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Uproar After Hunter Allegedly Takes Wolf Into Bar, Kills It

Wildlife officials' interpretation of law makes torture of predator species legal, activists warn

(Newser) - A man and a wolf walk into a bar. It isn't a joke, though some argue the consequences for the man who allegedly paraded the yearling wolf in front of bar patrons before killing it behind the building are indeed laughable. Wyoming hunter Cody Roberts allegedly chased down the...

US Wildlife Experts Play Dating Game With Rare Wolf

Wildlife officials pick up wandering female gray wolf, will try to mate her with one of two brothers

(Newser) - A match made in the wilds of New Mexico? An endangered Mexican wolf captured last weekend after wandering hundreds of miles from Arizona to New Mexico is now being readied for a dating game of sorts as part of federal reintroduction efforts. But as the AP reports, only time will...

'Extraordinary Number' of Yellowstone Wolves Killed

20 roamed from the park in recent months and were shot

(Newser) - Twenty of Yellowstone National Park's renowned gray wolves roamed from the park and were shot by hunters in recent months—the most killed by hunting in a single season since the predators were reintroduced to the region more than 25 years ago, according to park officials. Fifteen wolves were...

Trailblazing Wolf Found Dead an Hour North of Los Angeles

OR93 was apparently killed by vehicle

(Newser) - A gray wolf that made history via its epic journey to southern California has met a sad but all too predictable end. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says the body of OR93, a male wolf born in northern Oregon in 2019, was found earlier this month by a...

Warned Over Wolf Kill: Montana's Governor

Greg Gianforte, who is expected to loosen trapping rules, received a written warning

(Newser) - Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte has received a warning after violating state hunting regulations in the killing of his first wolf. The newly-elected Gianforte trapped and killed a radio-collared male adult wolf just north of Yellowstone National Park on Feb. 15, per Boise State Public Radio . He had a license to...

Wolves Attack Worker at Center Where Lion Killed Intern

Injured keeper says she is 'doing just fine'

(Newser) - A worker has been injured by two wolves at the same North Carolina exotic animal center where an escaped lion killed a college intern in 2018. Authorities say animal keeper Hayley Quay was bitten on the elbows and thigh in the wolf enclosure at Conservators Center Saturday afternoon and was...

'Incredible' Finds on Wolf Pup That Died 57K Years Ago

How this mummified Ice Age pup died, her last meal, and more

(Newser) - We now know a lot more about the 57,000-year-old wolf pup who still looks cute enough to pet . The mummified gray wolf discovered in Canada's Yukon territory in 2016 is the subject of a new study, revealing the female pup's internal organs are as well-preserved as her...

A National Park First: 'Like Something Out of a Horror Movie'

Wolf went after family of 4 sleeping in their tent at Banff campground in Alberta, Canada

(Newser) - "It was like something out of a horror movie." That's not how you want to remember a camping trip with your husband and two young sons, but per a Facebook post by Elisa Rispoli, that's how things went down Thursday night in Banff National Park after...

Alongside a River, a Most Fascinating Severed Head

It belongs to a 40K-year-old wolf

(Newser) - That rare case when finding a severed head is more fascinating than gruesome: when it belongs to a 40,000-year-old wolf and still has its fur and teeth. That's apparently the case in eastern Siberia, where a man came across the remains along the Tirekhtyakh River in Yakutia last...

Famous Yellowstone Wolf Killed Same Way as Mother

'Spitfire' was killed by hunter just outside park

(Newser) - Yellowstone wolf-watchers are mourning Lamar Canyon Wolf Pack member 926F—a she-wolf better known as "Spitfire." The 7-year-old wolf was legally killed by a trophy hunter in Montana just outside the park's boundary, the New York Times reports. Spitfire's mother, known as the "most famous...

Wolf Pup Died 50K Years Ago, Still 'So Cute'

Wolf, caribou found in Canada provide some of the world's oldest mummified soft tissue

(Newser) - "It's so cute" is not a typical reaction upon finding a 50,000-year-old dead animal, yet it's hard to argue with paleontologist Grant Zazula's assessment. With pristine muscle, skin, and fur, the complete mummified wolf pup, believed to have died around eight weeks old, looks as...

'We Have No Idea What This Was Until We Get a DNA Report'

Mysterious wolf-like creature shot in Montana

(Newser) - A central Montana rancher shot a wolf-like animal after it was spotted in a pasture with livestock, but a closer look has prompted state wildlife officials to take DNA samples to determine what type of animal it was, reports the AP . Fish, Wildlife, and Parks regional spokesman Bruce Auchly said...

Rare White Wolf in Yellowstone Was Shot: Authorities

$10K reward offered for info leading to killer

(Newser) - The reward for information leading to whoever shot a rare white wolf found inside Yellowstone National Park rose to $10,000 on Friday after a wolf advocacy group matched a $5,000 reward offered earlier by the park. Yellowstone officials euthanized the severely injured wolf after hikers found the animal...

North America Only Has One Wolf Species Left
North America Only Has
One Wolf Species Left

North America Only Has One Wolf Species Left

It's the gray wolf; all others are hybrids: study

(Newser) - The US government recognizes three wolf species in North America: the red wolf, eastern wolf, and gray wolf. Two, it turns out, aren't true wolf at all. In a new genetic study , scientists at UCLA say the gray wolf is the last wolf species on the continent and all...

She Was Stalked by a Wolf for 12 Hours. Then the Bear Came

Joanne Barnaby just wanted to pick some mushrooms

(Newser) - Meet Joanne Barnaby, Canada's biggest badass. CBC reports Barnaby bravely used a protective mother bear to get rid of the hungry wolf that had been stalking her through the woods for 12 hours. The ordeal started last Friday when Barnaby was out picking mushrooms with her dog, Joey. They...

Dog Deemed Part Wolf Saved From Euthanasia

Judge reverses decision, will send 'Karma' to a wolf sanctuary

(Newser) - When Josh and Tiffany Ogle were arrested in a domestic violence dispute in Orange County in May, the couple lost their four kids to foster care and their dog Karma was impounded. At that point animal control deemed the animal a wolf-dog hybrid that could not get the rabies vaccine...

Study: 'Golden Wolf' Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight

We just thought it was the African golden jackal

(Newser) - Africa, home to the Ethiopian wolf and the gray wolf, can now lay claim to the African golden wolf—the first new species of canid (which also encompasses jackals, foxes, and coyotes) to be discovered in 150 years, reports National Geographic . The new species has long been misunderstood to be...

For $20K, George RR Martin Will Kill You

Literarily speaking, of course, and to save some wolves

(Newser) - If you happen to have $20,000 burning a hole in your pocket, George RR Martin will cut you for it. The author behind Game of Thrones will slay you with all appropriate gore—on the written page, of course—if you are a top-tier donor of his current crowdfunding...

US Olympian Runs Into Wolf— in Sochi Dorm
 That Olympic Wolf? 
 A Kimmel Stunt 

That Olympic Wolf? A Kimmel Stunt

Kate Hansen was in on viral video prank

(Newser) - It seemed like the ultimate Sochi fail, but it was actually a Jimmy Kimmel prank: American luger Kate Hansen claimed to have filmed a wolf roaming the halls of Olympic Village Wednesday, tweeting out the video link, posted to YouTube, along with this caption: "Wolf in my hall?!?...

Activists Fear for Dogs in Wisconsin Wolf Hunts

Lawsuit seeks to stop use of hunting dogs

(Newser) - Wisconsin will have its first wolf hunting season this fall—and the state is allowing dogs to be used in the hunt, which animal activists say will lead to violent confrontations similar to illegal dog fights. "Mainstream hunters do not want wolves to die in bloody, grotesque ways,"...

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