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Some Unusual Petitions About Bezos Are Circulating

10K want Amazon CEO denied re-entry to Earth, others want him to eat art

(Newser) - The way Jeff Bezos tells it, his trip to space next month will be the fulfillment of a childhood dream . In the view of some 10,000 critics, it will instead represent the ascent of "an evil overlord hellbent on global domination." More than 10,000 people have...

2 Dueling Views on Jeff Bezos&#39; Space Trip
Is Bezos
a Hero
or a Jerk?

Is Bezos a Hero or a Jerk? 2 Views

One writer thinks his space trip shows integrity, another the exact opposite

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos, conqueror of retail sales on Earth, is venturing into space next month on the first manned voyage of his Blue Origin company. As you might expect, this generated all kinds of opinions, and below are one each from the yea and nay camps:
  • Bravo: At Time , Jeffrey Kluger

Bezos' Blue Origin Wants a Woman on the Moon

NASA getting ready to pick a company to build a moon lander

(Newser) - If NASA can put 12 men on the moon, Jeff Bezos' space company thinks it can put a woman on our lunar neighbor, reports the Guardian . With NASA getting ready to pick between three companies vying to supply it with a lunar lander, Blue Origin posted an Instagram video of...

Sexual Tweet Is Elon Musk's Reply to Bezos' Lunar Lander

'Oh stop teasing, Jeff'

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos gave a "rambling" intro Thursday to the new moon lander created by his Blue Origin spacecraft company, and one person in particular was paying attention—and poking fun. CNBC reports competitor Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, took to Twitter Thursday night and tweeted out a photo of...

Jeff Bezos Unveils New Lunar Lander
Jeff Bezos Unveils
New Lunar Lander

Jeff Bezos Unveils New Lunar Lander

'It’s time to go back to the moon, this time to stay'

(Newser) - "This vehicle is going to the moon," the world's richest man declared Monday, unveiling his Blue Origin spacecraft company's Blue Moon lunar lander. Jeff Bezos told space industry execs at a Washington, DC, press conference Thursday that he believes the Trump administration's goal of getting...

In 'Delightful Surprise,' Blue Origins Rocket Lands After Escape Test

Company figured it would crash or explode

(Newser) - Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos' space firm , launched its New Shepard rocket and successfully landed it in the Texas desert Wednesday. The Verge notes that the company "fully expected" the rocket to break up, explode, or crash-land during the flight, the purpose of which was to test New Shepard's...

Bezos 1, Musk 0: Reusable Rocket Goes to Space and Back

Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket nailed landing after 62-mile journey

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin space firm beat Elon Musk's SpaceX to the punch and launched its Blue Shepard reusable rocket into outer space, then returned to its landing pad in its "first successful uncrewed reusability test," Mashable reports. The BE-3 rocket and empty crew capsule flew to...

Bezos Firm Tests Escape Pod for Rocket

Launch is another success for Blue Origin's space plans

(Newser) - Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has hit another milestone in helping NASA develop safe and affordable private space travel . His Blue Origin company successfully tested the launch of a new crew-escape system, and has a video of the unmanned pod's gentle return to solid ground. It uses a...

Jeff Bezos Building $42M Clock

Amazon founder's time piece will be 200 feet tall, last 10K years

(Newser) - Nobody spends money quite like Jeff Bezos. Case in point: The Amazon founder and CEO is building a 200-foot-tall clock deep inside a mountain near his West Texas property, the Wall Street Journal reports. Dubbed the "10,000 Year Clock," the device is designed to last millennia, playing...

Jeff Bezos' Unmanned Spaceship Blows Up

Amazon founder's ship is destroyed in test flight

(Newser) - Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' plans to develop a space taxi have taken a big hit after an unmanned spaceship from his Blue Origin company went ka-boom on a test flight, reports the Wall Street Journal . Few details are known about what happened, other than it's a setback for both...

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