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Trump's 'Major Announcement' Is Trump Trading Cards

Former president is selling $99 NFT collectibles

(Newser) - Donald Trump teased an upcoming "major announcement" Wednesday on Truth Social, and on Thursday he unveiled it . His 2024 running mate, perhaps? Nope, Trump is selling what he calls "digital trading cards" featuring none other than himself, reports the Washington Examiner . "These limited edition cards feature amazing...

Guy Tries to Sell Dorsey NFT for $50M, Gets High Bid of $280

Auction didn't go well for crypto businessman Sina Estavi, who bought Dorsey's first tweet for $2.9M

(Newser) - Update: Some people flip houses; others, NFTs. But for Sina Estavi, his attempt to pull off the latter didn't bring in the return on investment he'd hoped for. Last year, the CEO of blockchain firm Bridge Oracle scooped up the non-fungible token of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey's...

Online Game Hit by Massive Crypto Heist

'Axie Infinity' says $615M was taken after criminals compromised blockchain bridge

(Newser) - A popular online game says it is "here to stay" despite one of the biggest cryptocurrency thefts on record. Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis says hackers drained cryptocurrency worth more than $600 million from the "bridge" that allows Axie Infinity players to exchange other cryptocurrencies for in-game currency or...

Surgeon Tried to Sell Bataclan Survivor's X-Ray as an NFT
Bataclan Survivor 'Shocked' to
Find Out What Her Surgeon Did
in case you missed it

Bataclan Survivor 'Shocked' to Find Out What Her Surgeon Did

France's Emmanuel Masmejean is accused of trying to sell patient's X-ray as an NFT

(Newser) - All kinds of things have been turned into non-fungible tokens , or NFTs, but the craze has taken a disturbing turn that has a French doctor now facing legal action. AFP reports that Emmanuel Masmejean, a senior orthopedic surgeon at Paris' Georges Pompidou public hospital, is accused of trying to sell...

Melania Trump's Hat 'Collateral Damage' of Crypto Crash

Former first lady didn't scoop up as many tokens as hoped in auction of hat worn to greet Macron

(Newser) - The crisp white Herve Pierre hat that Melania Trump wore to greet French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife at the White House in April 2018 went up on the auction block this month—along with a watercolor and NFT showing her wearing it—in the hopes that the entire...

Walmart Is Getting Into an Unlikely New Sector

Retail giant files trademarks suggesting entry into the metaverse, with NFTs and cryptocurrency

(Newser) - Facebook isn't the only corporate behemoth wading into the metaverse . Now, Walmart appears to be dipping its toes in, filing multiple new trademarks at the end of last year that hint at plans to offer NFTs, a cryptocurrency, and virtual goods to consumers, reports CNBC . Although it's not...

NFT Sale Goes Awry: 'Just Like That, $250K Was Gone'

'Fat-finger' error led seller of Bored Ape item to mistakenly dump it for $3K

(Newser) - The Verge blames it on a misplaced decimal point. CNBC similarly lays the blame on a "fat-finger" error. However the asking price for a recently sold NFT came to be, it wasn't the seller's intention, and now he's out hundreds of thousands of dollars because of...

Wikipedia Gets Its Own NFT
Wikipedia Gets Its 

Wikipedia Gets Its Own NFT

First edit being auctioned

(Newser) - Non-fungible tokens couldn't exist without the internet, and the internet would be a very different place without Wikipedia. No surprise, then, that the ubiquitous free encyclopedia is getting the NFT treatment. Per The Verge , Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is placing his first ever edit to the site up for...

Tarantino in Hot Water Over Pulp Fiction NFTs

Miramax, which still owns the rights, sues him

(Newser) - Quentin Tarantino is planning to auction off non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, related to his iconic film Pulp Fiction, he announced at a crypto-art convention this month. But not if Miramax has anything to say about it: The studio, which still owns the rights to the movie, sued the filmmaker for...

CNN Invites Consumers to 'Own a Piece of History'

Media company to start selling NFTs of special 'moments'

(Newser) - Everyone's getting in on the NFT craze (or is thinking about it ), and CNN is the latest participant. The media outlet announced Wednesday that, starting later this month, it will begin selling the most memorable "moments" in its 41-year history as non-fungible tokens, per the Hollywood Reporter...

Anthony Weiner Has Ideas About 'Cashing In'

Disgraced politician may sell some NFT mementoes from his downfall

(Newser) - New York Times columnist Ben Smith catches with up Anthony Weiner to get the very-much-former politician's take on the New York City mayoral race. And while Weiner has advice for the candidates (enough with the talk of the city's grim future, for example), the more interesting part...

We Don't Have to Say Goodbye to Charlie and Harry After All
After 'Charlie Bit My Finger'
Sells, a Surprise Change
in case you missed it

After 'Charlie Bit My Finger' Sells, a Surprise Change

Buyer of viral video-NFT, who paid $760K, says the clip will remain on YouTube

(Newser) - Good news to kick off the weekend: The world gets to keep watching Charlie Davies-Carr use his big brother Harry as a teething ring after all. The siblings are the stars of "Charlie Bit My Finger," one of YouTube's most viral videos ever, which was auctioned off...

Say Goodbye to One of the Most Viral Videos of All Time

14 years after enrapturing the world, 'Charlie Bit My Finger' will be yanked from YouTube, become NFT

(Newser) - Fourteen years ago to the day, two little boys made YouTube history as the stars of what would become one of the most viewed viral videos of all time. Now, you've got just one more day to watch it on the platform, as it's about to join the...

'Disaster Girl' of Meme Fame Sells Photo for $430K

She was initially skeptical of NFT sale

(Newser) - Zoe Roth is better known as " Disaster Girl "—the enigmatically smiling little girl in one of the Internet's best-known memes. But while some people complain that memes ruined their lives, things have worked out pretty well for Roth, who is now a 21-year-old senior at the...

Viral 'Leave Britney Alone' Video Is Now an NFT
Early YouTube Hit 
Becomes an NFT

Early YouTube Hit Becomes an NFT

'Leave Britney Alone' has attracted a $21K bid

(Newser) - A viral video from the early days of YouTube is the latest piece of digital history to return as a non-fungible token. The " Leave Britney Alone " video from 2007 has gone on sale as an NFT—a certified original verified via the same technology behind cryptocurrencies—and has...

Someone Bought a $500K House They Can Only Pretend to Live In

Latest non-fungible token, or NFT, is a home on Mars to be viewed via images or augmented reality

(Newser) - Non-fungible tokens have become all the rage in recent days, with one artist selling his NFT earlier this month for a record $69.3 million . Now, the new cryptocurrency—a unique digital file linked to a blockchain, which often includes such content as artwork, videos, and even social media posts—...

Ocean Spray Guy Is Selling Viral Video as an NFT
Ocean Spray Guy Is
Selling Viral Video as an NFT

Ocean Spray Guy Is Selling Viral Video as an NFT

But Elon Musk has decided against selling a tweet

(Newser) - More than 80 million people have watched a TikTok video in which Idaho man Nathan Apodaca swigs from a bottle of Ocean Spray while skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams." The viewers didn't pay a penny, but they will now have a chance to buy the original...

Buyers Bid Millions For Jack Dorsey's First Tweet

Offers for the Twitter co-founder's post have reached $2.5M

(Newser) - Jack Dorsey's first ever tweet is up for auction and bids have reached $2.5 million. You read that right, someone wants to offer about what some Americans might earn in a lifetime for the Twitter co-founder's 2006 message "just setting up my twttr." And it'...

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