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Lana Del Rey Explains That Waffle House Uniform
Lana Del Rey
Explains That
Waffle House

Lana Del Rey Explains That Waffle House Uniform

'I wish my album had gone as viral,' singer says of the brief stunt with siblings

(Newser) - Back in July, some unusual images surfaced of singer Lana Del Rey. There she was, in full uniform, working behind the counter at a small-town Waffle House in Alabama. Social statement, some thought. Music video, others countered, or perhaps a foray to find inspiration for future songs. None of the...

Lana Del Rey Spotted Working at a Waffle House

Nobody is quite sure what's going on regarding the odd Alabama job

(Newser) - The day's dose of celebrity weirdness comes courtesy of singer Lana Del Rey, who was spotted working as a waitress—nametag and all—at a Waffle House in Florence, Alabama, reports . The 38-year-old hasn't explained the reason she took a shift at the restaurant, though Insider...

Lana Del Rey Begs Fans Not to Listen to Stolen Songs

Singer says devices—including one with 200 pages of book she was penning—were lifted from her car

(Newser) - Celebrities—they're just like us! They, too, leave important items in their car that can get lifted when someone breaks in, as Lana Del Rey recently found out. Deadline reports that the 37-year-old Video Games singer revealed on Wednesday in a series of Instagram videos that earlier this year,...

Lana Del Rey Post Doesn't Go Over Well

She defends herself while calling out women of color for their own lyrics

(Newser) - At one point Thursday, "Lana" was the top trending topic on Twitter. That would typically be good news to an entertainer—in this case Lana Del Rey—but in this case, much of the attention was negative, reports the Daily Dot . It's all the result of a lengthy...

Lana Del Rey Takes Kanye to Task for Supporting Trump

Singer blasts rapper after West's 'SNL' appearance, pic with MAGA hat on Instagram

(Newser) - Kanye West, now apparently known as "Ye," caused quite a stir when he closed out Saturday Night Live with a pro-Trump/anti-Democrat tirade while wearing a red "Make America Great Again" baseball cap. West kept the controversy going Sunday, posting a photo on Instagram showing him sporting the...

Lana Del Rey Cancels Show in Israel Amid Pressure

Palestinian group urges a boycott of all Israeli events

(Newser) - Singer Lana Del Rey has canceled her planned performance at an Israeli music festival after pressure from Palestinian boycott activists, per the AP . In a Twitter message late Friday, Del Rey said that "it's important to me to perform in both Palestine and Israel and treat all my...

Arrested in Lana Del Rey Kidnap Plot: Man With 'Long Rap Sheet'

Orlando police say they found Michael Hunt a block away from her concert venue with a knife, tickets

(Newser) - A scary situation was diffused by the Orlando Police Friday evening right before a Lana Del Rey concert in that city's Amway Center, with Del Rey at the center of it. E! News and CNN report that 43-year-old Michael Hunt was arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping with a...

Anti-Abortion Dress Was Most Talked-About at Grammys

Rihanna skipped red carpet but wowed in trenchcoat

(Newser) - There were plenty of dazzling looks on display at this year's Grammy Awards, but there was a clear standout as most talked-about: Joy Villa turned up with a "Choose Life" handbag and had a picture of a fetus hand-painted on her ballgown, USA Today reports. The musician—who...

Deja Vu: Radiohead Sues Lana Del Rey Over 'Creep'

Radiohead itself was successfully sued over 'Creep' by the Hollies

(Newser) - In the beginning, there was " The Air That I Breathe " by the Hollies back in the 1970s. Twenty years later, Radiohead put out " Creep ." The Hollies thought it sounded familiar and sued, the result being that Radiohead now shares royalties and song-writing credits with the older...

Cobain's Kid Scolds Lana Del Rey

Frances Bean asserts there's nothing cool about dying young

(Newser) - Lana Del Rey got Frances Bean Cobain's attention when she told the Guardian earlier this month, "I wish I was dead already." She was talking, at the time, about her heroes, including Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain, and admitted that she sees dying young as glamorous. Frances...

Karl Lagerfeld: Adele 'Too Fat'
 Karl Lagerfeld: Adele 'Too Fat' 

Karl Lagerfeld: Adele 'Too Fat'

And Lana Del Rey has a lot of implants, says fashion designer

(Newser) - It's always fun when Karl Lagerfeld opens his mouth , which he did quite a bit during a recent stint as guest editor of Metro . His most buzz-generating quote is about Adele: "The thing at the moment is Adele," he says. "She is a little too fat,...

SNL Sends Newt to the Moon
 SNL Sends Newt to the Moon 

SNL Sends Newt to the Moon

Kristen Wiig hams it up as Callista, Lana Del Rey; Bon Iver turns in solid showing

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich got his hat handed to him in Nevada last night, and Saturday Night Live heaped insult on injury. The show ribbed Gingrich's "moon shot" with a sketch envisioning him as "moon president" in the not-so-distant time of 2014, notes Mediaite . Highlights include a student-janitor telling...

Redemption? Lana Del Rey Impresses Letterman

Singer's performance on live TV better received this time

(Newser) - Lana Del Rey didn't exactly get rave reviews for her Saturday Night Live performance, but she seems to have made a fan of David Letterman. After she sang a simpler version of her "Video Games" hit last night, Letterman jokingly asked if she could come back tonight, notes...

Lana Del Rey: Sorry, Haters, I Sang Fine on SNL

Her fans get it, even if critics don't, she says

(Newser) - Lana Del Rey is back in the news with the release of her debut LP, Born to Die, and the singer tells Rolling Stone she's not a bit bothered by all the negative press she got for her recent Saturday Night Live appearance. (A video clip from the show...

Daniel Radcliffe Magic in SNL Debut

But actor can't dodge Harry Potter entirely

(Newser) - Daniel Radcliffe made his Saturday Night Live debut last night, bringing "an impressive American accent" and a "strong presence," reports the Hollywood Reporter. The host zinged Casey Anthony, appearing as her new dog in an interview with Seth Meyers, and ripped his shirt off as a lovesick...

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