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Pam Anderson on Allen Claim: 'It's His Job to Cross the Line'

Actress doesn't think 'Home Improvement' co-star had 'bad intentions' when he allegedly flashed her

(Newser) - If Pam Anderson has any hard feelings about an incident she says took place more than 30 years ago with Tim Allen, she's not showing it. Anderson had written in her new memoir that Allen flashed her on the set of Home Improvement in 1991 (he denies it), but...

Cops: We Caught Serial Flasher After 20 Years

Michigan's Steven Pastoor is in custody

(Newser) - For nearly two decades, a man known as the Cascade Flasher has been exposing himself in Michigan's Cascade Township. But police say his creepy reign has finally come to an end, reports MLive . Officers say they arrested 54-year-old Steven Pastoor near a highway, naked from the waist down. Investigators...

Man Flashes Housekeeper, Plunges From Hotel Balcony

He fell to his death at Hyatt Regency Atlanta

(Newser) - Police say a man flashed a housekeeper at an Atlanta hotel and died trying to escape security by leaping between balconies. Atlanta police Investigator James White tells reporters that the man died at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta hotel early Monday. White says the housekeeper reported the man to security and...

Jogger Chases Down Flasher, but Can Get No One to Help

Man breaks free from Israeli vet and flees

(Newser) - A woman flashed by a man as she jogged last week chased him, caught him, and held him—but he got away after passersby ignored her pleas to call 911. Aia Polansky, 33, said she was jogging in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when she passed a man walking the other way who...

Bizarre Sting: Male Cop Dresses as Amish Woman

Pennsylvania police try to trap sex predator

(Newser) - In what has to be among the weirdest police stings ever, a male cop in Pennsylvania dressed up like an Amish woman and tried to lure a sexual predator. Sgt. Chad Adams of the Pulaski Township Police Department explains that he walked up and down the town's streets over...

Woman Flashes St. Patrick's Cathedral
Woman Flashes
St. Patrick's Cathedral

Woman Flashes St. Patrick's Cathedral

It was performance art, says 'Harvey Von Toast'

(Newser) - Persistent New York City flasher Holly Von Voast, also known as Harvey Von Toast, was in court yesterday charged with showing too much flesh at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Cops charged the 46-year-old show-off with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, and marijuana possession after she allegedly removed her top while walking...

Flasher Messes With Wrong New Yorker

Perv wearing condom cornered by cell phone posse

(Newser) - Don't mess with New Yorkers. That's what a subway perv discovered when he pressed up against a feisty redhead who went ballistic when she noticed he was flashing her—and wearing a condom, reports Jezebel . She furiously announced the assault to her fellow passengers—who promptly also began filming the...

Gold-Painted Flasher Tries to Steal Soda Truck

Man exposes his genitals, butt in Oklahoma City Chili's

(Newser) - It's not every day that a flasher covered in gold paint tries to steal a soda truck from a Chili's parking lot. But that's what happened this weekend in Oklahoma City, where convicted felon Dominick Christian Thayer walked into a Chili's wearing nothing but shorts ... that revealed his genitals and...

Thieves Flash Breasts to Pull ATM Job

Female crooks make boob out of customer

(Newser) - A couple of French female desperados flashed their breasts at a customer withdrawing funds from an ATM to distract him while they ripped him off. As his eyes were particularly drawn to one woman's chest, the other grabbed his money and ran (with her shirt down). The heist was captured...

Twitter Nabs Subway Flasher
 Twitter Nabs Subway Flasher 

Twitter Nabs Subway Flasher

Tweeted photo leads cops to perv

(Newser) - When a flasher started openly fondling himself on a Boston subway last week, fellow passenger Nay Khun took the issue to Twitter. Khun snapped and immediately tweeted a photo of the flasher, writing: "pervert on the 2nd car of the red line ... help me report him." Thanks in...

How Chatroulette Turns Men Into Flashers

'Inadequate' guys seek out 'big' reaction

(Newser) - Anonymity is the critical ingredient that often makes good boys go very naughty and flash strangers wheeling through bedrooms via Chatroulette, say experts. Even men (mostly) who have never flashed anyone in their lives are suddenly finding themselves showing off their genitalia on the latest social network that allows webcam...

Rugby Fan Flashes Stunned BBC Viewers

Ungrateful nation ''gobsmacked'

(Newser) - Police are investigating a Scottish rugby fan who deliberately dropped his kilt during a live BBC broadcast. Boozy Keith Davies proudly flashed a stunned nation as a group of Scotland supporters talked to BBC Wales before a major rugby series in Cardiff over the weekend. Viewers were "gobsmacked,"...

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