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CDC Panel Agrees With FDA on Boosters, Mixing Brands

Walensky could give the final approval Thursday night

(Newser) - Update: An advisory panel unanimously recommended to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday that coronavirus vaccine booster shots be approved. Tens of millions of people would be eligible for the doses, which the FDA backed the day before, the Washington Post reports. The panel also backed mixing...

J&J Could've Been 2 Shots All Along, Fauci Says

Booster recipients probably will be able to mix brands

(Newser) - In hindsight, the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine probably should have been two shots from the start, as other vaccines are, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday. Asked on ABC's This Week whether people who received the company's single dose should be alarmed because an FDA advisory panel has...

FDA to Study Possible Moderna Side Effect

Decision will delay approval for 12- to 17-year-olds

(Newser) - With several European nations rethinking their endorsements of giving the Moderna vaccine to young people, the FDA will study a potential side effect longer before deciding on approval. The issue is myocarditis, a rare inflammatory heart condition, the Wall Street Journal reports. Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway have called for...

FDA Panel Recommends Moderna Booster Shots

Advisers say seniors and people at risk should get another half-dose

(Newser) - US health advisers said Thursday that some Americans who received Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine should get a half-dose booster to bolster protection against the virus, reports the AP . The panel of advisers to the Food and Drug Administration voted unanimously to recommend a booster shot for seniors and adults with...

FDA Report Is Inconclusive on Johnson & Johnson Booster

Outside advisers are meeting this week to consider approval and interval

(Newser) - It's not clear yet whether people who received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine will be cleared to get a booster shot or will be told to switch brands. A Food and Drug Administration staff report released Wednesday said that there's evidence the J&J booster strengthened...

BioNTech, Pfizer Stocks Jump After FDA Approval
BioNTech, Pfizer Stocks
Jump After FDA Approval

BioNTech, Pfizer Stocks Jump After FDA Approval

Nasdaq hits new record high

(Newser) - Stocks closed higher on Wall Street Monday, allowing the S&P 500 to regain the ground it lost last week and bringing it just shy of another record high. The benchmark index added 0.9%, driven by gains in a broad range of technology, financial, and communication stocks. The tech-heavy...

Pfizer, Moderna to Add Children to Trials

FDA wants more data on myocarditis

(Newser) - The availability of coronavirus vaccines for younger children could be delayed, after the Food and Drug Administration asked Pfizer and Moderna to expand its trials. The agency wants to know if a rare inflammation of the heart muscle that has surfaced in young adults would more of a problem in...

Pfizer, Moderna Recipients May Not Need Boosters
Pfizer, Moderna Recipients
May Not Need Boosters
new study

Pfizer, Moderna Recipients May Not Need Boosters

Study suggests the mRNA vaccines provide years of evolving protection from COVID

(Newser) - Anyone who received a double dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines may not need a booster shot anytime soon. A new study in Nature suggests that the mRNA vaccines provide years of protection—maybe even a lifetime of it, reports the New York Times . One big caveat: The...

Vaccine Cocktail Might Work: Researchers

Some countries recommend switching brands for the second dose

(Newser) - Can you mix and match two-dose COVID-19 vaccines? It's likely safe and effective, but researchers are still gathering data to be sure. The authorized COVID-19 shots around the world are all designed to stimulate your immune system to produce virus-fighting antibodies, though the way they do so varies, noted...

Vaccine May Be Ready for Youngest by Fall

Testing to include children 6 months to 12

(Newser) - Pfizer and Moderna are testing their coronavirus vaccines in children under 12, in a process that could have doses ready for US recipients as young as 6 months old by fall. Pfizer said Tuesday that it's starting its tests with children as young as 5 and will add younger...

Moderna Says Its Vaccine Works in Kids as Young as 12

It will submit trial data to FDA early next month

(Newser) - Moderna said Tuesday its COVID-19 vaccine strongly protects kids as young as 12, a step that could put the shot on track to become the second option for that age group in the US. With global vaccine supplies still tight, much of the world is struggling to vaccinate adults in...

CDC Says Vaccines May Lead to Heart Issue in Young

More research is needed

(Newser) - A small number of teen and young adult recipients of mRNA-based coronavirus vaccines have developed a heart issue, per the New York Times . The incidence of myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle, has occurred frequently enough to get the attention of the CDC, though. In a statement, the CDC...

Vaccine Booster Shots Might Be Needed By Fall

Fauci agrees they'll be needed, but we don't know when

(Newser) - There's no sign that the protection from the COVID-19 vaccines is fading for anyone yet, but the Pfizer and Moderna chief executives said we can expect to have a third shot before long. The data are showing "there will be a need for a booster somewhere between eight...

Millions Are Missing Their Second Dose of COVID Vaccine

Millions are skipping or late for their shot, putting immunity at risk

(Newser) - One is not enough if you’re talking about the Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccine shots. But millions are skipping their second dose, the New York Times reports. Why? Hard to say for sure, but some people might be choosing to skip it because they feel they have enough protection...

After Detroit Spurns Vaccine, Experts Warn on 'Brand Shopping'

Mayor Duggan turned down 6.2K J&J doses, saying he wants Pfizer, Moderna for city

(Newser) - Johnson and Johnson's newly approved coronavirus vaccine doesn't have to be kept in the same ultra-cold temps as the Pfizer and Moderna versions, and patients need only one shot, as opposed to the double dose required by the other companies. But this week, the city of Detroit declined...

Dolly Parton Says She Got a 'Dose of Her Own Medicine'

Singer gets the coronavirus vaccine, which she helped fund

(Newser) - Saying she was getting a "dose of her own medicine," Dolly Parton on Tuesday got her first COVID-19 vaccination shot. The 75-year-old helped to fund the Moderna vaccine by donating $1 million to Vanderbilt researchers, USA Today explains. In fact, she received the shot from the Vanderbilt physician...

Vaccine Brand Is Tough Sell in Europe

Experts say comparisons of the products' efficacy can be misleading

(Newser) - Many Europeans are desperate for a coronavirus vaccine. But not just any vaccine. As AstraZeneca shots are rolling out to European Union nations this month, joining the Pfizer and Moderna doses already available, some people are balking at being offered a vaccine that they perceive—fairly or not—as second-best....

FDA Backs Adding Vaccine to Every Moderna Vial

Production line changes will take a couple of months

(Newser) - Moderna and the Food and Drug Administration have agreed on a way to get more coronavirus vaccine to its destination, and it sounds simple enough: Put more in each vial. Filling the vials closer to the brim will put 40% more in each, the New York Times reports—14 doses...

In Moderna's Good News, One 'Ominous' Finding
In Moderna's Good News,
One 'Ominous' Finding

In Moderna's Good News, One 'Ominous' Finding

Vaccine appears to work against new variants, but it's less effective on South African version

(Newser) - Moderna reported mostly good news on Monday about two new variants of the coronavirus, though the Washington Post sees an "ominous" red flag in the mix. In the undisputed good news, the company says preliminary studies suggest its COVID vaccine provides protection against fast-spreading variants of the virus first...

Wife of Pharmacist Accused of Vax Sabotage: I Feared for Our Kids

Steven Brandenburg will plead guilty to federal charges after leaving 57 vaccine vials out of fridge

(Newser) - A Wisconsin pharmacist and admitted conspiracy theorist has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges after being accused of purposely trying to ruin hundreds of doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Steven Brandenburg confessed he'd intentionally, on two consecutive overnight shifts in late December, taken 57 vials of the vaccine—enough...

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