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NJ Governor Reacts Angrily to Axed Wind Power Project

Danish energy developer Orsted isn't going forward with two offshore projects

(Newser) - Danish energy developer Orsted said Tuesday night it is scrapping two large offshore wind power projects off the coast of New Jersey, adding uncertainty to a nascent industry the Biden administration and many state governments are counting on to help transition away from the burning of planet-warming fossil fuels. The...

Biden Administration Plans to Dot Coasts With Wind Farms
Second Wind Farm
Approved for East Coast

Second Wind Farm Approved for East Coast

Seven major offshore projects are included in Biden administration plan

(Newser) - Update: Federal agencies gave the go-ahead Wednesday to plans to build an offshore wind farm near Rhode Island, CNN reports. The South Fork Wind project is the second piece of the Biden administration's proposal, per the AP ; the first commercial-scale offshore wind project broke ground last week off the...

On Eve of Launch, 800-Foot Wind Turbine Suddenly Falls

German officials investigating mysterious collapse in Haltern

(Newser) - Officials in Germany are investigating why a huge wind turbine collapsed just hours before it was due to be officially inaugurated, reports the AP . The turbine, whose rotor blades reach a height of 784 feet, toppled over late Wednesday in a forest near the western town of Haltern. German news...

Feds 'Ready to Rock-and-Roll' in Push to Expand Wind Power

Administration to support huge expansion in East Coast offshore wind projects

(Newser) - National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy says the Biden administration is "ready to rock-and-roll" with plans to boost offshore wind energy production along the East Coast. McCarthy said Monday that the administration plans to speed up development of clean energy projects and generate 30 million gigawatts of offshore wind power—...

Trump Lashes Out: 'I Know Windmills Very Much'

President goes off on wind turbines once more

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi isn't President Trump's only nemesis at the moment . He's also no fan of windmills. His disdain has been known for some time , and he returned to the subject Saturday night. While speaking to the conservative student group Turning Point USA, Trump took a swing at...

Bats' Lethal Error: Mistaking Turbines for Trees

Scientists say they may be confused by wind patterns

(Newser) - Scientists trying to figure why tens of thousands of bats are killed by wind turbines each year think they've figured out a key piece of the puzzle: The bats think the turbines are trees, reports Nature World News . Using thermal and infra-red surveillance cameras, researchers discovered that the bats...

Smart Seals Figure Out Bonus of Wind Farms

They're essentially 'grocery stores' in a changing ocean ecology

(Newser) - Massive offshore wind farms like Sheringham Shoal in England appear to be doing more than converting wind energy. The turbines also serve as artificial reefs, which become rich hunting grounds for seals in the area, according to a report in PhysOrg . Using GPS devices affixed to the backs of 200...

New Anti-Hurricane Weapon: Wind Turbines?
 New Anti-Hurricane 
 Weapon: Wind Turbines? 
new study

New Anti-Hurricane Weapon: Wind Turbines?

Giant wind farm could have reduced Katrina's power: study

(Newser) - A Stanford University professor is proposing what USA Today calls a "groundbreaking" anti-hurricane plan: We could use offshore wind turbines to reduce the storms' power—even a storm like Katrina. For that, we'd need a lot of them, though, according to Mark Jacobson: something along the lines of...

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