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Another Dem Joins the Fray

Julian Castro announces his candidacy in San Antonio

(Newser) - Julian Castro may already be behind in the polls, but no matter—he's boldly running for president. The former mayor of San Antonio and HUD secretary under President Obama officially announced his candidacy Saturday, framing it in the context of immigration: "When my grandmother got here [from Mexico]... More »

2 More Democrats Enter the 2020 Dance

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and former HUD chief Julian Castro

(Newser) - Add two more names to the list of maybe-candidates among Democrats in the 2020 field. Julian Castro , who served as HUD secretary in the Obama administration and is a former mayor of San Antonio, has formed an exploratory committee and will decide by Jan. 12, reports CBS News . "There... More »

HUD Secretary Broke Law by Praising Clinton

Julian Castro fell foul of Hatch Act during TV interview

(Newser) - Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro may have wrecked his chances of becoming Hillary Clinton's running mate —with a Hillary Clinton endorsement. An Office of Special Counsel investigation has determined that Castro broke the 1939 Hatch Act, which restricts the partisan political activities of federal executive branch... More »

Now the 2016 VP Attacks Begin

Progressive groups go after Julian Castro

(Newser) - A new wave of political attacks launched Tuesday morning, but the target isn't one of the five presidential candidates left standing: It's Hillary Clinton's potential VP , Julian Castro. In what Politico is calling a "preemptive strike," a number of groups—many aligned with Bernie Sanders—... More »

Clinton 'Looking Hard' at Castro for VP

She picks up HUD secretary's endorsement

(Newser) - Clinton-Castro 2016? Hillary Clinton was in San Antonio on Thursday for a "Latinos for Hillary" rally and she told reporters that she was seriously considering Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro as a potential running mate, Reuters reports. At the rally, the former San Antonio mayor gave Clinton... More »

Obama Picks San Antonio Mayor for Housing Secretary

Julian Castro called possible future VP nominee

(Newser) - President Obama has chosen San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro as the next housing secretary, Democratic insiders tell the New York Times . Castro, who has been mayor since 2009, was the 2012 Democratic National Convention's keynote speaker, and he has been named as a possible future VP candidate, the Times... More »

Fact-Checkers Ding Democrats, Too

Democrats fudge figures, misrepresent Romney policies

(Newser) - Fact-checkers raked Republicans over the coals during their convention, but Democrats haven't exactly been squeaky clean, either. Here are some of the distortions spotted on night one of the convention:
  • Julian Castro said the Romney-Ryan budget would "gut Pell grants." Paul Ryan's budget doesn't actually
... More »

Hair-Flipping Carina Castro Steals the Show

Julian Castro's 3-year-old transfixed by camera

(Newser) - The personality who really stole the show at last night's Democratic National Convention never even opened her mouth, the Washington Post reports. Carina Victoria Casto, the 3-year-old daughter of San Antonio mayor and keynote speaker Julian Castro, apparently caught a glimpse of herself in camera monitors when her dad... More »

Castro: 'Choose the Candidate Who Has Chosen Us'

Julian Castro hails a US that makes immigrant success possible

(Newser) - San Antonio mayor and rising Democratic star Julian Castro commandeered the podium tonight to extol the American success story of immigrants—who get just a little help. "Texas may be the one place where people actually still have bootstraps—and we expect folks to pull themselves up by them.... More »

5 Rising Stars Who Could Make Waves at DNC

Fresh faces include Julian Castro's twin and a bevy of women

(Newser) - As the Democrats descend on Charlotte looking for four more years with the unexpected star of the 2004 convention, they're also looking for this convention's rock star. Looking past keynote speaker Julian Castro, Politico rounds up five potential contenders:
  • Joaquin Castro: The Texas state rep is seen as
... More »

What to Look for as DNC Begins

Michelle Obama, Julian Castro headline first day

(Newser) - The Democrats kick off their three-day national convention today, in a night headlined by first lady Michelle Obama and keynote speaker Julian Castro. Here's what you need to know:
  • Whereas Ann Romney focused on her husband's family life, Michelle Obama will focus on Obama's presidency, hoping to
... More »

DNC Keynote Honors Go to ... Texas Mayor Julian Castro

37-year-old is in 2nd term at helm of San Antonio

(Newser) - Julian Castro will deliver the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention, per a video released today. If your reaction is "What? Who?", you're in good company. The Texas Tribune reports that President Obama himself mistook the San Antonio mayor for a White House intern in 2009. But... More »

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