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'Tragic Accident' Near Russian Embassy in Berlin Raises Eyebrows

Body of 35-year-old was found last month. Was he a diplomat or a spy?

(Newser) - Last month, a man's body was discovered on the pavement outside the Russian Embassy in Berlin. Now, more news on who the man was, though details are still murky. Der Spiegel reports that the deceased was a Russian diplomat, and that he'd apparently fallen from an upper floor....

She Came to US to Work for a Diplomat. It Was a Nightmare

Inside one domestic worker's allegations

(Newser) - It was a chance meeting at a gas station that can only be described as incredible: Sri Yatun had been living in Los Angeles where she worked as the housekeeper, cook, and nanny for an Indonesian consular official and her husband. What she had been promised when she left her...

Diplomats: Canada Is Hiding 'Havana Syndrome' Cases

They claim personnel are being sent to Havana without knowing the risks

(Newser) - A group of Canadian diplomats says their government is hiding cases of "Havana Syndrome," the mysterious illness affecting Canadian and US personnel in Cuba. In a letter to Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau, nine diplomats who reported strange symptoms say "at least three additional cases were identified...

Feds Doubted the Kidnapping Story. They Shouldn't Have

The truth of John Patterson's 1974 disappearance was much more grim

(Newser) - John and Andra Patterson had been living in Hermosillo, Mexico, for just two months when the 31-year-old John, a new member of the United States Foreign Service, was kidnapped. It was March 22, 1974, and as Brendan I. Koerner writes in a lengthy piece for the Atlantic , he was the...

Diplomats Take 34 Hours— and a Push—to Leave N. Korea

Amid restrictions, final leg required hand-pushed rail trolley

(Newser) - A group of Russian diplomats and their families had to travel more than 34 hours just to get out of North Korea, a journey that ended on a hand-pushed cart. Most methods of international travel, including plane and train, have been blocked in North Korea due to the coronavirus pandemic....

China: We Didn't Ask US Diplomats to Take Anal COVID Tests

Whether it happened or not, it's not going to be happening from this point forward

(Newser) - No worries, American diplomats in China: You can keep your pants on. Per a report Wednesday in Vice , the Chinese government vowed this week to stop performing anal swab COVID tests on diplomats from the States, after news on that supposed occurrence prompted a complaint from the US State Department...

Report Finds Culprit Behind Mystery US Diplomat Illnesses

'Directed' microwave energy apparently sickened envoys in Havana and China

(Newser) - A new report by a National Academy of Sciences committee has found that “directed” microwave radiation is the likely cause of illness among American diplomats in Cuba and China. The study commissioned by the State Department and released Saturday is the latest attempt to find a cause for the...

British Diplomat Praised as 'Hero and Gentleman' After China Rescue

61-year-old consul saved drowning woman

(Newser) - Diplomatic relations between China and Britain are currently tense—but one British diplomat is being praised as a "friend of China" after a dramatic rescue. Steven Ellison, the 61-year-old British consul general in Chongqing, took off his shoes and dived into a fast-flowing river on Saturday to rescue a...

Ambassador's Mustache That Irked a Nation Is No More

Harry Harris' facial hair was too harsh a reminder of Japanese colonialism for some

(Newser) - To most Americans, Harry Harris' mustache likely wouldn't cause a second glance. But to South Koreans, the US ambassador's facial hair became a lightning rod —and over the weekend, he finally shaved it off. The envoy headed to a barbershop in Seoul on Saturday to go under...

NYT: Trump Made Big Ask of US Ambassador on British Open

Sources: President pressured Woody Johnson to ask UK government to bring event to Turnberry

(Newser) - Robert Wood Johnson IV, the New York Jets owner and Trump donor with no diplomatic experience before being tapped as the US ambassador to Britain, was apparently just the person the president thought could handle a big job: Ask the British government if it could help get the British Open...

Dozens of US Diplomats Fell Ill. Then, an 'Extraordinary Step'

Officials at embassy in Riyadh contacted Congress when State Department failed to respond: 'NYT'

(Newser) - Diplomats in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak inside the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia went outside official channels to reach out to Congress last month, fearing their health was in jeopardy. Dozens had fallen ill following a birthday barbecue, and a Sudanese driver for the diplomats had died, the...

John Negroponte's Daughter Charged in Fatal Stabbing

Daughter of former top US diplomat is held in death of Maryland man after apparent argument

(Newser) - A woman arrested on suspicion of fatally stabbing an acquaintance during an argument in a Maryland home has been identified as the daughter of a former US ambassador, reports the AP . Sophia Negroponte, 27, has been charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Yousuf Rasmussen, 24, of Bethesda,...

Cops: Woman Who Killed Teen Used Diplomatic Immunity to Flee

Woman said to be wife of US diplomat had told UK police she had no plans to leave country

(Newser) - She told UK police she wasn't planning on leaving the country after a car crash in which a teen was killed. Now, the parents of Harry Dunn are pleading with the wife of a US diplomat to return to England so they can "get some peace" after cops...

UK Ambassador to US Blasts Trump in Leaked Memos

Kim Darroch advised his own government that White House is 'inept,' 'dysfunctional'

(Newser) - "Inept," "uniquely dysfunctional," and headed for a "crash and burn" might be terms you're used to seeing tossed around Facebook arguments and reality shows, but that is how the ambassador from America's closest ally is describing the president of the United States in...

Official Seethes Over Daughter 'Snatched Off the Streets'

Seems North Korea repatriated Jo Song Gil's daughter from Italy

(Newser) - "Those responsible for this will pay." A seething Italian official made that claim amid reports North Korea had snatched back the daughter of a diplomat who may have defected to the West, Reuters reports. Talk of the possible defection surfaced after Jo Song Gil, North Korea's acting...

After 14th Illness, Canada Pulls Staff From Cuba Embassy

Cuba calls move 'incomprehensible'

(Newser) - Canada announced Wednesday it is removing up to half of the Canadians at its embassy in Cuba after another diplomat fell mysteriously ill. Canada has confirmed 14 cases of unexplained health problems since early 2017. Twenty-six workers at the US embassy in Cuba have also been affected, suffering a range...

US Diplomat Got Dogs for Protection. Then They Vomited Blood
US Diplomat Got
Dogs for Protection.
Then They Vomited Blood
in case you missed it

US Diplomat Got Dogs for Protection. Then They Vomited Blood

Mother of sickened diplomat in China speaks out

(Newser) - Of all the US diplomats in Cuba and China who have mysteriously fallen ill since late 2016, only one has been publicly named: Catherine Werner. She's also the only person who served in China and has been "medically confirmed" to have experienced what 26 Americans did in Havana,...

US Denies Visas to Diplomats' Gay Partners

Unless they're legally married, a high hurdle for many

(Newser) - A new State Department mandate that a rep says will "help ensure and promote equal treatment" between heterosexual and same-sex couples is attracting no shortage of critics, with one former US ambassador calling it "needlessly cruel & bigoted." Foreign Policy reports that under the new policy, the...

US Diplomat Found Dead in Madagascar

A suspect has been detained, State Department says

(Newser) - "A suspect is currently in custody." That, and a few sparse details, is all that State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert would offer Monday night on the death of an unnamed US diplomat on the island of Madagascar, NBC News reports. "We are deeply saddened to confirm that...

CAR Minister Says Tennis Star's Passport Is a 'Clumsy Fake'

And that Boris Becker isn't an official diplomat, though Becker disagrees

(Newser) - Boris Becker's claim of diplomatic immunity in an ongoing bankruptcy case just went from odd to bewildering. Though the former tennis champ claims his April appointment as a Central African Republic attache to the European Union means he's immune from bankruptcy hearings in the UK, the CAR appears...

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