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Ugly Fish in More Danger of Extinction Than Beautiful Ones

Conservation bias based on physical attractiveness is a thing, researchers say

(Newser) - A new study in the PLOS Biology journal makes a rather academic-sounding proclamation in its headline: "The aesthetic value of reef fishes is globally mismatched to their conservation priorities." Translating that into more layman-friendly terms: We have to look out for the ugly fish, or they might die...

California Judge Makes Unusual Ruling on Bumblebees

Invertebrate insect can be classified as a fish for endangered species protections

(Newser) - In a case that gives new meaning to "fish out of water," a California appeals court judge has ruled that the bumblebee can be classified as a fish. Justice Ronald Robie of Sacramento's 3rd District Court of Appeal made his decision Tuesday, and it was done for...

Meet Anya and Irina, Welcome News for Their Species

Rare Amur leopard cubs are doing well at St. Louis Zoo

(Newser) - Two much-welcomed new arrivals are doing well at the St. Louis Zoo, and they have what St. Louis Public Radio describes as "computerized dating" to thank for their existence. Anya and Irina are rare Amur leopard cubs who were born last month to parents Dot and Samson. Only about...

For the First Time, a Major Analysis of Threat to Reptiles

21% of 10K reptile species reviewed are endangered

(Newser) - Even the king cobra is "vulnerable." More than 1 in 5 species of reptiles worldwide are threatened with extinction, according to a comprehensive new assessment of thousands of species published Wednesday in the journal Nature . Of 10,196 reptile species analyzed, 21% were classified as endangered, critically endangered,...

In Iran, 'Heartbreaking' Death for Endangered Resident

Arrests have been made after authorities say villagers in Iran tortured, killed brown bear

(Newser) - Authorities in Iran have made arrests after the "horrible" killing Sunday of an endangered brown bear by villagers in Ardabil province, per the BBC. State news agencies reported that villagers chased the bear, beat it, and trapped it with a tractor, fracturing the animal's leg and pelvis and...

Most Americans Don't Want a Real-Life Jurassic Park

Majority are against bringing dinosaurs back from extinction, if that were an option, per YouGov poll

(Newser) - If you've ever fantasized about a world in which T. rex once more roamed the Earth, you're in a small minority. YouGov recently surveyed 2,000 American adults on how they felt about helping save endangered species, or even bringing back extinct ones, and the majority answered that...

3 Endangered Sumatran Tigers Die in Traps

They represent almost 1% of the estimated population

(Newser) - Three endangered Sumatran tigers have been found dead, dealing a blow to a population thought to number around 400. Conservation officials discovered the bodies of a male and female tiger, whose legs were ensnared in a trap, in Aceh, at the northern tip of Indonesia's Sumatra island, on Sunday....

'Oh, Welcome Little Thing': Rare Birth Captured in Hawaii

There are only 1,400 Hawaiian monk seals in the world

(Newser) - Images of a Hawaiian monk seal being born on an Oahu beach have been captured on camera—a fact made more notable because it's an endangered species. An employee of the state Department of Land and Natural Resources shot video and photos of the pup emerging from the mother...

On Endangered Koalas, Scientists Hit on 'Way to Bring Them Back'

Freezing koala sperm would require fewer koalas in captivity, improve genetic diversity: report

(Newser) - Two months after Australia declared koalas as endangered across much of the country's east coast, researchers are hoping to stock up on frozen koala sperm. Scientists at the University of Newcastle in the southeastern state of New South Wales have proposed the creation of a lab to store that...

Taxidermy Elephant Was Just the Start of What Police Seized

'Private museum' includes over 400 specimens of protected, endangered species

(Newser) - After a months-long investigation, agents with Spain’s Civil Guard have seized an eye-popping collection of taxidermy animals. The Guardian reports the collection was uncovered Wednesday in a 500,000-square-foot warehouse and contains some 1,090 specimens, at least 400 of which are protected or endangered under international law. The...

This Rare Toad and Its Hot Oasis Are Endangered

Conservatists say a nearby geothermal energy project leaves the toads 'staring down the barrel of extinction'

(Newser) - To appreciate this issue, it helps to put Dixie Valley, Nevada, into geographical perspective: the area encompasses about one square mile amid 200,000 square miles of the arid Great Basin. The place is only remarkable because of its hot springs, which feed a patch of sweltering wetlands and the...

'Momentous Occasion' for One of the Rarest Animals on Earth

Indonesia's captive breeding program spawns new Sumatran rhino

(Newser) - Indonesia has just welcomed a bundle of joy in the form of one of the rarest mammals on Earth. A Sumatran rhino was born March 24 in a sanctuary to a mother that had suffered eight miscarriages since she was captured in the wild in 2005 as part of a...

Koalas Now Endangered After 'Shockingly Fast Decline'

Conservationists say they could end up extinct if habitat loss continues

(Newser) - One of Australia's most iconic animals is now an endangered species in much of its range. The country's federal government has declared the koala endangered in New South Wales, Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory after a steep decline in numbers. The marsupial was declared vulnerable in those...

Someone Fatally Shot Endangered Hawaiian Seal in the Head

Monk seal was found dead in September

(Newser) - An endangered Hawaiian monk seal that was found dead on the island of Molokai in September was intentionally killed with a gun, federal officials said Tuesday. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officials said in a statement that the young female seal suffered a gunshot would to its head, the AP...

Chasing Taylor Swift on the Charts: These Birds

Album featuring songs of endangered birds debuts at No. 5 on Australian sales chart

(Newser) - An album sung by birds has surpassed offerings from ABBA and The Weeknd in becoming the first album of its kind to debut in the top five on Australia's music charts. Songs of Disappearance from BirdLife Australia, the nation's largest bird conservation organization, includes the birdsongs of 53...

Whale Snared in Ropes Gives Birth to Miracle Calf

Endangered baby looks healthy, but biologists fear for mom

(Newser) - A critically endangered right whale was spotted tangled in fishing rope off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts in March. She was spotted again recently near Georgia—with a newborn calf. Wildlife photographers captured shots of the miracle mom with rope snagged in her mouth, with a calf trailing...

White Whale Spotted, Caught On Video Near Jamaica

Dutch sailor managed to film a short video

(Newser) - Sperm whales aren’t exactly common—the vulnerable species was hunted almost to extinction between the 1800s and 1980s. White ones are even rarer, with only a few spotted in the last 20 years or so. The number of total sightings—not counting Moby Dick of literature—is vanishingly small...

Trailblazing Wolf Found Dead an Hour North of Los Angeles

OR93 was apparently killed by vehicle

(Newser) - A gray wolf that made history via its epic journey to southern California has met a sad but all too predictable end. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says the body of OR93, a male wolf born in northern Oregon in 2019, was found earlier this month by a...

Manatees' Die-Off Continues in Florida
Manatee Record in Florida
Is a Grim One

Manatee Record in Florida Is a Grim One

Annual death toll for the marine creatures tops 1K, highest number since at least the '70s

(Newser) - Update: The manatee die-off continues in the Sunshine State, with a grim new record: For the first time, annual deaths of the marine mammal have exceeded 1,000. Per the AP , the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reported on Wednesday that 1,003 manatees have died this year so...

Cute Critter in Colorado Garage Turns Out to be Endangered

Extremely rare black-footed ferret was returned to habitat

(Newser) - One of the rarest animals in North America turned up in a Colorado garage. Black-footed ferrets were once thought to be extinct until a colony was found in Wyoming in 1981, and scientists have been working on helping them thrive. They successfully cloned one earlier this year. They've also...

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