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From Boris: a Final Brexit Offer, a Line on Kangaroo Testicles

PM gives conference speech to Conservative Party members

(Newser) - The UK will offer the EU a proposed Brexit deal on Wednesday that represents a compromise for both sides, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a speech to Conservative Party members at their annual conference that had been billed by his office as a take-it-or-leave-it "final offer" to... More »

Boris Johnson on US Gal Pal: 'No Interest to Declare'

'Times' says businesswoman claimed they had an affair while he was London mayor

(Newser) - British PM Boris Johnson denied wrongdoing Sunday over his links to American tech entrepreneur and model Jennifer Arcuri, who allegedly received money and favorable treatment because of their friendship while he was mayor of London. During a BBC interview, Johnson sought to suggest that political motivations were behind the decision... More »

Boris Johnson's Inaugural UN Speech Was a Doozy

'Terrifying limbless chickens,' 'pink-eyed Terminators' covered in dystopian address

(Newser) - If anyone was expecting Boris Johnson to speak substantially on Brexit on Tuesday night in his inaugural United Nations General Assembly speech as prime minister, they would've been disappointed. But Johnson delivered in other ways, just hours after the UK's highest court ruled his suspension of Parliament was... More »

UK's Top Court Deals Devastating Blow to Boris Johnson

Court rules that suspension of Parliament was 'unlawful'

(Newser) - In a major blow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Britain's highest court ruled Tuesday that his decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks in the crucial countdown to the country's Brexit deadline was illegal. The unanimous Supreme Court ruling declared the order to suspend Parliament "void and... More »

The Hulk Will Break Manacles of the EU, Boris Johnson Says

British leader expresses determination comically

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has compared himself to the Hulk in a newspaper interview emphasizing his determination to take Britain out of the European Union next month. Johnson faces considerable legal and political hurdles but told the Mail on Sunday he will meet the Oct. 31 deadline no matter... More »

Boris Johnson Insists He Told the Queen the Truth

The UK Supreme Court will weigh in on Tuesday

(Newser) - "Absolutely not." That was Prime Minister Boris Johnson's answer Thursday when asked if he lied to Queen Elizabeth when asking her to sign off on the suspension of Parliament that's now in effect. The question was spurred by a Wednesday development out of Scotland, where the... More »

MP After Court Ruling on UK Parliament: 'Utterly Vindicated'

Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament deemed unlawful by Scottish court

(Newser) - On Tuesday, the UK's Parliament began five weeks of "proroguing"—the technical term for suspension without dissolution, mandated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Now, with Brexit looming at the end of October, a new development out of Scotland: Its highest civil court has deemed Johnson's move... More »

UK Parliament Suspended After 3 Defeats for Johnson

Opposition lawmakers shouted 'Shame on you'

(Newser) - Prime Minister Boris Johnson has succeeded in his plan to suspend Britain's rebellious Parliament for five weeks, but he has achieved little else in his first prolonged jousting with legislators determined to prevent a no-deal Brexit. The simmering showdown between Johnson and Parliament over Brexit came to a head... More »

Boris Johnson to Pence: Britain Wants No Part of 'Chlorinated Chicken'

British PM tells US VP that the NHS is not on the table as far as trade deal is concerned

(Newser) - Boris Johnson is apparently a big fan of his "chlorinated chicken" line : On Thursday, the British prime minister told Mike Pence Britain is "not keen on that chlorinated chicken," a reference to the US practice of washing chicken carcasses in an attempt to cut down on pathogens... More »

Boris Johnson's New Trouble: His Brother Just Quit

Jo Johnson resigns as MP over Brexit mess

(Newser) - The intense political fight underway in Britain just took a personal turn for Prime Minister Boris Johnson—his brother quit. Jo Johnson said Thursday he's stepping down as a member of Parliament and as a minister in his older brother's government because of the Brexit turmoil, reports the... More »

Boris Johnson Dealt Yet Another Blow

Lawmakers pass Brexit delay bill, deny his call for a new election

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called Wednesday for a national election on Oct. 15, saying it was the only way out of the country's Brexit impasse after opposition lawmakers moved to block his plan to leave the European Union next month without a divorce deal. But Parliament delivered Johnson... More »

Boris Johnson Boots 21 MPs, Including Churchill's Grandson

The move erases his Conservative majority, but an election looks imminent

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has knocked 21 members of Parliament from his Conservative Party after they stood against him in his first House of Commons vote on Tuesday, putting in motion what will be the third general election in four years. Nearly all of the MPs who joined opposition... More »

Boris Johnson Suffers Massive Blow in Brexit Fight

Parliament votes to take control of the agenda, PM calls for new general election

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered a major defeat in Parliament on Tuesday night as rebellious lawmakers voted to seize control of the Brexit agenda. The prime minister immediately said he would call for a new general election, the AP reports. The 328 to 301 vote cleared the way for... More »

Hugh Grant Tears Into Boris Johnson in Tweet

'You will not f--- with my children's future'

(Newser) - Hugh Grant, who played a British prime minister in Love Actually, lambasted the real one Wednesday after he asked Queen Elizabeth II to suspend Parliament . Grant and other critics accuse Boris Johnson of undermining British democracy with the move, which is widely seen as an attempt to foil parliamentary opposition... More »

'It's Done': Plan to Suspend Parliament Gets Queen's OK

It's seen as a move that will pave a path for a no-deal Brexit

(Newser) - "It's done," tweets a BBC reporter. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will temporarily shut down Parliament, squeezing the time for the opposition to thwart a no-deal Brexit. In comments on Wednesday, Johnson confirmed earlier reports that he had asked the queen to suspend parliament. The privy... More »

Trump: I Have 'Second Thoughts About Everything'

But White House says he has no regrets about trade war

(Newser) - While America was sleeping, the Group of Seven summit in France was continuing down its head-spinning trajectory, with matters like an escalating trade war between planet Earth's two biggest economic powers, talks with rogue aspiring nuclear powers, and a no-deal Brexit taking up much of the oxygen. A look... More »

Leaked Docs: UK Faces Vast Shortages in No-Deal Brexit

Ports could be clogged for months

(Newser) - The repercussions of leaving the European Union without a deal could be catastrophic, with Britain expecting food, fuel, and medicine shortages, government documents leaked to the Sunday Times show. The forecasts predict chaotic scenes, with new checks in place at a hard border in Ireland and ports clogged for up... More »

Lawmaker Floats 'Extraordinary' Idea for UK Politics

Caroline Lucas calls for emergency Cabinet of 10 women from all parties to take control of Brexit

(Newser) - A female lawmaker in Britain thinks the UK is headed for ruin under Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit leadership, and she's floating a provocative idea to fix things: an all-female emergency Cabinet made up of 10 women from all the major parties. Why only females? "I believe... More »

Dude: Boris Johnson Rolls Out an Acronym

Incoming British prime minister promises to deliver, unite, defeat, and energize

(Newser) - In what has to be the first time a British leader used the word "dude" in a speech, incoming Prime Minister Boris Johnson employed it as a rallying cry Tuesday. "I say to all the doubters—'Dude, we are going to energize the country,'" Johnson... More »

Billionaire Threatens Netflix Over Documentary

Arron Banks issues warning as his lawyers pursue UK journalist

(Newser) - A Brexit-loving British billionaire has threatened to sue Netflix over a documentary he hasn't seen yet, the Guardian reports. Arron Banks, who donated a stunning $10 million to Leave.EU, made the legal threat over the upcoming documentary The Great Hack. The film looks at how Cambridge Analytica mined... More »

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