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There's a New Best Airline in the World

Qatar Airways comes in at No. 1 on list

(Newser) - Air New Zealand has been dethroned. is out with its annual list of the world's top airlines, and the new victor for 2024 is Qatar Airways. Thrillist notes that "the standards are high" to make it to the top of the list, put together by five...

Flying Air New Zealand? Step on the Scale

International travelers will have to weigh themselves until July 2

(Newser) - For anyone who has ever lied about their weight, flying on Air New Zealand is going to remove the ability to fudge those 10 or however many pounds. As CNN reports, the airline—last year's safest in the world —will be collecting passengers' weights until July 2. As...

This Is the Safest Airline in the World

Air New Zealand takes top spot in's annual ranking

(Newser) - People are flying again, though the current COVID surge has put a damper on many a winter vacation. If you're going to fly, though, you'll want to make sure your airline of choice is following best practices for safety—which is why's latest ranking comes...

Travelers Rate the Best Airlines. There's a Returning Champ

Congrats again to Singapore Airlines

(Newser) - The champ reigns again in TripAdvisor's third annual list of the world's top 10 airlines, as decided by travelers. Singapore Airlines—one of four Asian carriers to make the 2019 list , which is actually chosen by an algorithm based on the quality and quantity of 2018 flier reviews—...

Traveling in 2019? These Airlines Are the Safest Bet reveals its top safety picks of 405 airlines

(Newser) - The world's safest airline for 2019 is also the industry's most experienced, according to . The website, which monitors the safety records of 405 airlines worldwide, considered industry and government audits; crash and incident reports; profitability; safety initiatives; and fleet age in coming up with the 20...

Here Are the World's 5 Best Airlines

Congrats, New Zealand mates

(Newser) - "Get Lucky" could very well be New Zealand's theme song, at least when it comes to its national airline. CNN reports that for the fourth time, Air New Zealand has captured first place in's 2017 Airline Excellence Awards , which rated airlines around the world on...

Irate Captain Locks Out Co-Pilot in Mid-Flight

Air New Zealand captain unhappy about tarmac delay, airline says

(Newser) - An unhappy pilot got back at his first officer the way mature adults do—by locking him out of the cabin in mid-flight, according to an Air New Zealand official. The captain on a flight from Perth, Australia, to Auckland, New Zealand, apparently held a grudge after the first officer...

Airline Changes Coach to 'Cuddle Class'

Couples can book a row and sleep

(Newser) - It’s not “economy” seating—it’s “cuddle class.” That’s the genius innovation cooked up by Air New Zealand, which is fitting its Boeing 777s with new “Skycouches,” rows of three regular seats that can convert into something vaguely resembling a bed. (Aol has...

New Zealand Sniggers at Princess Anne 'Loaf' Hair

She kneads makeover help fast

(Newser) - Ouch. The subjects are getting uppity. New Zealanders are having a good laugh at what a local fashion designer has dubbed the "cottage loaf hair" of visiting Brit Princess Anne. And that's not all. The princes is also "boring as bat," in the parlance of New...

Air New Zealand Offers Beds in Coach

3-seat 'Skycouch' designed for couples, families

(Newser) - Beds in the sky aren't just for first and business-class passengers any more, says Air New Zealand. The airline unveiled its new "Skycouch" seat design today, which allows couples or passengers with children to turn three seats into a bed by lifting armrests and a footrest. Passengers buying the...

Airline Uses Naked Staff for In-Flight Safety Vid

'Bare Essential of Safety' also a viral video hit

(Newser) - After a marketing campaign featuring staff in body-paint facsimiles of their uniforms, Air New Zealand is applying its revealing approach to the in-flight safety video as well, the New Zealand Herald reports. “The Bare Essentials of Safety” aims to recapture the attention of passengers who often ignore the mandatory...

Airline Pitches the Really Friendly Skies

Let-it-all-hang-out Air New Zealand won't nickel-and-dime you

(Newser) - To tout its distaste for hidden fees, Air New Zealand is mounting a tasteful display—of nudity. The airline's new commercial features employees wearing nothing but body paint, the Boston Globe reports. The campaign, called “Nothing to Hide,” touts the now-antiquated practice of providing meals and not charging...

Jumbo Jet Flies on Veggie Oil
 Jumbo Jet Flies on Veggie Oil 

Jumbo Jet Flies on Veggie Oil

Boeing 747 powered by biofuel

(Newser) - A Boeing 747 powered by a mixture of aviation fuel and vegetable oil flew on a two-hour test flight which is being hailed as a technological and ecological milestone. The Air New Zealand passenger jet was powered in part by oil from the jatropha plant, reports the BBC.

7-Person Air New Zealand Flight Crashes Off France

Airbus A320 was on a training mission over Mediterranean

(Newser) - Three bodies have been recovered after an Air New Zealand jet with seven aboard crashed into the Mediterranean today, AFP reports. The Airbus A320—which can carry about 150 passengers—was on a test flight when it went down off the coast of the French city of Perpignan. Five on...

Airline Stamps Ads on Those Sans Hairline

New Zealand Air placing ads on bald billboards

(Newser) - Air New Zealand is launching a new ad campaign on people's heads, reports the Brisbane Times. The airline will pay people $660 to wear temporary tattoos on the back of their shaved heads for two weeks. The ads display changes to the airline's check-in system and direct passengers to the...

Racing to Fly With Biofuel
Racing to Fly With Biofuel

Racing to Fly With Biofuel

Air New Zealand, Virgin Air plan green commercial flights

(Newser) - Kiwis are planning to launch the first green commercial flight in about a year, the BBC reports. Air New Zealand promises to fly a 747 with 1 of 4 engines running on a kerosene-biofuel blend, but Virgin Atlantic may beat them to it with a bio-flight in early 2008. "...

Flying in Style: 10 Best Business Classes

BusinessWeek lists the best upper-atmosphere experiences

(Newser) - With amenities like fully reclining seats, foot-massage parlors, and food that defies even the highest-flying expectations, airline business classes are more like mobile spas then just a way to get from point A to point B. BusinessWeek gives you the 10 best.
  1. Singapore Airlines
  2. Cathay Pacific
  3. Qatar Airways
  4. Malaysia Airlines

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