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2 Nations Warn Citizens About Traveling to the US

Uruguay, Venezuela cite violence, hate crimes

(Newser) - Two countries are urging citizens to use extreme caution when visiting the US, citing a rise in hate crimes. Travelers to the US should "take precautions against growing indiscriminate violence, mostly for hate crimes, including racism and discrimination, which cost the lives of more than 250 people in the... More »

A 'Dramatic Escalation' in US-Venezuela Tension

Trump administration freezes Venezuelan government assets

(Newser) - The Trump administration froze all Venezuelan government assets Monday in a dramatic escalation of tensions with Nicolás Maduro that places his socialist administration alongside a short list of adversaries from Cuba, North Korea, Syria, and Iran that have been targeted by aggressive US actions. The ban blocking American companies... More »

Venezuela Blames 'Electromagnetic Attack' for Massive Blackout

Maduro's opponents say corruption is the real culprit

(Newser) - The lights went out across much of Venezuela on Monday, reviving fears of the blackouts that plunged the country into chaos a few months ago as the government once again accused opponents of sabotaging the nation's hydroelectric power system. The power in the capital went out after 4pm and... More »

Pentagon: Venezuela Jet 'Aggressively Shadowed' US Aircraft

Caracas claims it was in its airspace

(Newser) - While much of Venezuela is in a state of near-collapse, its air force is still flying—and behaving aggressively, according to the US military. US Southern Command shared video Sunday of what it said was a Venezuelan SU-30 Flanker fighter jet that "aggressively shadowed" an American reconnaissance aircraft in... More »

20% of Asylum Seekers Come From a Single Country

UN calls economic crisis there a 'war of survival'

(Newser) - When Johan Álvarez was unable to provide more than one meal a day for his young family he knew it was time to leave Venezuela. With his wife and infant son, the 25-year-old embarked on a lengthy journey by bus through three nations to reach Peru earlier this year.... More »

Air Traffic Between US, Venezuela Suspended

US cites the continuing unrest in the country

(Newser) - The United States on Wednesday suspended all commercial passenger and cargo flights between the US and Venezuela, saying the political unrest and tensions there pose a risk to flights, the AP reports. The announcement by the Department of Homeland Security affected a dwindling number of flights between the two countries,... More »

Opposition Leader: US Military, Are You Listening?

Juan Guaidó tries opening the door to new relations

(Newser) - Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó on Saturday said he's instructed his political envoy in Washington to immediately open relations with the US military in a bid to bring more pressure on President Nicolás Maduro to resign, the AP reports. The leader said he's asked Carlos Vecchio, who... More »

Car Towed With Arrested Venezuela Lawmaker in It

Edgar Zambrano supported failed attempt at military uprising

(Newser) - Security forces arrested the No. 2 leader of Venezuela's opposition-controlled congress Wednesday as President Nicolas Maduro's government began going after foes tied to a failed attempt to stir up a military uprising last week. National Assembly Vice President Edgar Zambrano was leaving his Democratic Action party's headquarters... More »

Big Part of Trump's Friday: A Phone Call With Putin

They talk about the Mueller report, Venezuela, and trade

(Newser) - President Trump and Russian President Vladi­mir Putin spent more than an hour on the phone Friday conferring about various international issues—and also, Robert Mueller's investigation. "We discussed Trade, Venezuela, Ukraine, North Korea, Nuclear Arms Control and even the 'Russian Hoax,'" Trump tweeted . "... More »

Maduro Says Military Uprising Has Failed

He denounces 'deranged' coup attempt

(Newser) - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro addressed the nation Tuesday night to declare victory over what he called a "deranged" attempt at a military coup . Maduro claimed that "loyal and obedient" members of the armed forces had put down the attempted mutiny, leaving only a small group who had "... More »

Trump Threatens Cuba Over Venezuela Uprising

'We are with you,' Pence tells opposition

(Newser) - The Trump administration quickly declared enthusiastic support Tuesday for the Venezuelan opposition's effort to spark a military uprising against embattled President Nicolas Maduro. Late in the day, President Trump threatened a "full and complete embargo" and sanctions on Cuba if its troops do not cease operations in Venezuela,... More »

Venezuela's Big Question: Is This a Coup or Not?

Juan Guaido calls for start of 'final phase,' but no evidence of big military uprising is yet seen

(Newser) - The only thing clear in chaotic Venezuela Tuesday morning is that it's a day of high tension. Opposition leader and self-declared President Juan Guaido declared that he was taking to the streets with military supporters to begin the "final phase" of his plan to oust leader Nicolas Maduro.... More »

Citigroup to Sell Nearly $1.4B in Venezuelan Gold

After Maduro's government fails to repay loan

(Newser) - Before the US stepped up sanctions on Nicolas Maduro's government, Citigroup struck a deal with Venezuela—and with part of that deal having expired, the bank plans to sell several tons of gold Venezuela had offered as collateral in what Reuters calls a "setback" for Maduro. His government... More »

US Pulling Last of Embassy Staff From Caracas

Pompeo slams Cuba, Russia for Maduro support

(Newser) - Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the United States is withdrawing the last of its staff from its embassy in Venezuela, citing the deteriorating situation. Pompeo announced the decision late Monday as Venezuela struggled to restore electricity following four days of blackouts around the country and a deepening political crisis,... More »

Blackouts. Rallies. Rage. 'This Is Chaos'

The streets erupt in Venezuela

(Newser) - Venezuelan opposition protesters on Saturday converged on a main avenue in Caracas and other parts of the country, venting their anger over a nationwide blackout, shortages of basic necessities and the government of President Nicolas Maduro, the AP reports. At the same time, supporters of Maduro held a rival demonstration... More »

Power Outages Slam Most of Venezuela

The capital Caracas was a mess during Thursday's rush hour

(Newser) - Venezuela has been plagued by confusion and violence over the past few weeks, and now a new problem is exacerbating things: power outages across most of the country. The AP reports that blackouts have hit 22 of the country's 23 states, slamming the capital of Caracas at rush hour... More »

'We Know the Risks': Guaido Returns to Venezuela

Opposition leader had ignored official ban on foreign travel, is now back home

(Newser) - Declaring he knows he is at risk, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido returned Monday to his homeland to renew his campaign to topple the government of President Nicolas Maduro. Guaido landed at the country's main airport, about 25 miles from Caracas, the capital, the AP reports. He said in... More »

US Journos Showed Maduro a Video. Things Took a Turn

Jorge Ramos, 5 other Univision staffers had their phones, equipment seized

(Newser) - A team of American journalists led by Univision's Jorge Ramos said they had their camera equipment and phones seized at Venezuela's presidential palace after Nicolas Maduro abruptly ended an interview Monday. Ramos, one of the most influential Spanish-speaking journalists in the US, told the AP late Monday that... More »

Rubio Seems to Threaten Maduro With Gadhafi Pics

Fla. senator being criticized for 'remarkably stupid' tweet some see as hint at US military intervention

(Newser) - Marco Rubio is known for his biblically themed tweets , but a different sort of post made waves over the weekend. On Sunday, the Florida senator sent out side-by-side photos of Moammar Gadhafi—one showing the late Libyan dictator in his prime, the second showing him bloodied and roughed up, right... More »

Venezuela's Tense Showdown Ends in Chaos, Death

Embattled President Maduro digs in, dances the salsa

(Newser) - A showdown in Venezuela Saturday over humanitarian aid resulted in at least four deaths and 285 injuries. But the violence did little to resolve the nation's volatile stalemate: President Maduro is only digging in—in fact, he danced the salsa at a rally with his wife while denouncing the... More »

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