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Behold, Facebook Is Building a 'Metaverse'
Behold, Facebook Is
Building a 'Metaverse'

Behold, Facebook Is Building a 'Metaverse'

Company touts concept of a massive shared virtual world, but critics have some questions

(Newser) - In his 1992 sci-fi novel, Snow Crash , Neal Stephenson mentions a concept called the "Metaverse," a giant, shared virtual world combining augmented reality with virtual reality, where users appear as avatars and access this new world via special goggles. Facebook is now ready to bring that idea to...

How Russia Is Getting Its Cows to Chill: VR Headsets
Yes, This Is a Cow
in a VR Headset

Yes, This Is a Cow in a VR Headset

Russian initiative says VR headsets reduce bovine anxiety, may boost milk production

(Newser) - We imagine when cows dream, they must dream of lazily idling in sunny green pastures. On one Russian farm, a virtual reality experiment is being conducted in the hopes that such visions can help cows pump out more milk. The Moscow Times reports that a regional agricultural administration has fitted...

Virtual Reality Chat Room Stunned as Robot Has Seizure

'There was nothing we could do'

(Newser) - It was business as usual in the virtual reality chat room until the robot had a seizure. The Verge reports the unnerving incident happened Wednesday on VRChat, where users in the forms of avatars can interact with each other. According to the Daily Dot , "Morty, Sonic, Knuckles, a dude...

Mark Zuckerberg Shows How Not to Promote a New Product

Facebook CEO intros Spaces app by 'teleporting' to hurricane-destroyed Puerto Rico

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg was excited to show off the new Facebook Spaces app Monday, a virtual-reality product that allows cartoon versions of yourself to wander in faraway places, so he decided to demonstrate with a "magical" tour—of hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico. "There's a lot of people who are...

With Public Lands at Risk, Patagonia and Google Act

Virtual-reality film series 'total immersion' into Bears Ears National Monument experience

(Newser) - Republican leaders are trying to turn back the clock on Barack Obama's designation of two national monuments in Utah and Maine. But if outdoors-oriented company Patagonia and Google have anything to do with it, they're going to get the word out that public lands are worthy of being...

Facebook Ordered to Pay $500M in Virtual Reality Case

It was sued for stealing trade secrets, but jury found company guilty on other counts

(Newser) - Facebook is going to have to cough up $500 million in real money for unlawfully using another company's virtual reality technology. A jury decided Wednesday that VR pioneer Oculus, which Facebook bought for $2 billion in 2014 , infringed copyright and trademarks when it used code from games maker Zenimax...

To Catch Nazis, Prosecutors Go 'Back in Time'

Virtual reality model shows Auschwitz circa 1940s

(Newser) - As World War II waned, Nazis were ordered to destroy evidence of the Final Solution at Auschwitz so that only a portion of the original camp remains today. That makes corroborating testimony of suspected war criminals difficult—but not impossible, thanks to virtual reality. Using original construction plans, period photographs,...

Car Lot of the Future May Have No Cars

Cadillac considers switching to virtual showrooms

(Newser) - With sales slipping—down 12% in 2016, according to Automative News —Cadillac is considering going virtual with some of its 925 dealerships. First and foremost, having a dealership that doesn't need to contain actual cars would drastically reduce overhead, the Wall Street Journal reports. Secondly, PC Magazine believes...

Oculus Rift Ushers In New Era of Virtual Reality

Much-hyped headsets begin arriving Monday

(Newser) - It's a big day for the world of virtual reality: The much-hyped Oculus Rift headsets—made by the Facebook-owned company Oculus—begin arriving on consumers' doorsteps.
  • Time runs down the basics, including cost. The headset itself is $599, but you'll also need a high-end PC. "All told,

Facebook Drops $2B on Virtual Reality Pioneer

Oculus buy 'creeps out' game makers

(Newser) - Facebook has bought pioneering virtual-reality headset maker Oculus for $2 billion, and Mark Zuckerberg is pretty excited about it. The startup's immersive headset for video game developers has been a big hit, but Facebook appears ready to take virtual reality beyond gaming, Business Insider finds. "After games, we'...

New Frontier to Help Addicts: Virtual Reality

Researchers put them in fake worlds, help them learn to cope

(Newser) - Addicts looking to kick their habit in the real world might benefit from doing so first in a virtual one. At least that's the theory behind a growing body of research, explains PopSci . The idea is to have the addicts play a game of sorts in which their characters...

Could the Next Xbox Have 'Holodeck' Technology?

'Immersive' and 'interactive' the key words to recent patents

(Newser) - Microsoft recently patented a next-generation video game system that sounds a lot like the start of a Star Trek-style "holodeck," reports NBC News . Pictures filed with the patent show a device that projects images on the walls of the room around the game system, along with a "...

Calif. Researchers Hack Kinect for World Of Warcraft

USC researchers provide software free online

(Newser) - It's about time academics applied their brain power to something really useful. Researchers at the University of Southern California have hacked Microsoft's touchie-feelie Kinect camera for the XBox to play the hugely popular World of Warcraft online game. What's even better is that the software they developed to do it—...

Player Makes $335K in Virtual Real Estate Deal

"Neverdie' busts record for real profit on single virtual sale

(Newser) - Afraid to speculate in the real estate market just now? Try the unreal real estate market instead, where one lucky player of the Entropia Universe virtual reality game is $335,000 richer thanks to sound virtual investments that earned him some real money. Entropia player Jon Jacobs—known online as...

Web Game Nets Creator $1.5M
  Web Game Nets Creator $1.5M 

Web Game Nets Creator $1.5M

Players pay for extra points to commit murder, mayhem

(Newser) - An Internet crime game has earned its young creator nearly $1.5 miilion. Torn, a text-based game noir that lets players commit murder and mayhem, boasts some 41,000 active players and 1.3 million account holders worldwide. The game is free, but players can opt to pay $5 a...

War Games Help Vets Cope With PTSD

Psychologists say virtual reality allows vets to confront and overcome trauma

(Newser) - Using realistic war games to re-create the sights, sounds, and even smells of combat is helping veterans overcome post-traumatic stress disorder in several clinical trials. Games like Virtual Iraq—modeled on Full Spectrum Warrior—help psychologists bring patients back to traumatic events and break down mental barriers. Researchers say the...

Harry Potter Charms Wii
 Harry Potter Charms Wii 

Harry Potter Charms Wii

(Newser) - Gamers don't have to go to Hogwarts to fly on a broomstick, stir up potions or win a wand duel. They can pull off virtually the same stunts by picking up Wii controls in the latest game created for the popular console. Electronic Arts' Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince...

3-D Movies Inch Toward the Holodeck

(Newser) - For filmmakers on the cutting edge, moviemaking has become a technological dance on an increasingly virtual stage, Wired reports. Producers now have virtual worlds built before shooting starts and routinely blur the difference between animation and live action. And though glasses are still required, 3-D cartoons are rapidly advancing from...

High-Tech Jacket Makes This More Vivid

'Virtual touch' jacket will stimulate film viewers in new ways

(Newser) - Moviemakers have a new tool to make your viewing experience more intense: a jacket wired with devices that use touch to stimulate the wearer, Fast Company reports. But the jacket is more than just the latest incarnation of smell-o-vision—rather than reproducing sensations being experienced by characters on screen, it...

Virtual Affair Ends in Real Divorce

Digital cheating destroys UK marriage

(Newser) - When a UK woman discovered that her husband had fallen for another woman, she took the not-so-unusual step of filing for divorce. The kicker here, reports the Guardian, is that the cheating took place not in real life, among real people, but in the virtual world of Second Life. The...

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