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Dog Behind 'Doge' Has Leukemia
Beloved Dog of Internet's
'Doge' Meme Has Died

Beloved Dog of Internet's 'Doge' Meme Has Died

Kabosu, the Shiba Inu from Japan who spurred the famous crypto meme, has passed at the age of 18

(Newser) - Kabosu, the beloved Shiba Inu behind the "doge" meme, has passed on to that great puppy paradise in the sky. That's per a blog post by the pet's owner, kindergarten teacher Atsuko Sato of Sakura, Japan, who announced the dog's death on Friday, per CNN . Sato...

Suit: Woman Given Mislabeled Stem Cells Died Horrifically

Wrongful death lawsuit tells of leukemia patient's agonizing final year

(Newser) - Elizabeth Aloisio hoped the stem cell transplant would aid her recovery from leukemia. Instead, it slowly killed her, according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed Tuesday in New York State Supreme Court, which claims the Queens resident received stem cells from an "incompatible donor" due to a "labeling...

Greg LeMond: Cancer Diagnosis Brings 'Great Relief'

US cycling legend had been feeling lousy for weeks

(Newser) - Two-time world cycling champion and three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond has been diagnosed with a form of leukaemia, which he says is treatable. "No one ever wants to hear the word cancer but, admittedly, there is great relief, now, to know why I was feeling poorly,"...

They Were Set to Wed in June. Then, 2 Cancer Diagnoses
First She Got the Doctor's
Call. Then Her Fiance Did

First She Got the Doctor's Call. Then Her Fiance Did

Mariah Nelesen, Clay Slenk move up wedding date after cancer diagnoses within 8 days of each other

(Newser) - Mariah Nelesen and Clay Slenk's wedding on June 10 was supposed to be a grand affair, with every detail meticulously planned out. Now they've moved the date up to April 9, and they're planning on a reception meal of "burgers and brats on the grill,"...

Doctors Say Gene Therapy Cured 2 of Cancer

CAR-T cells attacked cancer and stayed in the body of men with leukemia

(Newser) - In 2010, doctors treated Doug Olson's leukemia with an experimental gene therapy that transformed some of his blood cells into cancer killers. More than a decade later, there's no sign of cancer in his body. The treatment cured Olson and a second patient, reported University of Pennsylvania doctors,...

Swimmer Makes Olympics 2 Years After Diagnosis

Rikako Ikee qualifies for home Games in emotional return

(Newser) - Japanese swimmer Rikako Ikee on Sunday qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, just two years after she was diagnosed with leukemia. She swam a time of 57.77 seconds in the 100-meter butterfly at Japan's national championships held at the new swimming venue for the Tokyo Olympics. That qualified her...

Judge: Boy Can't Go Home With Parents Who Halted His Chemo

Noah McAdams, now 4, must remain with his grandparents, judge rules

(Newser) - The preschooler taken from his parents when they halted his chemotherapy is no closer to going home—the parents of Noah McAdams, now 4, were denied custody of their son in a ruling Monday in Florida, WFLA reports. Noah was 3 when he was removed from his parents' care and...

Pitcher Says Leukemia Battle 'Is Going to Make Me Stronger'

Carlos Carrasco says the cancer is under control

(Newser) - Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco announced Friday that he has leukemia. "At the end of May, they shut me down because they saw something wrong with my blood," he told a Dominican Republic TV station, per USA Today . Additional blood tests showed the problem to be leukemia....

Alabama Man 'Blown Away' by People's Generosity

David Green can see his daughter thanks to donated sick days

(Newser) - David Green was out of sick days when he learned just how much his colleagues cared, CNN reports. The Alabama history teacher's daughter, Kinsley, is receiving cancer treatments 100 miles away from their Huntsville home—but he had no more sick days to visit her. So his wife went...

3-Year-Old Taken From Parents After They Stop His Chemo

Authorities say boy's life is in danger; family says chemo is too 'brutal'

(Newser) - Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball's 3-year-old son, Noah, has leukemia. But his parents don't want him to get chemotherapy, and they've lost custody of him as a result. "We want him to be treated with something that has less side effects," Bland-Ball tells WFLA . "...

Happy Ending to Story of Pregnant Leukemia Patient

Susie Rabaca, pregnant with twins, finds perfect bone marrow donor match

(Newser) - After the story of a woman battling cancer while pregnant with twins made headlines, a record number of people signed up to find out if they could donate bone marrow to her—and now Susie Rabaca has found a perfect match. Rabaca, already a mother of three and due to...

Pregnant Mom With Cancer to Public: 'You Can Save My Life'

Susie Rabaca, due with twins Dec. 6, needs 100% marrow match for aggressive leukemia

(Newser) - Susie Rabaca needs a "perfect" match. That's what the Southern California mother of three, who is pregnant with twins, is desperately seeking in her quest to find a bone marrow donor, People reports. Rabaca, who's due to give birth Dec. 6, has acute myeloid leukemia , an aggressive...

After More Than 10 Years, Samsung Workers Get an Apology

And compensation as company says sorry for employee illnesses, deaths

(Newser) - Samsung Electronics apologized Friday for illnesses and deaths of some of its workers, saying it failed to create a safe working environment at its computer chip and display factories. The announcement by the South Korean tech giant came weeks after the company and a group representing ailing Samsung workers agreed...

WWE Star Breaks Character for Emotional Live Reveal

Roman Reigns (aka Leati Joseph Anoa'i) says he's been living with leukemia for 11 years, and it's back

(Newser) - Roman Reigns is now part of Wikipedia's "Breaking Kayfabe" page after an announcement during the WWE's Monday Night Raw live programming in Providence, RI. The professional wrestler (real name Leati Joseph Anoa'i), broke character and proclaimed he was giving up his WWE Universal Championship belt due...

Is This a Good Idea? Cancer Researcher Says Yes

A genetic mutation also plays a role

(Newser) - Is your child’s environment as sterile as an operating room? That might not be a good thing, a leading cancer researcher says in a new report. After three decades of research, Mel Greaves , from the Institute of Cancer Research in London, believes that acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is caused...

Parents Sue School to Let 11-Year-Old Use Medical Pot

Illinois state law bans use of drug on school grounds

(Newser) - Most parents would celebrate a school that specifically bars students from using marijuana on its premises. Not an Illinois couple. JS and MS, as they’re identified in court documents, are suing the state after a Schaumburg school district barred their 11-year-old daughter from using a medical cannabis patch and...

'Fate Opened the Door': Pair Weds 50 Years After Romance

Stephen Walbert says he can face his leukemia with Jennifer Meyerink by his side

(Newser) - A US Navy officer, the Trinidad girl he loved, and 50 years separating them since. Those years have now disappeared with a reunion for Stephen Walbert and Jennifer Meyerink and their rekindled romance in the face of adversity, including Walbert's recent cancer diagnosis. The two met as teens in...

It's a Breakthrough Cancer Drug—And It'll Cost You

Novartis CEO stands by $475K charge for Kymriah

(Newser) - "The cancer world is forever changed." That's what a researcher is saying following the FDA's approval of America's first-ever treatment that genetically alters a person's cells to fight cancer. The customized treatment to be administered at certified medical centers involves drawing a patient's...

New Cancer Treatment Called 'Most Exciting Thing I've Seen'

FDA unanimously approved it

(Newser) - "This is the most exciting thing I've seen in my lifetime," Dr. Timothy Cripe said Wednesday after voting in favor of a groundbreaking new cancer treatment. The oncologist and nine other members of a Food and Drug Administration panel voted unanimously to recommend approval of the treatment,...

Cops Fulfill Teen's Odd Bucket List Wish

After leukemia returned, Alyssa Elkins decided she wanted to fire a Taser

(Newser) - When Alyssa Elkins sat down with her eight siblings to write a bucket list, she thought about a video she'd seen of her uncle being struck by a Taser during his training with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. She added firing a Taser to the list, partly as a...

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