawson's Quickie Divorce Granted

She and Charles Saatchi are dunzo

(Newser) - From borderline abusive tabloid pictures to divorce in less than seven weeks: Nigella Lawson is free of former husband Charles Saatchi, who announced his divorce plans shortly after the tabloid incident. The High Court granted the divorce in a hearing that lasted less than 60 seconds, the BBC reports, although...

Hubby Dumps Nigella Lawson —Via Tabloid Announcement

Charles Saatchi 'disappointed' she didn't support him

(Newser) - Most guys photographed in a public fight with their wife—in which he was grabbing her neck —might issue an apology or get some counseling. Not Charles Saatchi, who is instead filing for divorce from Nigella Lawson, because he's "disappointed" that she didn't stand up for...

10 More Scandals Involving Star Chefs

Paula Deen is far from the first

(Newser) - We all know about Paula Deen's n-word scandal, but Radar offers up 10 more controversies involving celebrity chefs:
  • Bobby Flay came out to help January Jones after her 2010 car accident, leading to rumors of an affair between the married chef and the Mad Men star. Some think he

Nigella Lawson Allegedly Attacked by Husband in Public

Scotland Yard investigating Charles Saatchi

(Newser) - Police are investigating Nigella Lawson's husband after photos were published in a UK tabloid yesterday showing him apparently grabbing her throat as they sat outside at a restaurant in Mayfair. Witnesses tell the Mirror that multimillionaire art dealer Charles Saatchi grabbed the TV chef's neck four times during...

Nigella Lawson Was Inspiration for Alice Character
Nigella Lawson Was Inspiration for Alice Character

Nigella Lawson Was Inspiration for Alice Character

Director Burton saw White Queen in celeb chef

(Newser) - British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson was an inspiration for the White Queen character in his Alice in Wonderland, director Tim Burton says. “She’s really beautiful and she does all this cooking, but then there’s this glint in her eye,” Burton tells the Los Angeles Times of...

Food Industry's Loveliest Ladies

Padma Lakshmi tops list; Food Network faves score

(Newser) - Of a piece with the site’s list of the hottest men in food , Slashfood presents its top women:
  • Padma Lakshmi: “Calm, collected, and poised, the host of Bravo’s Top Chef is possibly the hottest woman on television,” John Devore writes.
  • Giada De Laurentiis: The Food Network

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