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Army Base Faces 'Marathon of Recovery' After Rogue Waves

Repairs on Roi-Namur in Marshall Islands 'may last months or even years,' says Army rep

(Newser) - Powerful rogue waves slammed into a remote Pacific island that's home to a major US military installation on Saturday, causing extensive damage that could take months to repair, according to an Army statement. The Army said multiple areas of Roi-Namur "are underwater ," per CNN . Lying about 2,...

'Tremendous Wave Energy' Sends 8 to Hospital in California

Rogue wave crashes down on bystanders at Ventura's Pierpont Beach

(Newser) - "It's really exciting," one local said earlier this week of the giant waves that have been slamming into the California coastline of late, attracting gawkers who appear unfazed by the potential danger. A group of bystanders in the southern part of the state got more excitement on...

Cruise Ship Is Being Towed After Rogue Wave Struck

North Sea water entered bridge of the Maud, taking power down

(Newser) - A rogue wave knocked out the power Thursday on a cruise ship in the North Sea, disabling the ship's navigation system and requiring it to be towed. No serious injuries were reported among the 266 passengers and 131 crew members, USA Today reports. After conducting safety checks and assessing...

Freak Wave Slams Cruise Ship, Claims Life of Passenger

Rogue wave slams into Viking ship off the coast of Argentina

(Newser) - A freakishly large wave slammed into a cruise ship off the coast of Argentina and claimed the life of a passenger, reports AFP . Four other people on the Viking cruise were injured, though details of the death and their injuries were not revealed. However, all four of the injured are...

2020 Rogue Wave Confirmed as 'Most Extreme' on Record

Proportionally speaking, it was a true monster

(Newser) - Rogue waves have gone from folklore to fact over the centuries, and now scientists say they've managed to confirm the "most extreme" ever on record. A rogue wave is a monster that is at least twice the height of those around it, and the 58-footer noted off British...

'Sneaker' Wave Sweeps 4-Year-Old Off Beach

Luckily, an anonymous rescuer dove into the waters near Calif.'s Clam Beach to save little Aeris

(Newser) - In the shock of having witnessed the near-death of her daughter, Sincee George forgot to ask the name of the man who saved her. Now she's reaching out with thanks courtesy of the Lost Coast Outpost , which reports the Nov. 25 rescue came at the scariest moment of George'...

After Cow-Laden Cargo Ship Capsizes, a 2nd Rescue

Crew member from Gulf Livestock I found alive in raft in East China Sea off Japan; 40 still missing

(Newser) - Dozens of crew members and thousands of cows are missing after a cargo ship in the East China Sea was hit by a wave and capsized Wednesday near Japan, but a bit of good news emerged Friday. One crew member of the 43 aboard the doomed Gulf Livestock I had...

As His Mother Watched, Rogue Wave Swept Boy to His Death

The body of 4-year-old Wesley Belisle was found 5 days after he was swept out to sea

(Newser) - The body of a 4-year-old boy has been found five days after a rogue wave swept him out to sea during a family vacation to the Outer Banks, a popular tourist destination in North Carolina. "Under the watchful eye of the attending parents while walking along the shore" in...

Rogue Wave Sweeps Twin Sisters to Their Deaths

They went for a beach stroll during Cabo vacation

(Newser) - Twin sisters who went out for a morning stroll along a beach have become the latest victims of the notorious rogue waves of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Family members say Barbara Thomas of McKinney, Texas, and Beverly Skripsky of Scottsdale, Ariz., were on the third day of their vacation when...

Freak Wave Turns Family Vacation Into Nightmare

Father, toddler daughter drown after being pulled into water from beach

(Newser) - A family in England is in mourning after a vacation turned into a horrifying fight for life that both the father and a toddler daughter ultimately lost. The Bruynius family had traveled from London to a resort in Cornwall and were fishing on rocks on the beach on Aug. 19,...

A Buoy Noticed a Wave in 2013 That Was 'Remarkable'

Others may have been taller, but this was recorded by the best tool we have

(Newser) - The world's "highest significant wave height as measured by a buoy" was 62.3 feet, located in the (very) high seas between the UK and Iceland, and occurred in 2013, the World Meteorological Organization has confirmed. The wave formed after a strong cold front passed through the remote...

Rogue Wave Kills Mom in Maui
 Rogue Wave Kills Mom in Maui 

Rogue Wave Kills Mom in Maui

Her husband, 2 children witnessed the accident

(Newser) - Flight attendant Wendi Van Briesen was bodysurfing with 13-year-old son Tanner in Maui when a huge wave turned the family's first vacation to Hawaii tragic, knocking her unconscious, shattering two of her vertebrae, and putting her into a coma. Van Briesen's husband, Aaron, and 11-year-old daughter, McKenna, witnessed...

Man Surfs 90-Foot Monster Wave, Sets Record

 Man Surfs 90-Foot 
 Monster Wave, 
 Sets Record 

Man Surfs 90-Foot Monster Wave, Sets Record

Garrett McNamara rides rode monster off Portugal

(Newser) - There are waves, and then there are waves. Garrett McNamara managed to surf one of latter. The Telegraph reports that the Hawaiian set a world record after riding the 90-foot monster off the coast of Portugal. The 44-year-old professional surfer was in a prime position to do so: He was...

The Secrets of 120-Foot Rogue Waves

Susan Casey's new book explores the monsters

(Newser) - There are waves, and then there are waves. Susan Casey tackles the latter in The Wave, a new book that explores the world of rogue waves—individual giants that can measure more than 120 feet tall, damage 100-foot oil rigs, and even sink large ships. Salon talked to her about...

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