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Shark Tank Investor's Feud With Contestants Got Messy
Shark Tank
Investor's Feud
With Contestants
Got Ugly
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Shark Tank Investor's Feud With Contestants Got Ugly

Daymond John has been granted a permanent restraining order against former NFL player

(Newser) - A long-running Shark Tank dispute has come to a head, with Daymond John, one of the investors from the reality show, obtaining a permanent restraining order last week against former contestants on the show. As CBS News explains, the drama began in 2013, when former NFL player Al "Bubba"...

Shark Tank Judge Sorry for 'Fat-Shaming' Whoopi Goldberg

Barbara Corcoran admits joke wasn't funny

(Newser) - Barbara Corcoran has apologized for failing to obey one of society's many unwritten rules: When somebody is joking about the size of their butt, you should not join in. The Shark Tank judge was accused of fat-shaming Whoopi Goldberg during an appearance on The View Thursday, USA Today reports....

Shark Tank Star's Wife Not Guilty in Fatal Boat Crash

Two people were killed in Ontario accident in 2019

(Newser) - Update: Linda O'Leary, wife of Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary, will not be going to prison in connection with a boat crash that killed two people on a lake north of Toronto two years ago. Ontario judge Richard Humphrey found O'Leary, who was at the helm in...

Shark Tank Star: I Didn't Price-Gouge on N95 Masks

3M looking into ill-fated deal between Daymond John's firm, Florida

(Newser) - When deals kept falling through for Florida's Department of Emergency Management to acquire N95 face masks for the state's health care workers, Director Jared Moskowitz inked a deal with Shark Group. The state was to acquire one million masks for $7 each from the company, run by CEO...

Shark Tank Judge Not Out $388K After All

Barbara Corcoran's bank gets other bank to freeze transfer after phishing scam

(Newser) - The Shark Tank judge who lost $388,700 in a phishing scam has gotten the money back. "I really thought it was a goner," Barbara Corcoran says in a statement obtained by CNN , adding that she had "already accepted" her loss and "moved on." But...

Even 'Sharks' Fall Victim to Phishing Schemes
'Shark' Out $400K
in Phishing Scam

'Shark' Out $400K in Phishing Scam

Barbara Corcoran 'won't be getting the money back'

(Newser) - Even sharks get swindled now and then. Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran has revealed that she lost almost $400,000 in a phishing scam this week. The real estate mogul tells People that her bookkeeper received an email with a $388,700 invoice from a person she believed to be...

Shark Tank Star Involved in Fatal Boating Accident

Kevin O'Leary says he's 'devastated' after Canada incident kills 2

(Newser) - Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary was aboard a boat with his wife and another person Saturday night when it crashed into a larger boat, killing two people on board the second boat, NBC News reports. Gary Poltash, 64, died at the scene on Ontario, Canada's Lake Joseph; Susanne...

9/11 Firefighter Died, but Kids Fulfill His Shark Tank Dream

Keith Young's children pitched his Cup Board Pro

(Newser) - Keith Young invented the Cup Board Pro, a cutting board with a detachable bowl attached, and he dreamed of bringing it on Shark Tank. But the New York City firefighter, who helped with Ground Zero cleanup after 9/11, died in March of cancer related to the World Trade Center attacks...

Shark Tank Didn't Want It. Amazon Just Paid Big Bucks for It

'Smart' doorbell company Ring scooped up for a reported $1B

(Newser) - Five years ago, Jamie Siminoff left the ABC show Shark Tank "in tears" after a "smart" doorbell he created was spurned. On Tuesday, Ring, the company he built around that invention, was sold to Amazon in a deal Reuters reports as being worth more than $1 billion—one...

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