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Toyota Faces Massive Ad Buy to Rescue Brand

Recall leaves company's reputation in tatters

(Newser) - Toyota is going to have to shell out for the biggest and best ad campaign in its history to have any hope of bouncing back from the recall disaster, ad industry execs say. The company—which is losing an estimated $400 million a week while sales and production are suspended—... More »

Google's Harsh Words for China Just Marketing

Company is doing poorly, and saw convenient rights-related out

(Newser) - The stand Google took against Chinese censorship and web-based malevolence yesterday is as much about the search giant’s self interest as any deep moral ideals, Sarah Lacy writes. “I’m not saying human rights didn’t play into the decision,” but it was surely an afterthought. First... More »

Bristol Launches PR Firm

New Palin family business provides PR for pro-abstinence group

(Newser) - Bristol Palin has founded her own "lobbying, public relations, and political consulting services" company, according to paperwork unearthed by NBC's Rachel Maddow. The firm is called BSMP, for Bristol Sharon Marie Palin, mediabistro notes. The 19-year-old is currently serving as a PR ambassador for Candie's Foundation, a group that... More »

Edwards' Hideaway: Charity Work in El Salvador

Scandal-plagued ex-candidate builds houses without fanfare

(Newser) - Most politicians trekking to El Salvador to build homes for the poor would be milking their good works for good publicity, but for John Edwards it looks more like a way to escape the media’s glare. Edwards took his third trip to the country last week, but he’s... More »

If Sushi's Your Turkey Cure, Steer Clear of 'Ex-Lax Fish'

Anal seepage among pitfalls of escolar, aka white tuna

(Newser) - There’s likely to come a point in the next few days when you’re sick of turkey, but if sushi is your proposed cure, be sure to steer clear of a fish that comes with a side of anal seepage: escolar. Sometimes seen on menus as “white tuna,... More »

NYT Cozied Up to Spitzer Staff Amid Scandal

Emails reveal friendly exchanges between reporters, sources

(Newser) - The New York Times may have broken the news that Eliot Spitzer had a prostitute problem, but it was awfully nice to Spitzer’s staff amid the scandal. Gawker used New York’s open records law to snag a huge number of emails between reporters and Spitzer’s people, and... More »

Pentagon Grades Reporters' War Coverage

Documents shed light on Defense efforts to shape news from Afghanistan

(Newser) - With a view to trying to influence coverage of the war in Afghanistan, the Pentagon is grading journalists’ work, the Stars and Stripes reports. The military newspaper says it has documents that counter official denials of the practice, with coverage rated as “positive,” “neutral,” or “... More »

Get Ready for Massive Leno PR Blitz

Get ready for Leno to be everywhere you look

(Newser) - Get ready for Jay—lots and lots of Jay. Though nearly 80% of viewers are aware that the Jay Leno Show is on the horizon, NBC is going to beat you over the head until you're drooling for its 10pm venture, the New York Times reports. A 24-hour webcam has... More »

MSNBC Will ID Analyst as PR Exec

(Newser) - From now on MSNBC will alert viewers that commentator Richard Wolffe also serves another boss—a high-powered Washington public relations and lobbying firm, where he works as a strategist. Executives made the decision following complaints that Wolffe may have pushed agendas for his clients under the guise of being an... More »

US Will Stop Releasing Afghan Insurgent Body Count

(Newser) - The US will no longer publish tallies of the number of enemies killed in Afghanistan, CNN reports. The body counts send the wrong message, says the top US military spokesman for the coalition, who ordered the change. The war is supposed to be about protecting civilians, he noted, not killing... More »

White House Strategy: All Obama, All the Time

(Newser) - By now, we’ve gotten a pretty good look at the White House’s PR playbook, and as you may have noticed, Barack Obama gets the ball a lot. The president is everywhere, Politico reports. He’s given more interviews than any other recent president had at this point in... More »

Why Ruth Is Our Punching Bag

She's the top target for Madoff attacks—thanks in part to gender, bad PR

(Newser) - Ruth Madoff “has become the primary punching bag for the media and the victims” of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, “maligned more than any other Wall Street criminal’s wife in memory,” Sheelah Kolhatkar writes in New York—but are the attacks fair? We don’t know... More »

Court? Bah. Rihanna's Jewelry? Very Important.

'Shameless PR flacks' invoke Gawker blogger's ire

(Newser) - Sure, sure, Chris Brown copped a plea yesterday in his assault case. But more important, what was his victim wearing? Thanks to Michele Marie PR, you no longer have to wonder, the Cajun Boy blogs for Gawker. Who cares that Rihanna was in court “to testify against a man... More »

How Vick Can Get Back to NFL

Must show 'remorse' without moves looking 'choreographed'

(Newser) - Can Michael Vick overcome his dismal image and play again in the NFL? His high school coach thinks so—but it will require a serious, sustained effort from the quarterback convicted on dog-fighting charges, USA Today reports. “From a reputation standpoint,” says a crisis-management expert, “being inhumane... More »

How the Justice Confirmation Game is Played

Prepare for a spectacle as the 3 branches, special interests collide

(Newser) - The process of replacing David Souter has begun in earnest, so get ready for “Washington at its best (or worst, depending on your perspective),” writes Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post. All three branches of government, and a boatload of special interests and egos, will brawl it out... More »

How Obama Can Ensure Victory for His Justice

Vet Souter's successor like heck, and talk to all the right people

(Newser) - If Barack Obama wants to avoid a drawn out battle over his Supreme Court nominee, Mark Halperin has some advice:
  • Vet the nominee exhaustively, and if anything comes up, make sure it comes out early and favorably.
  • Be ready to play up “whatever Horatio Alger elements” of the nominee’
... More »

Bush Flak Lands PR Gig With Clinton Insider

Dana Perino will be 'chief issues counselor' at Mark Penn's firm

(Newser) - Dana Perino, President Bush’s last press secretary, is joining the public-relations juggernaut run by former Hillary Clinton pollster Mark Penn, the Wall Street Journal reports. As “chief issues counselor,” Perino, 36, will focus on strategy for coming fights on health care and energy. “She’s been... More »

You're Not Hollywood, A-Rod; Just Be Human

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez’s troubles have less to do with what he’s done than who he is, Michael Rosenberg writes for Fox Sports. “We all know he is desperate to be liked,” Rosenberg writes. “And yet, everything he does to be liked makes people hate him.”... More »

'Clueless' Chris Brown's Spin Doctor Will Win Him No Points

Paris Hilton's flack is 'universally disliked'

(Newser) - It’s not surprising that “19 and clueless” Chris Brown needs help doing damage control, but the PR flack he hired to disentangle him from his domestic violence mess will “win Brown no points in public,” writes Roger Friedman for Fox News. Mike Sitrick, Paris Hilton’s... More »

Octuplet Mom Rules Out Reality Show

Another PR firm cuts ties, former publicist speaks out

(Newser) - Is a reality show in octu-mom Nadya Suleman’s future? “No, I think that's exploitation of my kids,” she told TMZ. Good thing that's her attitude, because yet another PR firm has denied having ties with the mother of 14, reports Access Hollywood. The president of Ambassador Agency,... More »

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