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Russia's 'Secret First Lady' Finally Added to Sanctions List

Putin's alleged lover, Alina Kabaeva, had dodged US sanctions for months

(Newser) - Update: More than five months after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the woman widely known as Russia's "secret first lady" has been hit with US sanctions. Former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 39, was one of 13 Russian nationals added to the sanctions list Tuesday, the Washington Post reports....

Psaki's Last Day in WH Spurs Kind Words From Doocy

Fox News correspondent says press secretary 'probably has made me a better reporter'

(Newser) - It's the end of the Psaki era behind the West Wing podium. On Friday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki, 43, gave her final briefing, fielding more than 50 questions before offering her goodbyes. "You have challenged me. You have pushed me. You have debated me, and at...

Biden Makes Groundbreaking Pick for Press Secretary

Karine Jean-Pierre will be the first Black woman to hold the job

(Newser) - The next White House press secretary will be a pioneer. President Biden announced Thursday that Karine Jean-Pierre will replace Jen Psaki, becoming the first Black woman and the first openly gay woman in the job. Saying Jean-Pierre has "the experience, talent and integrity needed for this difficult job,"...

Psaki Finally Poised to Make Big Move Out of WH

Press secretary may leave as soon as May and jump over to MSNBC, reports say

(Newser) - Since Jen Psaki started her job as White House press secretary in January 2021, it's been unclear exactly how long she planned to stay in the role. At first she said she'd stay about a year, then last June she noted there was some "flexibility" on that...

North Korea's Latest Missile Launch a 'Brazen Violation'

Nation reportedly fires off banned ICBM, raising alarm about potential to one day reach US mainland

(Newser) - As President Biden traveled to Europe this week to hunker down with NATO leaders over the continuing crisis in Ukraine, another issue halfway around the globe emerged. According to Japanese and South Korean officials, North Korea on Thursday fired off a banned intercontinental ballistic missile, its first one since 2017,...

US: Russian Claim Could Be Setup for Chemical Weapons

Ukraine, US denounce claim of biological arms program

(Newser) - President Biden's spokesperson said Wednesday that false claims Russia made about US involvement with biological weapons in Ukraine fit a familiar pattern and raise a new concern. The allegations are the sort of "false pretexts we have been warning the Russians would invent," Jen Psaki said in...

Russia Discounts Its Oil, and Buyers Aren't Buying It

Effects of self-sanctioning are being felt amid calls to ban Russian oil imports outright

(Newser) - Western sanctions on Russia's oil industry are becoming more and more likely, analysts tell CNBC , despite continued resistance from the White House. "We don't have a strategic interest in reducing the global supply of energy and that would raise prices at the gas pump for the American...

Biden Graded Worse Than Trump in First Year
Biden Graded Worse
Than Trump in First Year

Biden Graded Worse Than Trump in First Year

Polls aren't kind to commander in chief, whose approval rating sits at 40%

(Newser) - Wrapping up his first year in office, President Biden is "undeniably weaker than [when] he began it, with his poll numbers having plummeted and his party in danger of being swept out of power on Capitol Hill," reports Politico . A look at the victories, the failures, the challenges...

Biden to Announce 500M Free COVID Tests

They're to be delivered by mail to Americans who request them: officials

(Newser) - President Biden will reportedly announce the purchase of half a billion at-home rapid COVID-19 tests, which are to be delivered for free to Americans who request them, in a nationwide speech Tuesday amid soaring cases of the omicron variant. An administration official said Americans will be able to request tests,...

Biden Team Rips Manchin's Announcement
White House
Gives Manchin
an Earful

White House Gives Manchin an Earful

Psaki says senator should 'be true to his word' on Build Back Better

(Newser) - A few Democrats are saying there's still a chance, but the White House went ahead and let loose on Sen. Joe Manchin on Sunday, Politico reports, after he announced he'll vote against President Biden's climate and social spending bill. If the West Virginia Democrat has broken off...

Psaki Speaks on Biden's 'Intention' for 2024

White House press chief says the president plans on running for a 2nd term

(Newser) - Talk of 2024 is already ramping up, and one of the key questions is: Will President Biden run again? The Hill notes a "flurry of reports" on such speculation, including a Washington Post article over the weekend reporting that the president and his inner circle have been telling Democratic...

Harris Is First Woman to Gain Presidential Power, Briefly

President Biden will be under anesthesia for routine colonoscopy Friday

(Newser) - Vice President Kamala Harris is making history again: She'll become the first woman to hold presidential power while President Biden undergoes a routine procedure on Friday. Biden will temporarily transfer power to Harris while he is under anesthesia for a routine colonoscopy, according to White House press secretary Jen...

White House Press Secretary Has COVID
Jen Psaki 

Jen Psaki Has COVID

White House press secretary last saw Biden on Tuesday

(Newser) - White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Sunday she has contracted COVID-19 and is experiencing mild symptoms, the AP reports. Psaki, 42, said she was last in contact with President Biden on Tuesday, when she met him outside the White House, where they were more than 6 feet apart and...

Psaki Says Sorry for Possible Breach: 'Words Certainly Matter'

Ethics watchdog says press secretary shouldn't have promoted Va. gubernatorial contender McAuliffe

(Newser) - President Biden's camp is going all in for support of Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for Virginia governor, but one member of that team is now getting dinged for not lying low. Reuters reports that the nonprofit watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has called for an...

Facing Death, Evacuation Race on for Afghan Women Judges

Tens of thousands could be left behind in Kabul as Taliban says no more Afghans can evacuate

(Newser) - A retired US judge working 20 hours a day to evacuate some 250 female judges and their families from Afghanistan says her network is quickly running out of time. President Biden said Tuesday that he would stick to the Aug. 31 deadline for removing Americans and endangered Afghans from the...

Jen Psaki Not Happy With Reporter's 'Stranded' Comment

Says Americans are not stranded in Afghanistan

(Newser) - Peter Doocy, Fox News' White House reporter, had a question for Jen Psaki during Monday's White House press briefing that the press secretary did not appreciate. "Does the president have a sense that most of the criticism is not of leaving Afghanistan, it’s the way that he...

Press Chief for Biden Has a 'North Star' on the Job

'Vogue' profiles Jen Psaki, who says projecting a calm tone is a priority

(Newser) - Vogue is out with a profile of Biden press chief Jen Psaki, one that has a decidedly flattering tone. "When Psaki first appeared in the press briefing room, in January 2021, there was a collective swoon from roughly half the country," writes Lizzie Widdicombe. The piece praises...

NSA: No, We're Not Spying on Tucker Carlson
NSA Responds
to Tucker Carlson's
Spying Claims

NSA Responds to Tucker Carlson's Spying Claims

Fox News host said he'd 'confirmed' that was happening, but agency says nope

(Newser) - Tucker Carlson is claiming the US government is reading his private emails in an attempt to take his show off the air. "The Biden administration is spying on us," the host of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight said on Monday's show. "We have confirmed that."...

Cheney Vote Disturbs White House
Cheney Vote
White House

Cheney Vote Disturbs White House

McCarthy backs bipartisanship after meeting with Biden

(Newser) - On the sidelines for this political battle, the Biden administration expressed concern Wednesday about House Republicans' decision to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from her leadership position. Cheney had refused to endorse former President Trump's version of the outcome of the presidential election last November. "It's disturbing to...

Still Jailed Over Media Leak, Reality Winner Turns to Biden
Reality Winner Wants Biden
Answer on 'Glaring Discrepancy'
in case you missed it

Reality Winner Wants Biden Answer on 'Glaring Discrepancy'

Jailed for leaking intel report, she wants to know why she's behind bars for longer than Russian spy

(Newser) - Reality Winner, who's been behind bars for nearly four years , is set to be released from prison at the end of November, with a chance she could be sent to a halfway house before that. But the 29-year-old Air Force veteran—who leaked a classified National Security Agency report...

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