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Mom of Boy Arrested for Public Peeing Wants Case Thrown Out

She won't sign probation agreement subjecting 10-year-old to curfew, possible drug tests

(Newser) - The mother of a 10-year-old child who was sentenced by a Mississippi judge to three months of probation and a book report for urinating in public has refused to sign his probation agreement and has asked for the charge against her son to be dismissed, the family's attorney announced...

Ramaswamy Learns the Hard Way About the 'Mute' Button

Presidential candidate is heard urinating during convo on X with Elon Musk, Alex Jones, others

(Newser) - The last thing you want to do while taking part in a live online chat is forget to press "mute" while heeding nature's call. Vivek Ramaswamy found that out the hard way over the weekend, when his bathroom break was heard 'round the internet after getting picked...

Viral Video May Have Repelled Fans of This Beer for Good

Clip online seems to show worker peeing in ingredients container at Tsingtao plant in China

(Newser) - While we probably don't want to know every single ingredient that goes into our beverages, that may be especially true for drinkers of China's Tsingtao beer. The South China Morning Post reports that a video has gone viral showing what appears to be a worker urinating into a...

He Got a Big Touchdown. Then, a Headshaking Penalty

Ole Miss player draws unsportsmanlike conduct for 'peeing' like dog, costs team the game

(Newser) - Elijah Moore will probably never get down again on his hands and knees and pretend to urinate like a dog. That's a good guess, anyway, after the Ole Miss sophomore's antics during Thursday's annual matchup over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend between the University of Mississippi Rebels and...

DMV Wants Mom to Turn In Her 'PB4WEGO' License Plate

NH mom says vanity plate she's had for 15 years is funny, not offensive

(Newser) - A mother in New Hampshire is battling to keep her vanity license plate referencing an "excretory function"—though she says there's nothing offensive about "PB4WEGO." "I'm not the type to sit here with a picket, but come on," Wendy Auger of Gonic...

Instant Karma Greets Boy Who Peed in Elevator
Instant Karma
Greets Boy Who
Peed in Elevator

Instant Karma Greets Boy Who Peed in Elevator

Whiz kid caused a short circuit, which left him trapped

(Newser) - China's Ministry of Public Security released footage of a boy peeing in an elevator in an effort to warn about unsupervised kids. But it's the instant karma the kid received that's overtaken the conversation, per the BBC . The Friday footage from Chongqing shows a boy peeing on...

Fish Can't Talk, So They Pee Instead
Fish Can't Talk,
So They Pee Instead

Fish Can't Talk, So They Pee Instead

For cichlids, urination is also a form of communication

(Newser) - Perhaps you know someone who's written his name in snow, you know, with urine. That's essentially what some fish do every day. In a study titled, "To pee or not to pee: urine signals mediate aggressive interactions in the cooperatively breeding cichlid," researchers explain that urination...

Wrigley Field's Bathrooms Were Closed, So This Happened

Fans on opening day reportedly resorted to peeing in cups after 45-minute waits

(Newser) - Baseball fans endured a long, cold winter for opening day, but for Cubs fans at Wrigley Field last night, there was more waiting to come to answer nature's call. According to a statement sent out by the Cubs after their game against the St. Louis Cardinals, two of the...

Pregnant Woman: Starbucks Barista Blocked Me From Bathroom

Multiple times; venti-size outrage ensues

(Newser) - If you are the lone thing standing between a woman with a 7- or 8-pound fetus parked on her bladder and the nearest public bathroom, well, let's just say digging your heels in isn't going to win you any pregnant friends or an employee of the month award....

Study: Mammals Big, Small Pee in About 21 Seconds

Above 6.5 pounds, urination duration doesn't scale with size

(Newser) - Ever wonder why it doesn't take elephants an hour to pee? Well someone did. After studying mammals of all walks of life at Zoo Atlanta, scientists discovered that, aside from those that weigh 6.5 pounds or less, it takes the rest of us mammals on average 21 seconds...

Turns Out Peeing in the Pool May Actually Be Bad for You
Peeing in the Pool May
Actually Be Bad for You
in case you missed it

Peeing in the Pool May Actually Be Bad for You

Study finds urine, chlorine create dangerous chemical byproducts

(Newser) - Peeing in the pool: gross, sure, but no real harm done? Think again. Researchers at Purdue and China Agricultural universities recently studied what happens when urine meets water containing chlorine and other chemicals—and they found that two potentially dangerous chemical byproducts are formed, Discover reports. The uric acid in...

Scientists Come Up With 'Law of Urination'

Elephants pee as quickly as rats, study finds

(Newser) - Ever imagined a peeing contest between animals of various shapes and sizes? Probably not, but scientists studying the matter say that mammals big and small empty their bladders at about the same speed, New Scientist reports. More specifically, experts at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta have clocked the...

Phelps Agrees: 'Everybody Pees in the Pool'

Chorus of top swimmers admit mid-stroke urination

(Newser) - When you've gotta go, you've gotta go—even if you're an Olympian. Ryan Lochte recently 'fessed up to peeing in the pool, and now Michael Phelps has his back. "I think everybody pees in the pool," says the greatest Olympic competitor of all time....

Did Peeing Swimmers Kill 500 Fish?

Phosphates in urine linked to algae bloom

(Newser) - It's a pisser. Swimmers who pee in a lake could be responsible for the death of 500 fish. Experts believe a significant amount of urine in popular Eichbaum Lake in northern Germany is linked to an algae bloom that poisoned the fish. "Swimmers who urinate in the lake...

Man Busted for Peeing on Co-Workers' Chairs

Raymond Charles Foley urinated on those belonging to 'attractive females'

(Newser) - If your office chair seems a little damp ... well, you might want to find another one. A 59-year-old Des Moines man was charged with criminal mischief yesterday after turning himself in for peeing on the chairs of his Farm Bureau colleagues. Security cameras installed after mysterious stains began appearing on...

Depardieu Spoofs Peeing Incident

And yes, those are braids on his head

(Newser) - What's a man to do after peeing on the floor of a plane, getting laughed at by Anderson Cooper for a full minute, and informing the entire world that you have a prostate problem ? Option one: Crawl under a rock. Gerard Depardieu went with option two: Don braided...

Reservoir Pisser Reveals Big Gap in Water Security
Reservoir Pisser Reveals
Big Gap in Water Security
gee, thanks

Reservoir Pisser Reveals Big Gap in Water Security

If Josh Seater had been a terrorist...

(Newser) - Though the story initially got a laugh, no one is chuckling about the fact that Josh Seater was able to waltz up to a 7.8M gallon , open-air reservoir in Portland and pee in it while drunk last month. The incident led officials to drain the entire basin, and also...

Next Alternative Energy Source: Pee

Scientist develops method to pull hydrogen from urine

(Newser) - Someday, you may be able to power your home by taking a leak. Ohio University biomolecular engineer Gerardine Botte says she has developed a technology that can pull hydrogen power out of pee, the Guardian reports. Just put an electrode in wastewater, apply a little electricity, and voila—hydrogen atoms...

Pee in the Dark to Avoid Cancer
 Pee in the Dark to Avoid Cancer 
in case you missed it

Pee in the Dark to Avoid Cancer

Seriously, turning on light in the middle of the night seems to trigger something bad

(Newser) - First came the advice that we should all pee in the shower to save the water it takes to flush the toilet. Now, apparently, we should pee in the dark. Researchers in the UK and Israel have found that turning on the light in the middle of the night triggers...

NJ Man Arrested for Peeing on...Women

(Newser) - You can't make this stuff up, folks. Jersey City police believe they have caught the man responsible for peeing on the legs of several women since December. Nitinkuma Patel, 27, of Secaucus, NJ, was caught in the act, peeing on the back of a 16-year-old girl's legs as she walked...

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