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The World Is Getting a New Beverage Giant

Keurig buys Dr Pepper Snapple

(Newser) - Keurig will buy Dr Pepper Snapple Group, creating a beverage giant with about $11 billion in annual sales. The companies, both the result of previous mergers, will bring under one tent global brands like Dr Pepper, 7UP, Snapple, A&W, Mott's, Sunkist, and Keurig's single-serve coffee makers. The...

Hannity Fans Smash Machines After Keurig Pulls Ads

5 companies have joined ad boycott

(Newser) - Coffee machine maker Keurig has added its name to the list of advertisers boycotting Sean Hannity's Fox show over the Roy Moore controversy, and Hannity fans are not pleased: On Sunday, many of them promised to boycott the company. A few using the #BoycottKeurig hashtag posted videos of themselves...

Keurig to Build an At-Home Booze Maker

It's partnering with Anheuser-Busch InBev

(Newser) - Keurig, the maker of single-cup coffee machines, says it's teaming up with beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev to build an at-home booze maker, the AP reports. The companies said Friday that they hope to create a product that could whip up beer, cocktails, and spirits. Vermont-based Keurig Green Mountain tried...

This Gives Whole New Meaning to 'Coffee Pot'

Keurig-compatible, marijuana-containing coffee pods coming soon

(Newser) - Get ready for a whole lot of "wake and bake" jokes. Eater reports cannabis coffee pods will soon be available for purchase in six states. The pods from BrewBudz are Keurig-compatible and come in regular and decaf, as well as hot chocolate and a variety of teas. "It'...

K-Cup Maker Just Sold Itself for a Hot $14B

To company with majority stake in Jimmy Choo shoes

(Newser) - Keurig, the maker of single-cup coffee machines, said Monday it has agreed to be sold to private equity firm JAB Holding Co. for almost $14 billion. Its shares rose more than 74% in premarket trading Monday. Keurig has been dealing with slowing sales of its machines and K-Cups, the coffee-filled...

Coming to Keurig: Coke Pods

 Coming to Keurig: Coke Pods 

Coming to Keurig: Coke Pods

Behold, the Kold

(Newser) - For those weary of the cheap convenience of grabbing a soda from a vending machine, convenience store, the pantry, or any of the actual bazillions of places one might encounter a bottle or can of carbonated delight at the ready, well, Keurig has heard your howls of despair and presents...

Keurig Is Getting Into the Soup Game

Single-serving Campbell's Soup K-Cups are on the way

(Newser) - Good news for the extremely lazy and people with a moral objection to anything larger than a single serving: Keurig has officially entered the soup game. Time reports the makers of the single-serving, pod-based coffee machines partnered with Campbell's Soup in 2013 and are finally ready to launch a...

Those Wasteful K-Cups Are Cutting Down on ... Waste

American coffee consumption expected to fall for first time in 6 years

(Newser) - Keurig’s non-recyclable K-Cups are no friend of the environment. In fact, the inventor of the single-serve coffee pods refuses to use them . But a new USDA report shows they aren't all bad: Surprisingly, K-Cups actually help users to be less wasteful. Rather than guessing how much coffee to...

Keurig Admits Its Big K-Cup Fail

The 2.0 models didn't come with a refillable option

(Newser) - "Our top-line growth ... was below our expectations primarily due to the slower than expected transition to the Keurig 2.0 system," Keurig Green Mountain Inc. CEO Brian Kelley explained in an earnings call yesterday, per the Wall Street Journal . Seeking Alpha sees it as the anti-iPhone scenario: "...

Why the Inventor of K-Cups Doesn't Use Them
 Why the 
 Inventor of 
 K-Cups Doesn't 
 Use Them 
in case you missed it

Why the Inventor of K-Cups Doesn't Use Them

For one, 'they're kind of expensive,' John Sylvan says

(Newser) - If anyone would brew his morning joe using K-Cups, you'd think it would be the inventor of the K-Cup himself. But John Sylvan, whose single-serve pods revolutionized the coffee landscape, sticks with making coffee the old-fashioned way. "I don't have [pods]. They're kind of expensive to...

7M Keurigs Recalled Over Burn Risk

It seems they 'spewed hot liquids,' customers did not enjoy this

(Newser) - Keurig is recalling more than 7 million of its single-serve coffee brewing machines after reports that a number of them had spewed hot liquids and injured dozens of users. The recall is for Keurig's Mini Plus brewers that were made between 2009 and 2014. Keurig received about 200 reports...

Coming Soon: Coke in a Keurig Pod

You'll soon be able to make soda at home

(Newser) - Could this be Coke's way of getting back at SodaStream ? The beverage company has announced you'll soon be able to make Coca-Cola from the comfort of your own home via a new Keurig-like soda machine, Quartz reports. The brand just bought up 10% of Green Mountain Coffee...

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