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Disney Park Guests May Have to Use Their Indoor Voices

Trade group advises no shouting or singing when Disneyland reopens April 30

(Newser) - Disneyland and California Adventure plan to end their lockdown of more than a year on April 30. "It's been a long, long time since we've been able to create magic for our guests," said chief executive Bob Chapek, "and put our cast members back to...

Even at $75, There's Value in a Rideless California Adventure

What remains at Disney park works after a year of lockdown

(Newser) - It might seem an easy offer to resist spending your entertainment dollars on: California Adventure in Anaheim will reopen next month, charging $75 for visitors to be able to do not much more than walk around and buy food. The rides and shows will still be closed. Mary McNamara was...

Disneyland Fans, We Have Bad News
Disneyland Has
Bad News for Fans

Disneyland Has Bad News for Fans

Reopening originally planned for July 17 has been delayed

(Newser) - Disney is postponing the mid-July reopening of its Southern California theme parks until it receives guidelines from the state, the company announced Wednesday. Disney had hoped to reopen Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in Anaheim on July 17 after a four-month closure due to the coronavirus, the AP reports. But...

Disney Roller Coaster Closed by Selfie Stick

Incident on same coaster led to selfie stick ban

(Newser) - Why pay for a photo of yourself on the California Screamin' roller coaster at Disney California Adventure when you could snap your own selfie? That was apparently the logic of a visitor on Monday, who forced the ride to close for two hours after pulling out a selfie stick that...

Christina Aguilera Flips Out at ... Mickey

Calls the poor mouse an 'asshole,' source says

(Newser) - Do not mess with Christina Aguilera, even if you're Mickey Mouse. The singer was celebrating her 34th birthday at Disney's California Adventure recently, but when she and her friends tried to take a picture with Mickey, they were told he was taking a break and they'd have...

Disney to Let 100 People Join Super Secret Club
Disney to Let 100 People
Join Super Secret Club
in case you missed it

Disney to Let 100 People Join Super Secret Club

New members will be invited to Club 33, California Adventure's 1901

(Newser) - Membership at Disneyland’s secretive Club 33 is so sought-after that no new names have been added to the 800-person-strong waiting list in a decade. But now, for the first time in 10 years, the membership rolls are being opened up once again, and 100 people on the waiting list...

Starbucks Is Coming to Disneyland

Cafes will open in California, Florida theme parks

(Newser) - Starbucks is about to perk up "the happiest place on Earth." The Seattle-based coffee chain is today announcing a partnership to open a store inside each of the six Disney properties in California and Florida. The first will open this summer at Disneyland California Adventure in Anaheim. The...

Disney Visitor Falls From 'Tower of Terror'

He's OK after 25-foot drop

(Newser) - A visitor to Disney's Twilight Zone Tower of Terror suffered a bit of terror of his own when he fell about 25 feet while waiting to get on the ride, Fox 40 reports. The 20-year-old—police say he was drinking—climbed a rail near the start of the ride at...

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